Sales are the lifeblood for any business organization. Developing a tactical sales strategy is the key to success in the current cutthroat competitive corporate landscape. 

If you don’t plan well ahead of time to optimize your sales management, chances are high that your business will lose out on plenty of existing and potential customers.

It is important to provide your sales representatives with all the latest tools and sales management technologies so that they can perform to the best of their ability. This is precisely the reason that most companies across the globe are now investing in business phone systems powered by VoIP technology.

Communication is an integral part of effective sales management. Your sales department needs a streamlined, economical, and structured medium of business communication.

Investing in a cloud virtual PBX phone platform can empower sales representatives as they can remain in touch with clients, partners, suppliers, and stakeholders at any time of the day.

Customer support is the backbone of sales operations. Sales teams have to be responsive and agile so that customers receive appropriate answers to their queries, and get technical support whenever required.

Organizations have now realized the immense importance of getting toll free phone numbers to enable sales representatives to provide better and quicker assistance. Customers do not have to pay a penny as calls made to toll free numbers are not chargeable, and they get instantly connected to available sales agents.

Regardless of whether you are part of a newly formed business venture, or whether you work for a small-medium sized organization, it is imperative for sales representatives to forge genuine connections with customers.

There is nothing better than a VoIP phone system for sales and support as it can help agents deal with heavy call traffic, and ensures that they can work from any corner of the globe, as long as they have internet connectivity.

Sales Management Techniques-

Sales teams need the support of an efficient phone platform. They need a system that provides apex voice quality, without any disturbances or breakdowns so that they can make and receive customer calls. 

Though virtual telephony is slowly gaining popularity, there are still many organizations that are using traditional wired phone systems. It is often difficult for them to make the switch to VoIP-enabled solutions.

However, it is high time to move over to advanced VoIP phone systems, as they can have a profound positive impact on bottom-line results. Here are six ways that business phone systems can enhance your sales management techniques and boost your sales pipeline:

1. VoIP Technology Gives Location Independence:

One of the biggest disadvantages of traditional landline systems is that they keep employees restricted to their desks. Business phone systems encourage remote work offices, and sales agents can communicate with clients from any geographical location. All that is required is a high-speed Internet connection, and your sales team will be able to collaborate and make/receive customer calls.

Virtual phone solutions are a real asset for any organization that is trying to increase its sales figures. Since sales team members have to constantly attend field jobs and attend client meetings, getting an Internet phone number will empower them to make calls on the move.

They will not need to be physically present at the office location at all times, rather they can connect to their smartphone or laptop to ensure that they do not miss business calls while they are on the move. It gives sales executives a tremendous amount of flexibility, and ensures that you precious customers get support round the clock!

2. Integrates With Enterprise Systems:

Before investing in a long-term communication system, it is essential to make sure that it can successfully manage third-party software integrations. Sales teams need to depend on a number of tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, and sales force automation software to keep track of their sales figures. Hence, organizations need a communication platform that can easily integrate with other existing systems so that there is a seamless flow of information.

Modern business phone systems are extremely compatible and can integrate with CRM solutions so that sales agents can get important information such as demographics, purchase preferences, and past call histories. This enables them to personalize conversations and provide better service to clients. It also ensures the quick transfer of large amounts of data, hence reducing manual work for staff members and increasing work efficiency.

Promote Sales Management

3. Low Financial Costs:

It is essential for all kinds of organizations to cut down costs on communication so that they can thrive and maximize revenues. Getting a VoIP phone system is a smart tool that can lower call expenses exponentially as most service providers offer competitive pricing plans. In fact, organizations can also customize packages that suit their business requirements. For e.g: An organization that needs its sales teams to conduct a high volume of cold calls can invest in a package that provides an economical outgoing call rate so that they save a huge amount in the long run.

Communication expenses can burn a hole in most organization’s budgets; hence getting a business phone system is a real necessity. It can dramatically lower the costs, at the same provide a great calling experience – making it a must-have tool for sales departments in business organizations.

4. Host of Innovative Features:

It is important to stay ahead of all the latest technological advancements in the telecommunication field to gain a competitive edge. It is best to research all the available features in VoIP phone systems so as to ensure that your chosen platform can perform effectively. Features such as call forwarding are ideal for sales teams as they can make sure that not even a single customer call is missed – it’s a great way to retain clients and keep them satisfied. Many business phone systems also have interactive voice responses, hence sales departments can set them up to facilitate customers for self-service. Customers can click on automated voice menus and self-direct themselves to the required department or support representative.

Novel and innovative features are one of the biggest advantages of business phone systems. In fact, call analytics boosts sales team performance too, as it gives a clear picture of vital key performance indicators and helps to monitor all important parameters in real time.

5. Better Staff Monitoring:

Sales managers need to constantly monitor the overall performance of their team members so that they can make improvements that enhance performance. One benefit of business phone systems is that it can check if your sales team members are not achieving their targets. Features such as call recording can keep a log of all customer conversations so that managers can access them at a later stage and give correct advice to sales agents. This is very vital for the personal development of sales team members, and it ensures that the right training can be given to low performers.

If sales team members do not handle customer inquiries and complaints well, they will move over to rival organizations. Hence, staff monitoring is a critical function of VoIP phone systems that cannot be ignored, and it is crucial for a sales team to perform well.

6. Scalability and Low Maintenance:

Every organization increases its capacity and scales up with the passage of time. If you have invested in a business phone system, one aspect that you don’t need to worry about is scalability.VoIP service providers can increase capacity by adding additional phone lines or features at any time.

Business phone solutions are also low on maintenance and do not require any post-installation service. They are user-friendly in nature; hence sales team members can easily use the system as it is not overly technical. It is a one-time investment that reaps long-term benefits for any marketing and sales department.

There is no doubt that sales and marketing teams need the best possible technology to be successful. Make sure to get virtual phone systems to empower your sales agents so that they can serve customers well and keep them delighted with a superior experience!

Updated : July 30, 2021


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