Be it in the field of online marketing or choosing as a career option, Digital Marketing is leading on both platforms currently. Due to the immense competition in online platforms day by day, in-depth knowledge on Digital Marketing strategies is a must for your business to stand out among the crowd. Well, you can do this by opting for a full-time online course in Digital Marketing.

Google and Harvard certified digital marketing courses are not just beneficial for marketers but also for the students aspiring for career opportunities in the same field. Harvard certification for marketing fundamentals helps in adding significant value to student’s CVs for better career opportunities. For marketers, it helps to be well-versed in online advertising strategies to apply in their business for driving targeted sales leads.

Harvard certified Courses

  • Entrepreneurship in emerging economies
  • Digital humanities
  • Business analytics and global business
  • Sustainable business strategy

And many more.

Google also offers such digital marketing courses for accelerating your career with new age marketing skills.

As per the web marketing – google’s best digital marketing course, the following are the top 5 Google certified courses to go for.

Course Fees for Google Certified courses

Google certified digital marketing courses are all free of cost. You need to clear the aptitude exams for each one to have the certification.

1. Adword-fundamental course

Google Adwords is the PPC (Pay Per Click) ads that are displayed in the search engines to draw potential traffic and leads for the business. Whenever user clicks on those ads to reach your business, Google charges a minimal fee for each click generated.

Course Coverage

  •    Fundamentals of Google Adwords
  •    Different forms of Google advertising
  •    How to align advertising with targeted clients
  •    How to advertise with ad extensions
  •    Keyword identification and analysis
  •    Guide to manage and run the Adword ad campaign

Exam for certification: – You have to clear the Adwords Fundamental Exam to get certified by Google.

2. Display Advertising course

Google Display advertising refers to retargeting ads to convert targeted prospects into leads. Many times you will find ads of products keep appearing in the form of videos, images, links, side-ads in your currently browsed pages after visiting a website unless you end up making a purchase. These are called retargeting ads.

Course Coverage

  •    Fundamentals of Digital Advertising
  •    How to drive targeted leads by Digital Advertising
  •    Different modes of Digital Advertising
  •    How to set up remarketing tags
  •    How to create, manage, and streamline Digital Advertising ad campaign

Exam for certification: – You need to pass the Display Advertising aptitude exam for certification.

3. Mobile Advertising Course

Google mobile advertising is the search engine for ads that appear on your smartphones and other mobile devices to drive targeted sales leads. These are also PPC ads and helps in converting large no of potential prospects into customers.

Course Coverage

  •    Fundamentals of Mobile Advertising
  •    Significance of Mobile Advertising
  •    How to do Mobile targeting
  •    Mobile Bidding
  •    Mobile advertising cost estimation
  •    Mobile Adword campaign methodologies, monitoring, and management

Exam for certification: – You have to clear the Mobile Advertising aptitude examination to have certification from Google.

4. Google Analytics Course

Google Analytics is the ultimate tool to monitor your marketing strategies, analyze your targeted traffic source, and the overall performance of your business in the online platform.

Course Coverage

  •    Fundamentals of Google Analytics
  •    Functionalities of Analytics
  •    How to use Google Analytics
  •    A detailed guide on Google Analytics tools
  •    How to explore Analytics reports
  •    How to connect Adword and Analytics
  •    Smart goals of Google Analytics

Exam for certification: – You need to clear the Analytics Fundamental exam and Analytics IQ exam to be certified by Google.

5. Shopping Advertising course

Google Shopping advertising is a must one for all e-commerce businesses to increase their brand’s online presence and drive relevant prospects into leads.

Course Coverage

  •    Creation and utilization of Google Merchant Center Account
  •    Online Bidding
  •    Optimize shopping campaign
  •    How to create and place shopping ads
  •    Different forms of shopping ads
  •    Product data feed submission

How to create, monitor, and manage Shopping Adword campaign

Exam for certification: – You have to pass the Shopping Advertising aptitude exam to be Google certified.

Updated : September 10, 2021


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