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9 Reasons CRM Phone Integration Improves Customer Experience

Simplify your phone communication with a cost-effective, secure and reliable virtual phone solution

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Priya Naha

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: August 23, 2023

Managing your customers is a vital task for any small business – it is rightly said that the customer is king! Organizations that constantly fail in customer relationship management often suffer from dwindling profit rates.

Research recently has shown that 82% of clients will leave the endorsing organization because they think or feel you do not care about their opinions.

Today’s business arena is highly competitive; companies often struggle to find the right way to form meaningful and lifelong relationships with customers. Seamless communication, great service, and round-the-clock support are some measures that can go a long way in keeping your customer base delighted with your organization.

Is there any comprehensive solution to help organizations manage streamlined communication and effective customer engagement? Virtual phone number CRM integration is a holistic platform that can help your business instantly enhance efficiency, productivity, and customer service.

Let’s discuss CRM integrations, their advantages and ways they boost customer satisfaction levels.

What is CRM?

What is CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is software that handles businesses and relationships between your business and clients. The main aim of CRM software is to strengthen and improve business relations.

With a CRM business phone system, companies can easily connect with clients, streamline processes and boost profit.

A CRM system helps your organization concentrate on relationships with specific individuals throughout the lifecycle like clients, employees, support teams, service users or suppliers.

It also helps find new clients, garner their business and enhance your relationship with them.

CRM solutions help the marketing and sales teams to monitor and follow what customers expect and their interactions within your company. It improves the customer journey and experience by refining the customer touch points.

How To Do a CRM Phone System Integration?

How to Do a CRM Phone System Integration

It is simple to implement a CRM integration in your VOIP phone system and infuse it into your organization’s workflow. Let’s take a look at the multiple steps:

Step 1: Analysis

The analysis is crucial while integrating your CRM into your cloud phone system. But first, you’ll have to understand whether the integration is necessary.

Take time and evaluate the needs of the management and your employees. You need to understand your organization’s objectives and goals clearly.

Step 2: Design

Mobile design is an important phase after the analysis. We all know that mobile device has limited screen size and storage space. Access to the intranet is necessary if a user wants to recall any particular information and exchange certain data within the organization.

You need to determine the crucial data that will be displayed.

Moreover, you’ll also need to come with screens that can view the complete information within the device limit.

Step 3: Testing

Testing the app is an essential component. First, you’ll have to select a group from your user base. Then, the group needs to be trained and prepared for CRM phone system integration.

Here, you need to test the cell phone’s and software’s performance and function to check whether the project goals align. It would be best if you also verified the security and environment of the live application server.

Step 4: Roll Out

Finally, you can launch the new program. But launching the software won’t do the job alone. You need to give your employees detailed training to help them with the technical aspects.

7 Advantages of CRM Phone Integration

Benefits of CRM Phone Integration

CRM integration with VOIP phone systems automate sales processes and allows your team members to anticipate customer needs and access customer data in real time. The cloud-based virtual phone system can pump up your organizational output by huge levels and help your company save time and money in the long run.

So, if you are still confused about virtual phone number CRM integration, think no more and invest in a quality service provider such as CallHippo, the market leader in virtual phone services. Here are some amazing benefits that your organization can accrue by getting a cloud-based virtual phone number:

Real-Time Calling Information

Every call or interaction with a customer is a potential opportunity to close a sale – CRM integration with virtual phones can help to record vital data during phone conversations with clients to get better insights. In addition, virtual phone system CRM integration is the best way to maintain an up-to-date and consolidated database of all calling activity at one centralized location, thereby helping to improve the customer-calling experience to great heights!

Analytics and Reports

CRM data are essential for organizations to analyze client purchase behavior, craft accurate marketing strategies, and build effective campaigns. Cloud-based virtual phone numbers are a powerful tool, coming with pre-built reporting and market analytical features that can help to gain a holistic view of data.

Furthermore, this information can be shared with the marketing and sales departments so that they can make better quality business decisions. So, if your organization wants to capitalize on advanced and state-of-the-art reports, CRM account integration with your virtual phone number is the only way to go!

Automation of SalesForce

CallHippo integrates cloud-based virtual phone number systems with CRM suites to ensure your sales function remains fully automated – kicking up productivity and efficiency levels! Maintaining contact information, ensuring timely follow-ups, and tracking leadership development with the help of mechanized CRM databases becomes super easy. Real-time information allows team members to monitor customers’ status and helps them close sales deals – CRM integration can surely help your organization get on the fast track to success immediately!

Increased Operational Efficiency

Virtual phone number CRM integration eliminates the manual workload of entering data and helps to reduce a huge work staff as all time-consuming tasks are automated. CRM integration can help managers quickly locate contact history, check prior conversations, and offer clients valued offerings according to their expectations. It reduces chances of human error and drives team morale/engagement, thereby ensuring that your business has a productive and motivated workforce!

