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Internet Communication: What It Is and 4 Ways to Communicate Over the Internet

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Priya Naha

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: June 11, 2024

We are all now connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain.” – said, Stephen Hawking.

And this is truer than ever. With more than 4.95 billion users, the internet has bought the world together. Internet communication is a way of talking to people using the internet instead of telecommunications (like phone calls and text messaging). 

From WhatsApp and Telegram to email and virtual telephony, people can connect within minutes (if not seconds), irrespective of how far they’re located. 

That said, let’s dig deeper into internet communications.

What Is Internet Communication?

What is Internet communication

Internet communication refers to communicating with people over the internet. It could be in any form: messages, voice, or video calls. 

One of the major advantages of internet communication tools over traditional communication is cost savings. In addition, many free tools make internet communication easier, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Google Meet, and Messenger.

Even businesses can communicate with overseas customers at pocket-friendly prices using the internet.

What is Web Based Communication?

Web based communication refers to exchanging information, i.e., sending and receiving information via the internet. It can be done through various means, including email, instant messaging, social networking, and video conferencing.

It has become an increasingly popular communication method, as it is often quicker and easier than traditional methods such as face-to-face conversation or telephone calls.

What Are The Different Types Of Internet Communication?

Different types of Internet Communication.

The Internet has a vast number of options for seamless two-way communication. Let’s check out some prominent worldwide modes for quick and hassle-free electronic mail communication.

1- Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging (IM) is an online chat technology that allows people to communicate via messages in real-time within an internet-based chat room.

When users log into an IM system, their friends are notified of their presence, and they can talk to each other synchronously. In addition, various types of online team chat apps are available in the market.

A time-saving tool, instant messaging allows employees to instantly reach their managers and colleagues working remotely or in other branches. It eliminates the need to place calls immediately when you require some information and simplifies life. 

Some popular IM services are AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger. Although the features of these service providers are similar, they have their benefits and drawbacks.

2- VoIP and Internet Phone System

Internet telephony uses the internet to route telephone calls instead of traditional phone lines. For example, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) sends voice packets using IP instead of PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

As soon as the voice packets reach their destination, it again gets converted into voice data for the receiver.

Users and businesses making calls worldwide can benefit immensely from an internet phone system. They are cost-effective and allow you to make calls from anywhere. Other benefits of internet telephony include:

  • Is highly cost-efficient
  • Helps offer better customer service
  • Offers comprehensive features
  • Is highly scalable

One can also use virtual call center software, an internet phone system for call center operation.

Tremendous benefits of voip phone system

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This is why the VoIP phone industry is booming. The VoIP market was valued at $30 billion in 2020 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 15% from 2021 to 2027.

3- Email

Did you know that the number of active email users will touch 4.6 billion by 2025?

Email or electronic technology is a way of exchanging messages and files. Email communication is extremely fast and reliable. You can send emails any time of the day or year; it is free of cost! This is one of the reasons why email marketing is buzzing in the business world today. 

You can create emails through software like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail and send them to another person, given that you have the recipient’s email address.

Unlike Instant Messaging, professionals mostly use email to communicate with each other. For example, 62.86% of business professionals prefer email while communicating for official purposes.

Most emails contain a subject line, giving the recipient a glimpse of what they can expect in the email. 

The biggest advantage of emails is that they allow you to go paperless. Even the documents can be digitized and sent over email to multiple people simultaneously instead of printing and distributing the papers.

4- Social Networking Platforms

social networks

Last but not least, social media is one of the most popular internet communication methods. While Facebook was and still is the most widely used social channel, numerous platforms now make internet based communication easier than ever.

For example, Twitter makes it easier for customers to talk with brands and public figures. Similarly, TikTok helps to connect with GenZ. Post engaging videos and get some TikTok views to get the content trending. WhatsApp enables users to talk to each other for free via messaging, audio, and video. 

Here are some major benefits of using social media for communication through the internet.

  • Faster and easier communication with friends and customers.
  • Businesses can enhance their brand awareness.
  • A great way to redirect traffic to your landing page and website.
  • Social media platforms help businesses interact with customers and provide real-time feedback to increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.
  • Social media portals help in advertising, promotions, and market research.



Final Thoughts

The Internet has brought the world together and never lets us feel we’re far from the people we care about. It has also opened many opportunities for professionals. It allows you to talk to your clients via message, audio, or video calls across the globe with a button click. 

And while the Internet has tons of advantages, it does not come without certain pitfalls. For example, being extremely careful while sharing sensitive information online is important, as hackers might misuse your data. 

Do you feel the Internet has revolutionized how you interact with colleagues and personal acquaintances? If yes, let us know your favorite mode of communication via the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of internet communication?

The internet provides various ways to communicate. Some examples of internet communication are:

  1. Web conferencing
  2. Email
  3. Discussion groups
  4. RSS feeds
  5. Mailing lists

What is the use of the internet in communication?

With the use of the internet, communication has become easier than ever! Colleagues working remotely can easily connect with others in any corner of the world.

Moreover, with a reliable internet connection, we can share images, post stories, and chat with friends and family.

What are the features of internet communication?

Some crucial features of internet communication are:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Ease of use
  3. Low cost
  4. Flexibility to communicate
  5. Security

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