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11 Best Free International Calling Apps in 2024

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Hiba Ali

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: February 27, 2024

Get acquainted with the best app for paid and free international calls from any device you would like. With that in mind, our blog will assess each of the eleven best apps for landing that call.

In a highly intertwined world of today’s business relations, staying in touch is a must to ensure the prosperity of your corporate entity. Because of that, more and more people take sneak peeks at mobile app development solutions that how to make cheap international calls not only comfortably but also quickly.

What Is An International Calling App?

An international calling app is a software application that allows users to make voice or video calls, and send messages over the internet using their mobile devices or computers. To build a successful international calling app, you need to hire app-based development companies that have expertise with Voice over Internet Protocol as well.

These apps use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to transmit audio and video signals over the internet instead of using traditional phone lines. As a result, users can make international calls to other users who are located in different countries without incurring expensive roaming charges or paying high international calling rates.

Those who travel often can understand how International Calling can spike up their billing charges for long distances. With the Virtual phone calling app, you can avoid these unnecessary charges by getting a virtual number online starting from just $6. The process is easy and quick, which only requires Internet connectivity. You can easily make and receive calls on your laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone using this VoIP Calling App.

How Does the International Calling App Work?

If you have a smartphone, you can easily download the best app for international calls from the android or apple play store. However, most apps require a strong internet connection to make and receive calls.

You can use a phone card or an international calling app according to your calling needs. The final choice is yours. In some situations, you can use both simultaneously for greater benefits. This way, you will no longer need a local telecommunication provider. All you need is an internet connection, the best VOIP app for international calls, and your smartphone.

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Expert Advice

"When choosing the best internet calling app, prioritize compatibility, audio and video quality, features like call recording and messaging, strong security measures, reliability, customer support, and affordability."

Advantages of an International Calling App

In today’s world, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps can enable you to stay connected to the rest of the world at a fraction of the cost. Using an International Calling App has several advantages, including limiting the fees you pay and simplifying the arduous process of making international calls.

Save Money on Business Calls

Smaller business communication is different than that of larger entities. Instead of conducting internal meetings now and then, they prefer to spend more time reaching out to customers, prospects, and partners to increase business sales.

Keeping in touch with these customers while traveling can be costly, especially when connecting with them through mobile phones. Keeping the cost to a minimum should be your topmost priority as these will improve your bottom line result. An international calling app will help you do that without compromising the quality of your service.

Save the Traveling Costs

Communication Platform is the advanced solution and the success key of every business, and traveling to achieve that can cause a big dent in your planned budget. It’s not just the cost incurred in fighting tickets, fuel, and hotel bills but also the time you are wasting while traveling. It means you are spending less time in the office, which can drastically hurt productivity.

An international calling app can help you and your employee eliminates non-essential business travel costs. It is a perfect replacement for a traditional face-to-face meeting. In addition, you can schedule it during regular working hours at the office, saving you time and money.

Some best VoIP apps for international calls also come with group video calling, enabling up to 10 people to join the meeting. These enable you to conduct board meetings, Fortnightly meetings, client meetings etc., while sitting in the a.c room of your office

Stay in Touch with Your Colleagues

A business can run more effectively if everyone involved in a particular task is kept in the loop.

An international calling app will help you do that. In addition, the instant messaging feature that these apps are equipped with is the perfect tool for keeping in touch with your colleagues. You can use it to check on what others are doing and ask questions about ongoing projects; some even allow you to send documents instantly.

The affordable international audio and video calling apps will provide you with various cost-effective ways to speak with your colleagues, no matter where they are.

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24* 7 Connectivity

The best international calling app provides flexibility to call anytime, anywhere and to any cellular device. You can easily place calls to landlines, cellular phones and VOIP phones for business independent of what telecom services they are subscribed to.

It is extremely beneficial to business owners who must remain in touch with their business partners, customers, and clients from different countries. International Calling apps are also useful to people who are making constant visits to different countries either for official or personal work.

Here are the eleven best applications to make international calls without distractions, issues, or connection problems. Let’s go ahead!

