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11 Best Free CRM for Sales Reps In 2024

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Paras Kela
Senior Writer:
green tickDate: May 24, 2024

Sales teams are the driving force behind business growth as they forge vital connections with customers, convert leads into revenue, and consistently adapt to market dynamics.

For these reasons, it is necessary to equip your sales team with the best tools and technologies, such as CRM for sales reps, to empower professionals, streamline processes, and enhance customer relationships.

In this guide, we explore the 11 best CRM solutions tailored for sales reps in 2023, discussing their features, pros, cons, and other aspects to help you choose the best one.

Best Customer relationship management- CRM software in 2023

We are hopeful that our in-depth analysis will provide you with much-needed insights into each of these Best sales CRM software and assist you in making the ultimate decision.

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Key Takeaways:
  • CRM implementation is just the beginning. Invest in training for your sales team. Equip them to optimize sales, customer interactions, and overall performance effectively.

  • The right CRM for sales teams can significantly impact sales performance. Opt for a CRM that aligns with your team's workflow, offering intuitive tools, automation, and robust features.

  • In 2024, the top CRMs for sales reps are Zoho CRM, HubSpot CRM, Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Klaviyo CRM, Nimble CRM, LeadSquared CRM, Copper CRM, SugarCRM, Nutshell CRM, and BIGContacts.

11 Best Free CRM For Sales Reps: CRM Software Review

1 ) Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM stands out as a top-tier, cloud-based CRM for sales reps, offering comprehensive functionalities and long-term value to businesses. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and other business intelligence features helps companies generate leads, accelerate sales, and analyze performance.

The Best CRM systems in 2023- ZOHO

Moreover, its AI-powered assistant Zia helps you with a variety of business sales operations such as collecting customer data, sales forecasting, creating a document, and identifying potential customers.

Also, Zoho CRM can be combined with a wide range of different business tools and services, making business operations more efficient and easy. All these qualities make it one of the best sales CRM software options in 2023.

Zoho CRM Features

  • Salesforce automation
  • Process management
  • Omnichannel support
  • In-depth analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Predictive sales
  • Team collaboration
  • Customization

Device Support: Web-based, iOS, Android

Zoho CRM Pros

  • Offers extensive customization and integration options.
  • User-friendly interface with a range of automation features.
  • Provides a comprehensive suite of sales and marketing tools.

Zoho CRM Cons

  • Steeper learning curve for advanced functionalities.
  • Can be costly if needing add-ons for specific features.

Zoho CRM Pricing: Zoho CRM offers 5 different pricing plans, as listed below. Each plan comprises a unique set of features.

  • Free Edition: Forever free up to 3 Users.
  • Standard Edition: $14/user/month (billed annually).
  • Professional Edition: $23/user/month (billed annually).
  • Enterprise Edition: $40/user/month (billed annually).
  • Ultimate Edition: $52/user/month (billed annually).

Ideal For: Small Business, Medium Business, Enterprise

2 ) Hubspot CRM

Hubspot is one of the best CRM software solutions in the current market, suitable for businesses and industries of varying sizes. This CRM platform offers all of the tools and integrations necessary for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. Each product in the platform is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when they are integrated.

CallHippo Hubspot CRM integration

All of the advanced and AI-powered features provided by Hubspot CRM will assist businesses in maximizing customer support effectiveness, increasing leads, automating repeating processes, and enhancing productivity.

Besides, Hubspot– a leading CRM for sales reps in 2023, also tracks deals, monitors agent performance, and provides a detailed dashboard from which your team members can monitor company activities.

Hubspot CRM Features

  • Lead analytics dashboard
  • Email scheduling
  • Contact management
  • Canned snippets
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • SEO & content strategy
  • Event-based segmentation
  • Marketing automation

Device Support: Web-based, iOS, Android

Hubspot CRM Pros

  • Free version with robust features for startups and small businesses.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Seamless integration with marketing and sales tools.

