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8 Best Business Texting Apps In 2024

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Supriya Bajaj
Senior Writer:
green tickDate: June 5, 2024

As much as we prefer texting on the personal front, businesses rely on text messages to streamline their internal and external communication. A CTIA study shows that text messages have an open rate of 98%, the responsiveness of which is way higher than other channels. The best thing is that several business texting apps in the market let you automate the process.

In this blog, we have outlined the 7 best business texting apps, their key features, pros, and cons, so you can choose the one that aligns with your business interests and requirements.

What Is Business Text Messaging?

business texting app

Business text messaging is a broader term for conversations between a firm and its customers, employees, leads, executives, suppliers, etc. Besides traditional SMS (Short Messaging Service), businesses use social media channels like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to communicate with their stakeholders.

Business text messaging works similarly to personal text. The main difference is that the former happens between a business and its stakeholders. In contrast, the latter happens between friends, relatives, etc. As business text messaging has complex requirements, it needs advanced features.

Businesses use text messaging to promote internal collaboration and send updates to employees and other stakeholders. Business texting software systems help customers request support, resolve queries, seek product information, etc. Companies can also pass on product updates, promotions, and marketing messages and respond to customer queries through a robust business text messaging app.

protip image

When selecting a WiFi texting app, look for features like strong security, smooth integration, and user-friendly UI. Choose apps that offer end-to-end encryption to improve communication security. To provide flexible connectivity, we test compatibility with various devices and operating systems. For a well-rounded messaging experience, look for programs that allow multimedia.

Why Do You Need a Business Texting App?

Now that you know what business text messaging is, let us move ahead to understand why you must use a business texting app. Following are some key benefits of investing in a business texting app.

Why Do You Need a Business Texting App?

1. Easy and quick communication

As customers and employees have mobile phones within their arms’ reach, text messaging remains the quickest way to reach them. It must be noted that more than half of the global population has access to mobile internet. As this continues to evolve and more people start getting connected through mobile, business texting has become the easiest way to reach.

Traditional modes of communication, like email, take more time than chat. A study shows that the average response time for email is 4-24 hours, whereas a text message is just 6-15 seconds. So, text messaging is instant and easy to reach customers or employees using a business texting app with robust features.

2. Automation abilities

The business texting app has advanced features that help you streamline and automate several steps of the conversational phase. For example, having chatbots configured with appropriate responses to the most frequently asked questions can help customer support teams achieve significant cost and time savings.

Using business texting apps with advanced technologies like AI chatbots can help read customer sentiments and emotions in a message and tune the response accordingly. So, w

3. High open rates

As mentioned earlier, text messages have higher open rates of around 98%, while only 19% for emails. The probability of your message reaching your employee or customer is higher with business texting apps. When you use texting apps to communicate promotions and marketing messages, they are more likely to reach your customers.

4. Builds trust among customers

Engaging with customers in a conversational tone helps build trust and credibility in customer’s minds. Compared to other channels like email or phone calls, text messages carry a comforting tone and develop a sense of attachment and belonging among customers.

5. A high degree of personalization

Business texting apps offer more personalization and customization. Integrating the app with your CRM allows you to leverage customer data to offer more personalization. You can also add customer names and other personalized information to the message so the customer feels appreciated.

6. Shared inbox

Business texting apps have a shared inbox that lets multiple team members access customer messages. This feature is useful for businesses with a large customer base as it promotes transparency in the process and helps accelerate the pace of customer support services.

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How Does Business Text Messaging Work?

In this section, we have outlined the workflow of business text messaging.

1. Choose a business texting app

The first step is to curate the best texting app and evaluate the following features and messaging abilities.

  • Shared inbox
  • Broadcast options
  • Group texting app for business
  • Threaded conversations
  • Multimedia messaging
  • Scheduled messages
  • Autoresponders
  • Chatbots

2. Route it through a phone number

Once you have chosen the business texting service provider, the next step is to enable message services on VoIP, local, international, or toll-free numbers.

When you do so, customers can reach the contact center agent by sending an inbound message to the business number. The business phone system will update the logs in the CRM when incoming messages are received. You can respond to the message using the business texting app.