Top 11 Free International Calling Apps

Brand NameRatingKey FeaturesPricing
Call forwarding
Call recording
Text messaging
Basic: $0
Bronze: $16 /month
Silver: $24 /month
Platinum: $40 /month
Meetings Recording
Smart messaging
Screen sharing
Call recording
Starts from £2.40
Google Voice
Voicemail transcripts
- Unlimited text messaging in the US
- Multi Level auto attendant
- Personalized voicemail greetings
- Audio & video conferencing
- Integration with Google Meet & Calendar
Starter: $10
Standard: $20
Premier: $30
Group chats and calls
Security features like hidden numbers
Delete seen messages
Smart Notifications
Free Call
Call Tracking & History
Call Recording
Phone Hyperlink
Accurate Caller Location

When it comes to calling apps, there are so many options out there that you might be confused about where to begin, particularly if you have never tried one. Historically, making overseas calls was difficult, costly, and frustrating.

Luckily, the Internet and cell phones have drastically changed how we communicate, making staying in touch much easier and more affordable. Below are the best apps for international calls that will help you stay in touch with your clients/customers/family:

1. CallHippo

CallHippo dashboard

Trusted by 5000+ global brands and considered the best virtual us number provider, CallHippo is a perfect choice and best VOIP app for international calls.

If you are an enterprise with a fast-growing customer base, CallHippo will be your perfect telecommunication partner. Don’t think twice, and place your trust in CallHippo.

It is ideal for companies looking forward to setting up their contact centers and providing extraordinary service to their clients, generating sales and capturing exciting business opportunities.




  • The interface can be made more user-friendly
  • Customers new to the software might find it confusing
  • Customer service needs improvement


CallHippo pricing plans range from $0 – $40 per user per month

protip image

Businesses often face the challenge of high costs when it comes to international calling, limiting their ability to communicate efficiently with global clients and partners.

Not anymore!

Supercharge your business communication and eliminate costly international calling rates with CallHippo. Sign up for CallHippo's cost-effective international calling services and experience seamless connectivity, high-quality calls, and advanced features. Empower your business to connect and collaborate with international clients and partners effortlessly.

2. Viber

best international calling app

For some loyal users, Viber might be more convincing and trusted. The application operates similarly to WhatsApp, yet certain differences should still be mentioned. In particular, Viber is a free VoIP app compatible with various devices, including desktop ones.

Since Viber is widely used globally, its popularity should tell you something about the features of the Viber application.

For example, instant messaging and international calling features are already there, whereas the quality of connecting might surprise even the most arrogant skeptics. Also, our invited experts find it noteworthy to add that Viber has the most brilliant compatibility with one’s contact list, especially in terms of mobile versions of the app.

So, don’t be fooled by the sole dominance of WhatsApp on the market of Internet communication since Viber is a surprisingly solid app that is used on a free-of-charge basis.


  • Free unlimited voice and video calls, even internationally
  • Group chats and calls
  • Security features like hidden numbers
  • Delete seen messages
  • Smart Notifications


  • Easy to set up
  • Extremely user-friendly and affordable
  • High-quality image sharing
  • No need to keep the mobile app and the desktop app connected


  • No business-oriented features
  • Poorer quality than Skype and WhatsApp
  • There is a limit on small files transfers


Using Viber is free, but you’ll have to pay some cents for international calls

3. Skype

skype voip app for international calling

Skype is the best free international calling app with a decent history of being in the digital communication market. Its main features include usability, ease of use, and video calls for extended groups. This application might be a great option for those who handle remote meetings regularly.

Calls arranged on Skype are free, so you wouldn’t be asked to afford some premium packages or a monthly fee. Since this app was a real innovator in online communication, its role in 2019 shouldn’t be underestimated. If you’re looking for an app perfectly configured for making group video calls, Skype is your choice.

With all that mentioned, Skype best fits the purposes of making calls overseas, especially in terms of solid business meetings, where the security of the app is an objective of the highest priority.


  • Voicemail
  • Meetings Recording
  • Smart messaging
  • Screen sharing
  • Call recording, and it has live subtitles


  • Up to 100 participants in a single call
  • Unlimited free calling across multiple countries
  • Highly affordable pricing
  • Comprehensive online help


  • Does not allow MMS
  • Chat Option is very poor
  • High internet connection required


Skype is free. However, the subscription plan starts from £2.40 per month.

4. Free Call

freecall international calling app

Let’s review a service different from the common desktop- or mobile-based systems. Free Call now offers a unique method of handling international calls. 

Although you are still technically required to download their official application, Freecall operates on the conventional connection frameworks on the technical side. As a result, you would be asked to choose specific destinations, and at the same time, being limited to 300 minutes of calls weekly, the value of this service is still immeasurable. 