Hubspot CRM Cons

  • Limited features in the free version; advanced features require higher-tier plans.
  • Customization options are relatively limited compared to other CRMs.

Hubspot CRM Pricing: Hubspot offers a variety of pre-designed plans for each of its services, including marketing, sales, customer service, CMS, and operations. In addition to product plans, they also provide three bundle plans, which are as follows:

  • Starter Plan: $50/user/month (Billed Monthly)
  • Professional Plan: $1780/user/month (Billed Monthly)
  • Enterprise Plan: $5000/user/month (Billed Monthly)

Ideal For: Small Business, Medium Business, Enterprise

3 ) Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution that captures, simplifies, automates, tracks, and analyzes all customer support activities. This CRM for the sales team helps organizations or sales reps in several ways, including finding prospects, closing deals, and boosting revenue, among other things.

CallHippo Salesforce CRM integration

The software’s central repository keeps all updated information, making it easier for organizations to prioritize activities and make quick decisions. Not only that, but Salesforce CRM tracks agent performance and marketing campaigns to help you stay on track and navigate as needed.

Ultimately, these features significantly enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, cementing its reputation as the best CRM for sales reps.

Salesforce CRM Features

  • Opportunity Management
  • Real-time data visibility
  • Lead management
  • Approvals and workflows
  • Sales community management
  • Social media accounts
  • Email integration
  • Reports and analytics

Device Support: Web-based, iOS, Android

Salesforce CRM Pros

  • Highly customizable with an extensive range of third-party integrations.
  • Scalable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting capabilities.

Salesforce CRM Cons

  • Can be complex for new users, requiring training for full utilization.
  • Costs can escalate with additional features and add-ons.

Salesforce CRM Pricing: In addition to the Free edition, Salesforce CRM is available in four different packages as follows:

  • Lighting Essentials: $25/user/month
  • Lighting Professional: $75/user/month
  • Lightning Enterprise: $150/user/month
  • Lighting Unlimited: $300/user/month 

Ideal For: Small Business, Medium Business, Enterprise

4 ) Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics, recognized as one of the top CRM software solutions, assists businesses in building, enhancing, and retaining customer relationships. The powerful and unique functions of the software will enable your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams to collaborate from anywhere, delivering maximum customer satisfaction.

CallHippo Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration

Moreover, the robust and advanced set of features provided by this stand-alone platform will drive sales, improve customer service, and manage financial operations globally. Not to mention that the software can be integrated with other Microsoft productivity apps like SharePoint, Word, Cortana, and Lync.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features

  • Unified interface
  • Advanced filtering capabilities
  • Visual process designer
  • Customer interaction insights
  • Editable grids
  • Activity sorting control
  • Process enhancements
  • Integration with Microsoft products

Device Support: Web-based, iOS, Android

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pros

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Robust customer service and marketing functionalities.
  • Offers flexibility in deployment options.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cons

  • Initial setup and customization may require technical expertise.
  • Licensing costs can be high for additional functionalities.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing: Microsoft Dynamics CRM has multiple subscription plans for each of its products and services, including Customer Data Platform, Sales, Service, and Marketing. Some of the most common pricing plans are as follows:

  • Dynamics 365 Plan: From $210/User/Month
  • Unified Operations Plan: From $190/User/Month
  • Customer Engagement Plan: $115/User/Month
  • Applications and Offers: From $40/User/Month

Ideal For: Small Business, Medium Business

5 ) Klaviyo CRM

Klaviyo is a cloud-based email and marketing automation tool designed for ecommerce marketers. The solution assists firms in personalizing, optimizing, and monitoring their social media marketing and email management activities. It also offers a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to quickly compose engaging emails.

CallHippo Klaviyo CRM integration

Further, it eliminates the need for traditional marketing tools like spreadsheets while simultaneously providing a sophisticated segmentation feature that allows marketers to convey the message to the targeted audience accurately.

It also enables marketers to use real-world data, such as recent transactions, email history, and website browsing analytics, to learn about their customers’ tastes and preferences.

