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green tickDate: November 25, 2022

Calling Singapore from the US is easy. You have to use the US exit code, country code, area code, and the recipient’s number to reach people in Singapore.

call Singapore from the United States with callhippo

Let’s understand it in detail.

Step-by-Step Guide to Call Singapore From the US

As mentioned above, the process isn’t complicated. All you have to do is follow these steps.

Step 1: The Exit Code

Start by dialing 011, which is the exit code for the United States. This code indicates that your call will be directed outside of the US.

Step 2: Singapore’s Country Code

You’ll need to enter the Singapore code you’re placing the call. In this case, it’s Singapore. The country code for Singapore is 65.

Step 3: The Area Code

Next, dial the region code for the area you want to reach within Singapore. There are only nine area codes in Singapore. For example, suppose you’re calling Sembawang. Then, this is what your dial screen should look like:

011 – 65 – 675

Step 4: The Recipient’s Number

Finally, enter the local number of the person you want to reach. It could be a landline or mobile phone number. Landline numbers in Singapore are 7 digits long, whereas a mobile number is 9-10 digits. 

If the recipient of your call has the local number 1234567, your screen should look like this:

011 – 65 – 675 – 1234567

Singapore Area Codes

Here are the nine area codes of Singapore to make it easier for you to reach people in the country.

RegionArea Code
Ang Mo Kio645
Ayer Rajah676
City 653
Jurong West – Tampines678

Which Tool to Use When Calling Singapore From the US?

In 2019, around 186,000 Singaporeans traveled to the United States. And if you’re amongst the travelers who visit the US frequently or have a business in Singapore, you’ll want to know how to call Singapore or we can say how to make an international call in a cost-effective way and without a calling card

People who rarely call Singapore or who want to make a few international calls (i.e., travelers) can use free voice or video calls using internet service to reach their friends and family. It could be via WhatsApp, Google Voice, or Skype. 

However, if you’re running a business and want to make hundreds (or thousands) of international calls every day, you cannot rely on these free calling apps. 

That’s where a virtual phone system can help. A virtual phone system allows you to purchase Singapore toll free numbers even if you’re in the US. This enables your team in the United States to call your customers in Singapore at local rates. 

Your costs will be reduced no matter which area you call in Singapore. But, more importantly, you can get area-specific virtual phone numbers! These virtual phone numbers are already programmed with the specific region code for the different regions in Singapore. 

So, whether you call potential customers or clients in Ayer Rajah or Geylang, they will see the local code and be more open to receiving your call than they would if they see an unknown foreign number.

If you are using a VoIP provider, such as Vonage, CallHippo, or RingCentral to make international calls,  you can also get toll-free numbers for your business for more than 50+ countries like a UK toll-free numbers, an Estonia toll-free number, Australia toll-free numbers, etc. This allows your customers to contact your company for free. 

We wouldn’t want to boast, but we can almost guarantee that getting the VoIP version of Singapore virtual phone numbers will boost your US business flexibility and productivity! It’s 2022, and your business deserves a communication solution that makes customer communication seamless and effortless. 

Wrapping Up

Calling Singapore from the US requires you to follow simple steps, such as entering the country code, area code, and phone number. However, you will also need the right phone system for making international calls without burning a hole in your pocket!

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