Introduction – The payment gap of the CEO and CFO positions is something we all know about. However, this gap has bridged quickly over the years. 

Today, I bring you the list of 5 most influential CFO’s serving at the world’s largest corporations. They are also the ones who are most highly paid.

Here’s the list – right at your screens!

Ruth Porat – Alphabet Inc.

Total Compensation – $47.29 million

Ruth Porat has been recognised as the 21st most powerful woman in the world in 2018 by Forbes. With this, Porat was also listed ninth on Fortune’s most powerful women list. 

She is an American business executive and most importantly, the Chief Financial Officer of Alphabet Inc. and it’s subsidiary Google. 

Porat is known to be the highest-paid CFO across the world. Before Alphabet, she served the terms of Chief financial officer and the executive vice president at Morgan Stanley from January 2010 to May 2015.

It was on March 24, 2015, that the news of Porat joining Google as its new CFO came out. As per the Bloomberg business, the deal of her hiring totalled to $70million. 

Porat is known to have boosted Google’s share price. She did so by reorganising some aspects of the company and bringing in even more financial discipline. Institutional Investor named Porat – The best Internet CFO –  for 2018 All America Executive Team.

But Porat’s abilities are not only limited to the Finance function. In addition to it, the business operations, Human Resource function, real estate, and workplace services also report to her. 

Porat is awarded a Salary of $650,000. In addition to this, the stock awards amount to –  $46.61 million. While the other pays total to $29,357.

Luca Maestri – Apple Inc.

Total Compensation – $26.51 million

Luca Maestri serves as the senior vice president and the chief financial officer for Apple. As the CFO, Luca reports directly to CEO Tim Cook. In his term, Luca is responsible for accounting, financial planning and analysis, business support, real estate, treasury, internal audits, and tax functions at Apple. 

Luca has worked with Apple’s senior leadership ever since he joined Apple in 2013. His foremost title was that of vice president of finance and corporate controller. 

Speaking of Luca’s experience – he has built and led finance teams for over 25 years in global companies. Before he joined Apple, Luca served as the CFO at Xerox and (before that) at Nokia Siemens Networks.

Luca’s career began with General Motors and he spent 20 years excelling at finance and operating roles in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe. 

He was also a part of the team during the establishment of General Motors regional Asia Pacific operations that included manufacturing investments in China and Thailand. 

He later served as the CFO for all of GM’s operations in Europe. This expedition sprawled across 45 countries with annual net revenue of approximately $40 billion.

Luca is awarded a Salary of $1.00 million. In addition to this, the stock awards amount to –  $21.49 million. While the other pays total to $17,804 and the NEIP payouts – $ 4.00 million.

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David Wehner – Facebook Inc.

Total Compensation – $19.69 million

David M. Wehner is serving as the Chief Financial Officer of Facebook.

Wehner has worked with the Monitor Group and Hambrecht and Quist – very early in his career. 

He has also worked at Allen and Company for about a decade until 2010 – his term at Allen ended with him becoming the CFO of Zynga. 

Wehner has held series 7 and series 24 licenses in the aforementioned firms. 

Wehner joined Facebook as the VP of Corporate Finance and Business Planning in 2011. And later became the CFO of Facebook on June 1, 2014, succeeding David Ebersman.

Wehner is awarded a Salary of $753,846. In addition to this, the stock awards amount to –  $18.42 million. While the other pays total to $9250 and the bonus – $ 499,494.

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Robert Swan – Intel Corp.

Total Compensation –  $16.71 million

Robert (Bob) Holmes Swan is known as an American business executive. He has been serving Intel Corporation since January 2019 with his distinguished abilities as a CEO.

Robert joined Intel as the executive Vice president and first outside Chief Financial Officer in October 2016 replacing Stacy Smith.

This was after serving General Atlantic and being the CFO at eBay, Electronic Data Systems, and TRW Inc.

He became the interim CEO of Intel Corp. on June 21, 2018, succeeding Brian Krzanich and was appointed full-time CEO on January 31, 2019.

Swan was earlier responsible for sales, manufacturing, and operations.

It was reported that Robert was the only Intel and eBay insider to buy stock in years. 

Swan is awarded a Salary of $898,000. In addition to this, the stock awards amount to –  $10.90million. While the other pays total to $170,500 and the NEIP payouts – $ 2.24 million and bonus – $2.50 million.

David Morton – Anaplan Inc.

Total Compensation – $16.06 million

David H. Morton currently serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Anaplan. 

He’s known to be an expert finance professional with experience that sprawls across the technology industry and ranges over 20 years. This includes global leadership roles, majorly dealing with – corporate financial planning, revenue consolidation, pricing, sales operations, and manufacturing.

Before Anaplan, David served Tesla as the Chief Accounting Officer. And spent over 20 years at Seagate Technology plc holding leadership positions in the U.S. and Asia. 

At Seagate, he served as the Senior Vice President, Treasurer, and Principal Accounting Officer. He also held responsibility for overseeing Seagate’s corporate finance, accounting activities, and treasury. 

David is awarded a Salary of $137,980. In addition to this, the stock awards amount to –  $14.31million. While the other pays total to $17,470, NEIP payouts – $ 124,630, and Option awards – $1.47 million

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So, that’s what the top 5 CFO’s are awarded for serving the world’s largest corporations with their abilities. Now you have a curated list!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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