Klaviyo CRM Features

  • ROI based reporting
  • Powerful Segmentation
  • Prebuilt auto-responder
  • Drag and drop email design
  • Custom activity fields
  • Website tracking
  • Responsive email templates
  • Abandoned cart series

Device Support: Web-based, Desktop

Klaviyo CRM Pros

  • Specializes in email marketing automation and segmentation.
  • Powerful analytics for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Integration with e-commerce platforms for personalized customer experiences.

Klaviyo CRM Cons

  • Primarily focused on email marketing, lacks broader CRM functionalities.
  • Learning curve for beginners might be steep due to advanced features.

Klaviyo CRM Pricing: Klaviyo offers multiple customized plans for three of its services: email, SMS, and email and SMS. You can choose the appropriate package based on your requirements, such as the number of email contacts and text contacts. To learn more, visit the website.

Ideal For: Small Business, Medium Business

6 ) Nimble CRM

Nimble is another well-known CRM for sales reps that allows sales teams to easily create a contact database and use it across multiple platforms, including mobile, web, email, and productivity suites.

The solution is capable of tracking, engaging, and nurturing contacts to give sales representatives the necessary context about previous conversations.

CallHippo Nimble CRM integration

Furthermore, this CRM consolidates all of your data from your calendar, collaborations, communications, and contacts into a single solution, improving data reliability. It also helps organizations with customer and lead management, marketing and outreach, and custom pipeline management.

Nimble CRM Features

  • Customers and lead management
  • Email tracking
  • Customer segmentation
  • Custom pipeline management
  • Social media stream search
  • Automatic contact import
  • Team collaborations
  • “Unified” Inbox

Device Support: Web-based, iOS

Nimble CRM Pros

  • Offers excellent contact management across various platforms.
  • Consolidates data into a unified solution for enhanced reliability.
  • Regular introduction of new features and updates.

Nimble CRM Cons

  • May lack some advanced features found in other CRMs.
  • Integration options might be limited compared to larger CRM platforms.

Nimble CRM Pricing: Nimble offers two pricing options as listed below:

  • Nimble Business (Billed Annually): $19 per user per month
  • Nimble Business (Billed Monthly): $25 per user per month

Ideal For: Small Business, Medium Business, Enterprise

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7 ) LeadSquared CRM

LeadSquared is one of the best CRM for sales that is ideal for small and medium-sized sales teams.

Equipped with most of the basic CRM features such as email integration, lead generation, CRM analytics, and marketing automation, it enables businesses to accelerate their lead capture process through automation, responsive landing pages, and easy lead collection from various sources.

CallHippo LeadSquared CRM integration

In addition to the lead collection, the solution assists your sales professionals in tracking, nurturing, and preparing leads for sale. Moreover, the app’s in-depth and actionable insights help organizations identify what is working and what needs to be improved.

This eventually enables organizations to make timely decisions and take necessary measures.

LeadSquared CRM Features

  • Lead capture automation
  • CRM & Sales dashboard
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing analytics
  • Responsive landing pages
  • Customer segmentation
  • Seamless lead capture
  • Personalized strategy development

Device Support: Web-based, iOS

LeadSquared CRM Pros

  • Strong lead capturing and lead scoring capabilities.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Customizable for specific industry needs.

LeadSquared CRM Cons

  • Might require additional training for deeper customization.
  • Advanced features may be available only in higher-tier plans.

LeadSquared CRM Pricing: LeadSquared provides its subscribers with 5 different plans. Each plan has a unique set of features and is designed to satisfy the needs of specific businesses.

  • Basic Plan: $150/month
  • Standard Plan: $400/month
  • Enterprise Plan: $1200/month
  • Sales & Mobile Lite Plan: $15 Per User Per Month
  • Sales & Mobile Pro Plan: $30 Per User Per Month

Ideal For: Small Business, Medium Business

8 ) Copper CRM

Copper CRM is one of the top CRM for sales reps in 2023. The solution is well-equipped with several advanced features and innovative functionality that simplify and speed up business operations considerably.

