The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” – Bill Gates, American business magnate, and software developer.

The hype over the Internet is not over-rated.

We live in a digital era with complete dependence on the Internet for information, communication, or social interaction. With 4.66 billion internet users across the globe, we can call the world wide web one of the most influential inventions of the 21st century.

Today, online communication tools have bridged the gap between different countries. Moreover, communication via the Internet ensures an instant connection between people on opposite sides of the world. 

Curious about how the Internet can streamline your personal and professional communication with colleagues, family, friends, and managers? Let’s dive deeper and check out what Internet communication is and the various ways to benefit from this revolutionary technology.

What Is Internet Communication?

Internet communication

Simply put, the Internet is an integrated network that connects networks of computers and devices across the world. It serves as a collection of connected networks that transfer data via packet switching with the help of the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP). 

The Internet has changed the way we communicate!

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Unlike before, people can now connect to their friends, family, or relatives in any part of the globe with the click of a button. Internet-based communication refers to sharing information over the internet. From instant messaging to voice or video

 calls, the Internet offers multiple ways to communicate. 

Affordable communication tools can help you save a considerable amount of time and money. Some of them, like email, social networking, and instant messaging, are available free of cost, whereas some, like VoIP phone systems provide you with numerous advantages at cost-effective prices. Read on to learn more about popular ways to communicate via the Internet.

Modes Of Communicating Over The Internet

This is the Internet age! Did you know that global Internet penetration stands at 59.3% today – an all-time high ever! With the emergence of the Internet of Things(IoT) and 5G wireless networks, we can expect an increase in Internet usage in the foreseeable future.

The Internet has a vast number of options for seamless two-way communication. Let’s check out some prominent modes used for quick and hassle-free Internet communication across the world.

Instant Messaging

When it comes to internet-based communication tools, Instant Messaging (IM) is one of the most popular means. It enables you to have a private conversation with another individual and create a chat channel where you can communicate in real-time with more than two people.

The popularity of instant messaging is due to its real-time nature. With instant messaging, you can view if a person in your contact list is online and send a message that pops immediately on his device’s screen.

A time-saving tool, instant messaging allows employees to reach their managers and colleagues working remotely instantly or in other branches. It eliminates the need to place calls when you require some information immediately and makes life much simpler. 

Some of the popular IM services are AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger. Features and functionalities offered by each of them demonstrate a fine line of distinction. However, you can get the package that best suits your needs.

VoIP and Internet Phone System

Internet telephony uses the internet as a transmission medium for telephone calls. For users and businesses that need to make calls anywhere in the world can benefit immensely from an internet phone system

Today VoIP phone systems are booming. The VoIP market is expected to witness a staggering growth rate of 13% between 2019-2025, clearly indicating its popularity.

An array of internet telephony applications come bundled with Web browsers, whereas the others are standalone products. Another internet-based communication tool is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It sends voice packets using IP as opposed to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). As soon as the voice packets reach its destination, it again gets converted into voice data for the receiver.

Thinking about switching to a VoIP phone system

Tremendous benefits of voip phone system

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Did you know that the number of active email users is forecasted to touch 4.3 billion by 2023?

E-mail technology allows computer users connected to a particular network to send text, graphics, images, and videos to any connected computer.  

You can send mails through client software like Microsoft Outlook that lets you compose an email and send it to another person, provided that you know the recipient’s email address. Every Internet Service Provider and online service offers an email system and also supports gateways so that you can communicate without any hassles. 

86% of business professionals prefer to use email while communicating for official purposes. Email communication is extremely fast and reliable. You can send emails any time of the day or year, and it is practically free of cost! It is hence no wonder that email marketing is the buzzing trend in the business world today. 

Social Networking Platforms

Social networks

Worried about spending too much time on social media sites? Well, the average user spends an average of 2.5 hours per day on social networking and messaging.

Social media is a powerful tool that empowers people to communicate with business stakeholders, family, and friends in any part of the world. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram are some leading social media sites that are interactive and engaging for global audiences.

Undoubtedly, social media is one of the popular modes of Internet communication. Here are the major benefits that business can accrue by using social media for communication:

  • Faster and easier communication with target customers – it provides responsive service for their queries and problems.
  • Businesses can enhance organic visibility in multiple channels.
  • A great way to redirect traffic on your landing page and website to create brand awareness.
  • A tool for holistic customer engagement, social media platforms help businesses interact with customers. It provides real-time feedback to retain customer loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.
  • Social media portals help in advertising, promotions, and market research.

The Final Word

The WWW (World Wide Web) has made distances shorter and thus the world a smaller place. It has opened doors to many opportunities. With Internet communication, you can easily talk to or email your clients or video chat with anyone across the globe with the click of a button.

While the Internet has tons of advantages, it does not come without certain pitfalls. It is important to be extremely careful while sharing sensitive information online as many hackers can misuse your data. So, leverage the power of the Internet to enhance the quality and scale up your communication!

Do you feel the Internet has revolutionized the way you interact with colleagues and personal acquaintances? If yes, do let us know your favorite mode of communication via the Internet and how it has helped your business. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Updated : October 14, 2021


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