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US Phone Number Format with Country Code [US Phone Number Example]

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Supriya Bajaj

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: June 12, 2024

Nowadays, making a phone call to the United States is very simple. However, you need to have the correct US prefix phone number, as over 300 area codes are spread across the states. When calling someone in the US, you must learn how to write a US phone number with the country code. If you are unsure about the US phone number country code format, this article will help you through.

How to call the USA using your phone?

Similar to other countries, the US phone number country code format has its format. When you dial it, you’re calling that country’s area code from abroad. Follow these steps if you don’t know how to write a US phone number or are unaware of the US country code phone number format.

1. Obtain the country’s international exit code

The country’s exit code helps you dial a US number from your landline or cell phone. Enter the USA exit code before doing anything else.

 To call abroad to the US, use below two ways to dial the exit code:

  • +1
  • 001

2. Know the country code for the USA

What is the country code for US phone numbers? Well, the USA country code is 1. The code allows you to call the US from outside of the USA.

A country code comprises 1 or 2 digits. One needs to dial the country code after the exit code. For example “001”+”1” 

 3. Check the correct area code

An area code is defined geographically and refers to a specific city. US phone numbers are processed by a three-digit area code. Here’s the international code for a US phone number. 


4. Double-check the local phone number 

The US prefix phone number consists of 7 digits long. If you’re calling a business, you likely need to check the phone number online before dialing. 

5. Know the complete US phone number format with country code

The order of the number will be the country exit code ->+1 (US country code) -> area code -> 7-digit local phone number.

For example, if you’re calling New York City, your US phone number country code format will look like this: 010 1 718 222 2222

How many area codes are there in the United States? 

Whether you are calling a friend living in your street or doing business in a different state, all you need is a US country code phone number format that includes a three-digit area code. Moreover, the USA is divided into various regions that correspond with the dialing areas, called area codes. Few states have one or two area codes, while some have dozens of codes. We have listed all the US area codes below, have a look: 

Area codes in Northeast USA

The Northeast US consists of nine states. Listed below are the major area codes in the regions shown on the map.

Northeast USA Area Codes

Source: Wikimedia

StateArea Codes
Connecticut203, 860, 475, 959
Massachusetts339, 351, 413, 617, 508, 774, 781, 857, 978
New Hampshire603
New Jersey201, 551, 609, 640, 732, 848, 856, 862, 908, 973
New York212, 315, 332, 347, 516, 518, 585, 607, 631, 646, 680, 716, 718, 838, 845, 914, 917, 929, 934
Rhode Island401
Pennsylvania215, 223, 267, 272, 412, 484, 610, 717, 724, 814, 878

Area codes in Midwest USA 

The Midwestern US consists of twelve states. Listed below are major area codes in the regions shown on the map.  

Midwest USA Area code

Source: Wikimedia

StateArea Codes
Illinois217, 224, 309, 312, 331, 630, 618, 708, 773, 779, 815, 847, 872
Indiana219, 260, 317, 765, 574, 812, 930
Iowa319, 515, 563, 641, 712
Kansas316, 620, 785, 913
Michigan231, 248, 269, 313, 586, 517, 616, 734, 810, 906, 947, 989, 679
Minnesota218, 320, 507, 612, 651, 763, 952
Missouri314, 417, 573, 636, 660, 816
Nebraska308, 402, 531
North Dakota701
Ohio216, 234, 326, 330, 380, 419, 440, 513, 567, 614, 740, 937, 220
South Dakota605
Wisconsin262, 414, 608, 534, 715, 920, 274

Area codes in Southern USA 

The Southern US consists of sixteen highest states. The listed states below cover the major area codes in the regions shown on the map.  