Businesses can use this sophisticated CRM software to organize contacts, automate activities, track deals, manage projects, and generate reports, among other things.

CallHippo Copper CRM Integration

Overall, the functionalities offered by this one of the top CRM software helps you automate your business processes, identify system weaknesses for improvement, respond quickly to market trends, increase efficiency, and gain a better understanding of pipeline visibility.

Also, this CRM system can satisfy the business needs of a wide range of industries, including media agencies, real estate firms, IT organizations, and consulting firms.

Copper CRM Features

  • Native mobile application
  • Gmail chrome extension
  • Bulk email sending
  • Lead and activity insights
  • Internal chat integration
  • Sales and marketing campaign management
  • Customer segmentation
  • G Suite integration

Device Support: Web-based, iOS, Android, Desktop

Copper CRM Pros

  • Seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace.
  • User-friendly interface with a focus on relationship management.
  • Automated data entry and tracking of customer interactions.

Copper CRM Cons

  • Limited customization options compared to other CRMs.
  • Might lack some advanced marketing functionalities.

Copper CRM Pricing: Copper sales CRM provides its customers with 3 different plans. Each has unique functions and is best suited for specific types of enterprises. The three price plans are as follows:

  • Basic Plan: $25 per user per month (billed annually), $29 (Billed monthly)
  • Business Plan: $59 per user per month (billed annually), $69 (Billed monthly)
  • Professional Plan: $99 per user per month (billed annually), $109 (Billed monthly)

Ideal For: Small Business, Medium Business, Enterprise

9 ) SugarCRM

SugarCRM is an open-source customer relationship management software used by thousands of organizations worldwide. This sales CRM software assists marketing, sales, and customer service teams in gaining a clear view of each customer journey that they are engaged with.

Using SugarCRM, organizations can create long-term customer relationships, inflate brand awareness, and provide quality customer support.

CallHippo SugarCRM integration

In addition, SugarCRM’s ability to engage with consumers in various methods, such as enhanced phone calls, emails, personalized messages, social networks, and even one-on-one meetings, distinguishes it as one of the best CRM software in 2023. Just to add, the SugarCRM app is currently available in nine different languages.

SugarCRM Features

  • Sales automation and forecasting
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Call center automation
  • Centralized data repository
  • SQL-based reporting access
  • Third-party integrations
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment

Device Support: Web-based, iOS, Android

SugarCRM Pros

  • Highly customizable and adaptable to specific business needs.
  • Offers a flexible deployment model (cloud or on-premises).
  • Strong focus on user experience and interface.

SugarCRM Cons

  • Can be complex to set up and require technical expertise.
  • Advanced functionalities may require additional investments.

SugarCRM Pricing: SugarCRM provides its customers with three different pricing options. Each has unique functionalities and is best suited for specific types of enterprises. SugarCRM’s three pricing options are as follows:

  • Sugar Professional: $40/User/Month
  • Sugar Enterprise: $65/User/Month
  • Sugar Ultimate: $150/User/Month

Ideal For: Small Business, Medium Business, Enterprise

10 ) Nutshell CRM

Nutshell is a web and mobile customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing automation service. This CRM for sales reps includes all the fundamental and advanced features and functionalities that a business requires to attract and retain customers. In addition, the system is designed in such a way that it is easy enough for any user while yet being smart enough for enterprises of all sizes.

CallHippo Nutshell CRM integration

Moreover, each Nutshell CRM solution package includes limitless CRM contacts and data storage, fully customized reporting capabilities, free data transfer assistance, and world-class live support at a very low cost.

Also, Nutshell Marketing, which was released earlier this year-2023, allows Nutshell users to design and send compelling marketing emails and automated drip sequences, as well as quickly measure engagement directly from Nutshell.

