By now, a considerable number of people are aware of the incredible benefits that a virtual phone system can impart to their business and personal communications.  

A quick recap: they make business communications infinitely easier and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes and for people who don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on local and international calls.  

While there might exist the common belief that phones are becoming irrelevant in the present business scenario, the opposite holds true.

The telephonic conversation has become a crucial process of the sales and support systems of the average company. Inside sales reps and account executives have to conduct 6.3 conversations in a day on average. Businesses are using phone conversations in order to devise a more targeted approach and generate leads to higher quality. In marketing campaigns, phone calls are as relevant and effective as ever.

Phone conversations help bring the human element to businesses in a world that is becoming obsessed with automation.

CallHippo’s virtual phone systems are excellent for both business and personal purposes because of the plethora of functionalities that are made available to its users. And it is periodically bringing in new integrations and features to allow users to get the best that VoIP technology has to offer.

CallHippo Virtual Phone System

The latest in the line of CallHippo’s offerings is its Standalone Dialer.

So, what is a Standalone Dialer?

Most virtual phone systems provide the phone dialer, on which the user enters the number and places the call, on the dashboard. The dashboard (which generally contains an overview of the activity on the account, various settings, and features) shows up when the user logs in to the system. From there he/she can place calls using the dialer.

While making a call from the dashboard might seem simple enough, there might arise the nagging question: why log into a complicated system just to make a call when I could do the same thing much faster using my phone? For all its claims to enhance productivity, such a long process to place a call seems counterintuitive.

CallHippo has isolated this functionality in order to provide separate, dedicated access to the dialer alone. The Standalone Dialer is an individual product that a CallHippo user can access directly without having to log in to the dashboard. Instead of going through, the user can go directly to in order to access the dialer. The user can bypass the dashboard login altogether and place a call.

Essentially you can now log in to 2 subdomains – and with the same credentials and a single login. So, in case you only need to place a call, there is no need to use the main subdomain.

CallHippo’s Standalone Dialer does away with the complexity of placing calls on virtual phone systems to simplify the user experience. The next time you need to call someone using CallHippo, use the Standalone Dialer!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.What is CallHippo’s Standalone Dialer?
The Standalone Dialer is your regular dialer, but accessible separately. You can access it without logging into your CallHippo dashboard. Neat, right?

2. How do I access the Standalone Dialer?

Just go to and you’ll find the Standalone Dialer waiting for you to place a call.

3. How is the Standalone Dialer going to benefit me?
The Standalone Dialer will make the process of placing a call through CallHippo faster and simpler. Since you no longer have to log in to the dashboard to place a call, the server load is minimized to a great extent, thus speeding up the process, reducing the time you need to mere seconds.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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