Better Customer Experience

Providing a superior customer experience is the key to success for better organizational performance! Cloud-based phone numbers help anticipate a consumer’s needs in real-time and allow agents to provide top-class support facilities to prized customers. Virtual phone number CRM integration allows team members to personalize messages and customize product offerings according to customer requirements. They have complete access to previous cell phone integration with CRM. To provide the best possible experience to your client base through VoIP CRM integration!

Improved Customer Retention

Sales representatives can provide better customer services with CRM phone integration. They can actively stay in touch with important clients to preserve connections. Moreover, they can also set reminders, connect with them again depending on the number of products they need to sell, and inquire about their requirements.

Constant communication improves customer retention levels and also earns customer loyalty. 

Better Accountability of the Sales Team

Your sales team can follow instructions without any hindrance with a mobile CRM system. CRM allows you to make updates instantly. These updates can be made remotely. You don’t have to forget to make entries anymore. You can monitor your team’s daily and weekly progress even if you’re not in the office.



9 Reasons CRM Phone Integration Improves Customer Experience

Reasons CRM Phone Integration Improves Customer Experience

A good customer experience brings back customers time and again! The sales calls for customers are meant to boost customer satisfaction levels.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons CRM phone integration improves customer experience.

1. Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Integrating your CRM and phone system increase productivity. For example, your employees won’t have to move between apps to make phone calls to clients. It is possible because of the integration between phone systems and CRM solutions. Additionally, integrating your office phone system with a CRM can easily improve outbound calls.

You can enable the click-to-dial feature directly within your CRM interface to avoid manual data entry of customer phone numbers. Your call agents may contact clients or prospects more quickly with its assistance, and since it is automated, there is less chance of a misdial.

2. Improved Flexibility and Visibility

When your CRM and cloud phone system are integrated, you can centralize your data in one location. In addition to calls placed and received on your cloud phone system, you can view all previous transactions and customer interactions in your CRM. As a result, you can get a full picture of each customer’s interactions with your company.

You can decide how to engage your consumers more effectively with all the customer data available in one location. 

3. Customization and Better Service

Customers want agents to offer tailored answers to their issues. They also expect people in the sales process to entice them with deals that are in customers’ best interests. It is possible with your  CRM and phone system integration.

Businesses get access to a higher level of customization supported by a complete and precise dataset. The tool gathers crucial consumer data as the call takes place in real time. Without integration, the data is gathered in silos, leading to blind spots.

4. Enhanced Business Data

Your company must learn from the customer information you gather and store on the customer data platform. Your sales, marketing, and customer support teams can add to the data gathered and recorded by your CRM phone integration to create better-targeted campaigns, new product developments, and a stronger ability to evaluate the success of client initiatives.

All of this improves information sharing between your key revenue-generating teams and increases the rate at which prospects become devoted clients.

5. Improved Efficiency Across Customer Service and Sales Teams

Customers want smooth communication with your company. With a CRM, all the necessary parties can access customer records, enabling a seamless experience. For example, you can know about the customer’s offers without communicating with the customer care team because it is in the CRM. 

With CRM phone integrations, sales representatives and customer service experts may get the information they require when necessary.

6. Advanced Interactive Voice Response

CRM phone integration allows you to make voicemails without dialing clients. It also helps automate communication, deliver vital memos, and use pre-recorded messages.

These cutting-edge features promote better efficiency, reduce tedious activities, and free up your agent’s time to help concentrate on high-value jobs and provide consumers with better service.

7. Customer Analytics and Scaling Call

Your marketing team depends on the data your CRM application collects. You can use it to construct buyer personas, evaluate your customers’ behavior, and develop marketing plans. In addition, your marketing team may assist your sales representatives in converting leads into customers. 

Furthermore, contact center analytics is greatly facilitated by cloud PBX solutions. You have real-time access to all call-related information, including length, time of day, agent productivity, and other details. 

Adding consumer data to your business phone system gives marketers good choices for experimenting with various marketing strategies.

8. Better Management

You can manage your customer interactions better with your CRM phone integration. You can track which customers you have interacted with in the past and their conversations and schedule necessary follow-ups in real-time with your phone system.

So, by gathering this data, you can analyze the tasks of the sales reps and understand their activities. These metrics cover daily call volume, caller hang-up rates, average call duration, and wait time.

9. Improved Response Time

A CRM drastically reduces the time agents wait between calls by automatically logging information from every client interaction with your company. When calls are answered more frequently, it results in faster response time, with more agents available to receive calls.

Final Words

With CRM business call management integration, companies can enhance customer experience.

Phone integration with CRM is the successful future of technology and can help to convert your business fortunes positively. So communicate smart and in the right way with your customers to make a bang and keep them engaged in your organization!


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