Area codes in Southern USA

Source: Wikimedia

StateArea Codes
Alabama205, 251, 256, 334, 938
Arkansas479, 501, 870
Florida239, 305, 321, 352, 386, 407, 686, 561, 727, 754, 772, 786, 813, 850, 863, 904, 941, 954
Georgia229, 404, 470, 478, 678, 706, 762, 770, 912
Kentucky270, 364, 606, 502, 859
Louisiana225, 318, 337, 504, 985
Maryland240, 301, 410, 443, 667
Mississippi228, 601, 662, 769
North Carolina252, 336, 704, 743, 828, 910, 919, 980, 984
Oklahoma405, 580, 918, 539
South Carolina803, 843, 854, 864
Tennessee423, 615, 629, 731, 865, 901, 931
Texas210, 214, 254,, 325, 281, 346, 361, 409, 430, 432, 469, 512, 682, 713, 726, 737, 806, 817, 830, 832, 903, 915, 936, 940, 956, 972, 979
Virginia276, 434, 540, 571, 703, 757, 804
West Virginia304, 681

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Area codes in Western USA 

The western US consists of thirteen states. Listed below are the major area codes in the regions shown on the map.

Area codes in Western USA

Source: Wikimedia

StateArea Codes
Arizona479, 501, 870
California209, 213, 279, 310, 323, 341, 408, 415, 424, 442, 510, 530, 559, 562, 619, 626, 628, 650, 657, 661, 669, 707, 714, 747, 760, 805, 818, 820, 831, 858, 909, 916, 925, 949, 951
Colorado303, 719, 720, 970
Idaho208, 986
Nevada702, 725, 775
New Mexico505, 575
Oregon503, 541, 971, 458
Utah435, 801, 385
Washington206, 253, 360, 425, 509, 564

United States Phone Number Example

What is the calling code for the United States, or how to write a US phone number with a country code? Here is a US phone number with a country code example.

In the USA, country code phone number formats are set up with a three-digit area code that is followed by a seven-digit local number.

Check the below example that shows how to add the US country code to a phone number.

  •  Area code – Phone number or 203 – 688-5500

You have to make use of an international code for a US phone number, and if you’re calling from abroad, then all you need to do is call the British Embassy in Washington, DC. Let’s say the local number is (201)855-7600. Suppose you contact the US embassy from the UK. Then you need to dial the following:

  • Exit code – 00 (+)
  • US country code – 1
  • 202 – local DC area code
  • 688-5500 – embassy number

Therefore, you have to dial: 00-1-202-688-5500

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Why is my call to the US not working?

We can find several reasons that stop you from calling the US. Here we listed a few of them:

  • You missed out on using the USA exit code and dialed the phone number directly.
  • You dialed the wrong area code.
  • You haven’t checked the phone number that accepts international calling or not.
  • You should have dialed +1 before you entered the phone number. 

These are probably the common mistakes that people make when calling a US number.

How to Get USA Phone Number from CallHippo?


1. How can I call the United States for free? 

You can sign up for  Skype to call the United States for free. Secondly, you can look for mobile calling applications like  Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Facetime apps that allow free calling to the US. These apps use your data or Wi-fi to make a call. 

Also, you can sign up for CallHippo, one of the popular methods to call the United States from other countries. It is a top VoIP phone service provider for making business calls at a low cost.

2. Do phone numbers in the US have voicemail boxes? 

 Whether you are calling your client from a landline or a cell phone, some people get connected to their clients or friends through voicemail. With time, due to the popularity of text-based and other communication options have risen, voicemail still has some usage. But the common use of voicemail is checking the message after not responding from an unknown number.

3. Is 001 the US country code? 

Country calling codes are called prefix codes. The prefix for phone numbers in the US is 1. Moreover, it depends on where you’re dialing it. 00 is the exit code or prefix code for India, which is used before making an international phone call. While ‘1’ is the country code for the United States. Then how to add the US country code to the phone? 

If you are dialing from a cell phone, you can use 00 as an alternative to +. This + sign is usually located on the 0-digit key. Click and hold the key until the 0 switch turns +. Now, one can continue to dial the country code and telephone number.

For example, it looks like this: +1 (222) 222-2222

4. How much does it cost to call a US number?

A few countries have different procedures for calling a mobile phone number. This may cost more if you’re calling a US cell phone other than a landline. Ask your service provider about the dialing process and its rates if you want to call a number.

Else consider calling through a landline phone as it may cost less than a mobile phone. And, if you don’t want to consider any of these options, try signing up for an international plan through VoIP phone number services like CallHippo. It offers an excellent solution for businesses looking to make hundreds of calls internationally at a low cost.

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