Nutshell CRM Features

  • Lead and customer relationship management
  • Powerful sales analytics reports
  • Seamless integration with a number of apps
  • One-click task creation
  • Bulk email templates
  • Quarterly success plan review
  • Real-time notifications
  • Customizable sales process

Device Support: Web-based, iOS, Android

Nutshell CRM Pros

  • User-friendly interface with a simplified approach to CRM.
  • Offers robust sales automation and reporting features.
  • Good integration options for various business tools.

Nutshell CRM Cons

  • May lack some advanced features compared to larger CRM platforms.
  • Customization options might be limited for specific needs.

Nutshell CRM Pricing: Nutshell CRM provides three distinct plans to their customers. Each package has its own set of unique functions and is suitable for certain types of businesses. The pricing plans are:

  • Starter Plan: $20 per user per month
  • Pro Plan: $35 per user per month
  • Pro+ Plan: $70 per user per month

Ideal For: Small Business, Medium Business, Enterprise

11 ) BIGContacts

BIGContacts is a robust and versatile CRM for sales reps that streamlines business operations, allowing you to delight your customers. The tool is highly intuitive and customizable, so sales representatives can utilize it effectively for closing more deals.

Moreover, BIGContacts CRM for sales reps brings all your contacts, tasks, and emails to one place, saving you from jumping back and forth between multiple screens.

The CRM data can be accessed from any device, anywhere, making it easier for sales representatives to always stay on top of important opportunities. The tool also lets you automate repetitive tasks, improving organizational efficiency and productivity.

BIGContacts Features

  • Sales pipeline management
  • Task and calendar tracking
  • In-depth reporting & analytics 
  • Automated tasks, reminders, & workflows 
  • Third-party integrations
  • Mobile access
  • Ready-to-use templates

Device Support: Web-based, iOS, Android

BIGContacts Pros

  • Focuses on contact management and relationship building.
  • Offers simplicity and ease of use for small businesses.
  • Provides decent customization options.

BIGContacts Cons

  • Lacks some advanced features found in larger CRM systems.
  • Limited scalability for growing enterprises.

BIGContacts Pricing: Along with a free trial version available for 30 days, BIGContacts offers the following four pricing plans to its customers.

  • BIG- $5/user/month 
  • BIGGER- $15/user/month 
  • BIGGEST- $25/user/month 
  • ENTERPRISE- Custom pricing

Ideal For: Small Business, Medium Business

So these are the 11 best CRM software for sales reps in 2023. As we have seen, each CRM has its own set of features and is tailored to specific types of businesses or industries. Moreover, each of these 11 best CRM for sales reps is available in multiple editions with varying pricing, allowing organizations to choose the finest plan that includes all the necessary features and functionalities.

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Bottom Line: Having sophisticated technology support on hand is the bare minimum for today’s businesses seeking success and a competitive edge. The best CRM software not only improves productivity but also enhances customer satisfaction and revenue growth. However, finding such an appropriate CRM software for your organization is a challenging endeavor that necessitates mental effort. Nonetheless, you can use any of the 11 best CRM for sales reps listed above for your business, as they’re all feature-rich, affordable, scalable, and simple to use.


What makes a CRM the best for sales reps?

The best CRM for sales reps offers an intuitive interface, robust lead management, personalized customer interactions, and seamless integration. These are the most basic features that make a CRM the best for sales reps.

How to choose the best sales CRM?

When choosing the best sales CRM, evaluate CRM platforms based on sales team needs, scalability, customization, integration capabilities, user-friendliness, and analytics capabilities.

What are the benefits of CRM for sales reps?

Some of the major CRM tools benefits are they streamline sales processes, enhance customer engagement, track leads, manage pipelines, provide insights for informed decision-making, and optimize sales strategies for better conversions.

Can a CRM for sales reps improve productivity?

Yes, top CRM software enhances sales team productivity by automating routine tasks, providing comprehensive customer data, streamlining communication, and facilitating efficient lead management.

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