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How Telecommunication Innovations Have Revolutionized the Way We Work Today

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Hiba Ali

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: February 8, 2024

The telecom industry has greatly progressed ever since it’s creation. From the telegraphy systems developed in the late 70 to the first electrical telegraph in the early 80s, it’s pretty safe to say that the evolution of communication had a long road ahead back then, in comparison to where it is today but nonetheless, the innovations in the telecom industry will constantly be changing and moving forward with every new invention or system that comes along. We are now able to use cell phones, wireless access to the internet, and send texts and emails to communicate and people, which has especially revolutionized the way we work… but the workforce wasn’t always like this.

A Quick Glance at the Telecommunication Journey

Telecommunication is essentially the transmission of signals from the device to devise over a range of distance. The common associations of telecommunication are phones, fax machines, emails, and radio but to give you a better idea of the telecom journey, take a look at this timeline to see just how far it’s come.

  • 80s: Telegraph system, telephones, and electric telegraphs
  • 90s: Wireless broadcasts, cell phones, radio transmissions, and computers
  • 20s: Global telecommunication, VoIP, WiFi and smartphones

A more detailed view of telecom’s journey looks a little something like this:


As you can see, the telecommunication industry rapidly grew with various technologies and innovations. The global telecom industry was and still is one of the fastest-developing industries the world had ever seen with no signs of ever slowing down! Well, as time progressed, the industry didn’t slow down… it actually went into warp speed with the invention of the internet. The internet, along with its associated technologies, has made it easier to share and communicate ideas, images, and conversations all over the world… especially from a business point of view.

The Business Side of Telecommunication

Can you think back to a time where you had to physically go into an office building to work? You had to have an office environment etiquette, which consisted of dressing professionally, keeping your desk tidy, and no gossiping… this type of work environment and etiquette is still relevant today but more and more businesses are scaling back on physical locations and keeping things remote and virtual… the new corporate culture is among us, for sure.

So clearly, the times have changed… A LinkedIn invitation is now the equivalent of a hearty handshake and even signing contracts have been revolutionized; you don’t even have to be in the same room as your employer to sign one now! Those are just a few ways that technology, in general, has changed the way we work but if you look at how things have changed from a telecommunications point of view, you’ll see how it is indeed leading us into a bright future and changing the way we do business.

So how have all these work environment changes been made possible? It’s because of telecommunications. Telecommunications have allowed businesses and organizations to operate in ways that, in the past, could only be done face-to-face. A home-based business owner can now own and fully operate their business because of the internet and telecommunication systems. 

Buying a domain name for your website in conjunction with a telecom innovation like VoIP will not only allow you to reach customers in the US but it will also give you the ability to expand your business internationally! And growth is the leader in business expansion, right? Of course. According to, global telecom revenue is expected to grow by 3.1% in 2019.

So, in case you haven’t caught on yet, this industry isn’t going anywhere and will be around for a very long time… your business might as well benefit from it. If you’re considering utilizing some telecommunication innovations, get all the information you can first. Take a look at the benefits of telecommunication systems for businesses and the innovations behind the benefits.

Benefits of Telecommunication Innovations

The Ability to Do So Much With One Phone

This aspect is experienced by everyone in the world but businesses benefit from this the most. This is a great benefit for business owners, upper management, and employees who need access to work when they’re away from their desks. Businesses are able to make important phone calls, send and receive emails, and access work databases through various software programs.

Easy Collaborations

Telecommunication makes it easy for employees and business owners alike because of its ease of collaboration. Because of these innovations, businesses can operate remotely via video conference or web conference without setting foot into a conference room. Various conferencing systems have features that are accommodating for meetings, online voting, and document amendments to complete projects in shorter amounts of time.

Top Telecommunication Innovations

VoIP Communication: Changing Customer Interactions and Business Relations

By way of various devices and software programs, businesses can send and receive phone calls through data packages using Internet Protocol instead of a public telephone network. It allows voice and multimedia messages to be delivered over the internet, allowing businesses to be more mobile, flexible, and not to mention, it saves businesses money! People all over the world are now able to stay connected without paying ridiculous long-distance fees.

Now, with all the great things about VoIP, it’s also important that you know some of the considerations you need to account for if you’re considering incorporating it into your business. These considerations may not affect your business at all but then again, it might be something for you to think about but the more you know, the better-informed decisions you can make.

  • VoIP is totally dependent on the internet: If you own or run a business with high call volumes and constant use of the internet, your business will experience network issues if there are connection issues or if the internet is down… business can be completely shut down until the internet is back up and running.
  • Software issues are likely: If you are using an unstable VoIP system to host calls, the quality of the call will be compromised.

PBX Telephone Systems: Providing an Affordable Line to Line System

The PBX phone system we know and love today is nothing like it used to be. It’s still a phone system that provides line-to-line connections but back then it involved bulky (and expensive) hardware but today’s modern PBX systems host software and data in the cloud, all while still utilizing landlines. Not only that but the call quality is great and it can even be better than VoIP if your business is located outside of an area with easy access to an internet connection.

Now, just as you’ve seen all the benefits of PBX phone systems, there are also some considerations you need to take into account if you’re thinking about utilizing it for your business. For one, the set up is a little more complex than VoIP simply because you’ll need an outside service to install it but it’s still cheaper than the service of a traditional fixed-line. Secondly, if the business already has an existing PBX system in place, you may need additional equipment to make that system updated… again, these considerations may not even affect your business at all.


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