If you’re required to handle business inquiries with someone from overseas who isn’t willing to use telephony apps like Viber or WhatsApp, Free Call is your choice to reach that person! So, don’t forget about it when choosing an international calling app.


  • Call Tracking & History
  • Call Recording
  • Phone Hyperlink
  • Voicemail
  • Accurate Caller Location


  • Easy to set up
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Provides great voice clarity at a low rate
  • It is extremely affordable


  • Not made for the large business type
  • Very poor user interface
  • Free Call lacks scheduling, invites, etc


The FreeCall pricing plan starts from $10.00 per month.

5. Libon

libon for international calling

Libon is an international phone call app that simplifies your handling of international calls. It works without an Internet connection, Wi-Fi or mobile data, so you must install Libon’s app before making a call. Regularly, you would receive thirty free-of-charge minutes of both national and international calls.

Also, the application promotes sharing this unique app with your friends by awarding you a total of sixty minutes for national and international destinations. So if your clients are already waiting for your call, and an Internet connection in your building just disrupted, don’t forget about Libon. 

It would save your meeting and become your reliable app for international calls even without an Internet connection!


  • Voicemail and voicemail transcriptions
  • Call transfer and blocking
  • Desk phone support
  • International top-up
  • Customized greeting


  • The call quality is very good
  • Personalized voicemail allows you to make distinct voicemails
  • The minutes you buy have no expiration date, which means you don’t have to hurry to use them
  • Libon’s app does not charge any connection fees for calls


  • Customer service needs improvement
  • Too expensive for small businesses
  • Requires a high-speed internet to work properly


The Libon pricing plan starts from $2.99 per month.

6. TextNow

textnow for international calling

TextNow, one of the best international calling apps, is a real underdog in making international calls. Although technically, they are paid within the app, you might earn free minutes in the app relatively easily via completing offers.

This point is impressive for those willing to secure calls to a specific phone number without paying colossal fees. TextNow also allows you to make calls to landlines, which is the option you should consider while choosing your application. 

Although international calls might be perceived as paid, the ways of getting calls are countless while using TextNow frequently. So about usability and unique proposal, this application TextNow has modern ways of handling international calls; it requires some recognition.


  • Voicemail transcription
  • Call forwarding
  • Customizable tones
  • Group Chats
  • Caller ID


  • Highly scalable due to easy setup
  • No setup charges
  • Easy automatic renewal
  • A variety of international numbers are available


  • Limited customer service
  • Call drops due to poor connectivity
  • Poor quality VoIP calls


TextNow pricing plan starts from $8.99 per month.

7. FaceTime

facetime international calling app

FaceTime is an iOS-exclusive, one of the best free calling services, which is inaccessible for use on a wide range of other platforms. However, what makes us include in the list is overall attention to detail by Apple when it comes to the comfort of landing international calls. 

More precisely, you are provided with a chance to secure video calls via a Wi-Fi connection protected with end-to-end encryption technology. So, if you’re willing to handle some private facilities using FaceTime, that is a decent option! If your overseas-based interlocutor has an iPhone, your international call might start in the blink of an eye. All you will be asked to do is click the Call button and enjoy your conversation!


  • Spatial Audio available with FaceTime
  • Create a link to a FaceTime call
  • Screen sharing
  • Background blur
  • SharePlay


  • A Free application pre-installed on apple devices
  • Very Affordable way to communicate for individual purposes
  • FaceTime offers a smooth video calling and conferencing experience
  • Group calls with up to 32 participants


  • It uses a large amount of data
  • Only suitable for apple users
  • No Text Messaging, and Standard Chat Features are available


FaceTime is free for iOS users

8. Google Voice

Google Voice dashboard

Google voice is a traditional phone service app that lets you make and accept international phone calls. Google Voice is exceptionally easy-to-use, and its free version makes it available to companies that have never utilized VoIP. In addition, the Google Voice service lets you combine your cellular services and forward your calls to multiple devices simultaneously.

For example, you can give out one simple Google Voice number to all three numbers rather than bouncing between three different numbers and devices if you have a landline at home, a business phone and a personal smartphone. Then, when someone calls, all three numbers will be notified.

Google Voice synchronizes with services like Google Talk and Google+ Hangouts. Talk lets you send instant messages and hear texts read aloud, while Hangouts lets you do video conference calls with several people. Unfortunately, Google Voice has one downside: Canadians cannot use it. They can receive calls, texts, and the like but cannot return them.

