Have you ever wondered how certain companies hire the best salespersons? They seem to hit the mark on converting leads and also successfully solve all client problems. Well, the answer is simple – if you arm your sales representatives with real-time data and help them analyze customer trends, they will perform much better!

Call analytics is a raging business trend these days. Information is power, and organizations want to leverage customer data to their advantage. In fact, if you are not tracking customer calls, you could be losing out on 80% of lead conversions.

Traditional wired telephone lines are dying a natural death, as everyone is moving towards a sophisticated office phone system. With an array of impressive features, hosted phone systems powered by VoIP technology are surely the future of business communication. One of the biggest advantages of using a VoIP internet calling app is that they provide a continuous stream of real-time call data.

Your managers can have essential customer information at hand – it can be easily understood through visual dashboards, web portals, and downloadable electronic files. But can all this information actually be used to improve operational efficiency? Let’s find out if it makes a difference?

Call Analytics – How Does It Work and Produce Better Results?

Today having a virtual phone number has become a necessity for online businesses. Virtual phone numbers with local area codes and toll-free numbers with call analytics are intelligent tools that can meet customer expectations and expand sales figures.

 Call analytics is a specialized feature that is offered by virtual phone solutions. It describes the tracking, gathering, analyzing, and reporting of important business call data. Call analytics helps markets sort out and break down information collected by numerous customer calls. Managers can use this data to gain information on key performance indicators such as return on investment, the volume of purchases, and historical trends.

Depending on the type of business organization, the target audience, and the industry competition, it is important for companies to decide on how they wish to utilize this transformational feature. Here are some vital touchpoints that you can measure through call analytics for better revenues and performance results:

1. Access To High-Performance Keywords

Your business phone number is displayed at a number of places – business directories, social media pages, websites, yellow pages, and databases. Your business will definitely receive a lot of calls based on these sources. You have to figure out how your customers got hold of your phone number. Once you come to know how clients are searching for your phone number, you have access to the high-performing keywords. 

Since you know what keywords are driving lead calls, you can pump up the advertising money spent on them. Your company can even partner with Google AdWords to increase search engine optimization and drive call traffic to increase end sales.

2. Are Your Emails Increasing Traffic?

 Keep testing your email campaigns to find out what is working for customers and what is not. If your landing page is encouraging customers to call now through a call to action button, is it being used and increasing sales? Your organization needs specialized systems to come to the right conclusion about the quality of emails and find out whether they are increasing phone traffic. You can run A/B tests, real-time scans, and identify lead activities in your CRM.

3. Call Recording 

This is one of the most important features of VoIP phone solutions and it helps organizations maintain a complete record of customer conversations. Managers can listen to these conversations at any point in time, and find out how call agents are performing on duty. Support representatives can be trained and counseled on the best way to handle client inquiries so that they increase the conversion rate. Recordings can also increase the quality of training as real-life case studies can be taken on how to interact with clients and what trigger points to avoid while taking complaint calls.


Amazing Benefits of Call Tracking and Analytics:

Implementing local phone numbers and toll-free numbers with call center analytics facilities will give you a wealth of information about your marketing campaigns. It is the best way to understand your target audience and provide them with exactly what they want.

Many managers hesitate to implement call analytics as they feel it is a highly technical feature and they will not be able to operate it smoothly. Well, this is far from the truth as call tracking and recording are very user-friendly. They present visual data in an easily understandable form; hence managers can get to know about vital metrics at just a quick glance. Here are some useful advantages of call analytics that will definitely enable your company to gain a competitive edge in the market:

  • Enhances Superior Staff Performance: It is very important for call center agents to have propers skills as they are the face of your organization. They represent your brand to the outer world; hence you will certainly want them to deal well with clients and serve them in an excellent manner. Call recording keeps a detailed repository of all-important call information, and managers can analyze them to pinpoint where agents are going wrong. Once the incorrect behavior has been identified, managers can formulate special training modules to target inaccuracies, and help team members inculcate the customer-focused behavior. This makes sure that your valued target audience remains super delighted with the customer experience and extracts long-term loyalty towards your brand.
  • Measures Customer Trends: In the current dynamic business scenario, customer trends are changing all the time and you need to keep track of them! A call analytics facility on virtual phone numbers helps marketers observe and measure all upcoming trends. You can actually predict days and times when call traffic will be high and also monitor the most common customer complaints. Other important trends such as buyer preference segments and conversation keywords can be tracked -this helps call representatives to be more responsive, flexible and support client grievances in a proactive manner.
  • Holistic Experience for Every Caller: The modern customer is demanding and expects a stellar experience every time they interact with your company. Call analytics lets the call agents know more information about the customer, hence they can personalize the conversation. They may have real-time information on past purchases, and previous problems experience, hence they can serve the client better. Organizations will also be aware of expected call traffic, average call duration, and service requirements. This will enable them to allocate the right number of staff members so that there is no shortage or delay in attending to customer calls.
  • Measure Vital Performance Parameters: Call analytics helps you manage all your customer logs at your fingertips. It helps to keep a track of real-time calls such as the number of inbound calls, call duration, location, and conversation details. Marketers can analyze this data to get a clear picture of their strategy and make positive changes that will improve customer service. Certain catchphrases can be used to index conversations so that if customers are facing repetitive problems in a specific domain, previous call logs can be accessed. If managers are armed with current and up-to-date call information, they can surely make better decisions that will result in the faster achievement of end goals.

An intelligent call center will help you unlock your true sales potential by opening a world of sophisticated technological tools for your business. It may be scary to make the switch, but it is high time to invest in virtual phone solutions. Call analytics will definitely be the most advantageous feature and will help you gain precise strategic insight into consumer behavior.

Tracking your calls can improve your marketing campaigns and increase your lead conversion ratios.  Your sales will go up, a collaboration between customer support representatives will go up and the organization will enjoy a gigantic jump in all-important bottom-line results. Call analytics is the future of telecommunication technology so harness the power to enjoy transformational benefits!

Updated : April 20, 2022

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