Key Features

  • Voicemail transcripts
  • Personalize voicemail greetings
  • Protection from spam calls and messages
  • Conference calling
  • Call blocking


  • Free Calls to USA and Canada
  • Artificial intelligence technology with voice
  • Google Voice allows for direct client contact
  • Exceptional call forwarding


  • It works just with other Google apps
  • Limited collaboration features
  • It costs more than other providers


Google Voice’s pricing plans range from $10 – $30 per user per month

9. DialerHQ

dialerhq dashboard

One of the best international calling apps on the market is DialerHQ, which greatly assists you in reaching out to your international clients at affordable rates. In addition to personal phone number calling and business calling apps, businesses and individuals can reach out to foreign customers.

With DialerHQ, you can make and receive international calls and texts using mobile data and Wi-Fi rather than landline SIM cards.

Key Features

  • Global number selection
  • High-quality calling
  • Exceptional Portability
  • Unlimited text and call internationally
  • Call Forwarding


  • With DialerHQ, you can select any number with any country’s code
  • It doesn’t require high-speed internet to work
  • One of the best international calling apps with advanced features
  • Seamless setup and easy to use


  • Voice & video calls may sometimes lag
  • Limited features in the standard plan
  • The mobile app needs improvement


DialerHQ pricing plans range from $0 – $30 per user per month.

10. Rebtel

rebtel dashboard

Rebtel is one of the best apps for international calls that lets you make cheap international calls to landlines or cell phones, connect with people in more than 50+ countries, use your local number to make phone calls, and ensure an exceptional consumer experience with its mobile routing tech and local landline. 

In addition, the Rebtel app delivers free calling advantages within the US for its US-based clients.  In addition, it is a reliable app for making international calls that charge according to your local number instead of cross-country rates.

Key Features

  • Free international calls
  • Call routing
  • Automated top-ups
  • Local domestic phone numbers
  • Auto-connect


  • The sign-up and setup process is simple
  • Low international calling rates
  • No internet connection is required to use Rebtel
  • International calling plans are extremely affordable


  • Unlike other providers, it doesn’t support image sharing
  • There is no texting or messaging capability
  • Poor call quality


The Rebtel pay-as-you-go rate is 2.78 cents per minute, and the unlimited subscription rate is $10 per month.

11. WeChat

wechat dashboard

Among the world’s most prevalent social media messaging apps, WeChat offers voice chatting, picture messaging, and video calling. In addition, you can share your real-time location, play minigames with mates, and post stories with a feature called “moments.”

Using WeChat, you can call international landlines at a low rate. It also offers a feature that can translate texts between 20 different languages.

Key Features

  • Messaging and Calling
  • WeChat Location Sharing
  • QR Codes
  • WeChat Search Engine
  • WeChat Moments/News Feed


  • The application is completely free to use
  • Receive and send documents up to 100Mb
  • Features include GIFs, stickers, and emoji reactions
  • Online, built-in games


  • It requires a good internet connection
  • Poor privacy settings
  • Messages sent through WeChat are not encrypted end-to-end


Despite being free, WeChat charges an annual fee of USD 99 to verify Official Accounts (usually by phone).

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Final Remarks

All of the applications we’ve mentioned have their own merits and flaws. Although our experts recommend them, your choice should be handled only by you.

Keeping that in mind, you should be careful when deciding on the app to handle international calls. For example, if your interlocutor is an iOS user, Facetime might be an option, whereas your Android colleague might enjoy an international call via Viber or WhatsApp.

Or do you have to handle a landslide conversation? Then, TextNow should be used. Regardless of the unique context, you might have a specific application that might be chosen for your free calls. We hope this list was informative for you in your intimidating choice of an app for overseas conversations.


1. What is the cheapest way to call internationally?

Using internet-based services like VoIP applications is the cheapest method for making international calls. CallHippo, Skype, DialerHQ, WhatsApp, and Google Voice are a few of the international calling apps that provide cost-effective options for worldwide communication. By using VoIP technology, these platforms save costs.

2. How to video call internationally?

Select a reliable international calling app, like CallHippo, Skype, or DialerHQ, to start an international video call. Ensure your device meets your needs and your internet connection is steady. Open the app, choose the person you want to contact, and select the video call icon. Dial the country code followed by the recipient’s number. You can now enjoy hassle-free, seamless global communication.

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