On the other hand, you can message your customer using the business texting app after receiving proper consent. You can send promotions, marketing messages, order updates, reminders, etc.

8 Best Business Texting Apps of 2023

There are many business texting app providers in the market. We have curated the key features, pros, cons, and pricing of the 7 best business texting applications to help you find the right one for your business.

Brand NameRatingKey FeaturesPricing
Call forwarding
Call recording
Text messaging
Basic: $0
Bronze: $16 /month
Silver: $24 /month
Platinum: $40 /month
Google Voice
Voicemail transcripts
Unlimited text messaging in the US
Multi Level auto attendant
Personalized voicemail greetings
Audio & video conferencing
Integration with Google Meet & Calendar
Starter: $10
Standard: $20
Premier: $30
Business phone or toll-free numbers
Unlimited calling within the US and Canada
Business SMS
Core: $20
Advanced: $25
Ultra: $35
Call transfer
Ticket management
Call recording
Number portability
Starts at $1 per active user

1. CallHippo

Callhippo Dashboard

An award-winning cloud-based phone system provider, CallHippo is one of the best business texting apps available. It has an SMS or text messaging feature in all its plans, including the free plan. This makes CallHippo, the best texting app for small businesses. It offers a free trial in all its packages.

The best thing about CallHippo is that it can be integrated with CRM tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, etc., to streamline customer communication and project management tools like Slack to organize internal business communication. It has a shared inbox that lets multiple team members access it simultaneously, which makes it ideal for call center operations.

Key Features

  • SMS/ Text messaging
  • Shared inbox
  • Multimedia messages
  • Intelligent routing
  • Free business phone numbers
  • Role-based controls
  • Broadcasting abilities
  • Auto-replies
  • SMS marketing


  • Using the CallHippo, you can send/receive messages on mobile and desktop apps.
  • The shared inbox feature makes it an appropriate tool for businesses with dedicated customer support teams.
  • CallHippo has an excellent messaging interface.
  • CallHippo has excellent call management options like call forwarding, power dialer, etc.
  • The dashboard offers a clear picture of the performance of the customer relations team.
  • As CallHippo is a cloud-based texting app, it goes well when you have a distributed workforce and remote agents.
  • It integrates well with third-party apps like HubSpot and Salesdrive.


  • Technical support takes time and is not up to the mark.
  • When the internet is patchy, there is a lag in sending SMS.
  • The filter option in the reporting section must be updated to cover multiple parameters.


  • Basic – $0 per user per month
  • Bronze – $16 per user per month
  • Silver – $24 per user per month
  • Platinum – $40 per user per month

2. SimpleTexting 

Simple Texting Dashboard

SimpleTexting is one of the most sought-after business texting apps, with many automation features. It allows two-way communication between customers and businesses. You can send SMS and MMS to customers using the SimpleTexting app. Based on the data, you can personalize the marketing campaigns following the expectations of every customer. 

Using the data, you can measure the performance of the messaging campaign and make changes accordingly. On SimpleTexting, You can also track who is opening your links and who is not. You can create multiple users and customize the roles and permissions, which is appropriate for call center management. 

Key Features

  • 2-way messaging
  • Autoresponders
  • MMS marketing
  • Gather feedback
  • Bulk messages
  • Web forms


  • Autoresponders in SimpleTexting work well and reduce your workload.
  • The setup is easy, simple, and quick on desktop and mobile apps.
  • SimpleTexting has multiple, simple ways of signing in.
  • The mass messaging feature helps send broadcasts and promotional content.
  • SimpleTexting can be easily integrated with email management tools and CRM software.
  • It is easy to schedule messages and emails.
  • Short videos and tutorials help with deployment and usage instructions.


  • The group texting feature needs to be improved.
  • There is a lag in updating the web and mobile app.
  • The price of SimpleTexting is higher when compared to other business texting apps.
  • The messages are restricted to 160 characters, making it hard to send longer messages.


  • Basic plan – $23.20 per month (500 messages)
  • Custom plan – up to $719.20 per month (50000 messages)

3. EZ Texting 

EZ Texting Dashboard

EZ Texting is a popular business text messaging platform offering end-to-end messaging functionality. You can upload and segment contacts based on historical data to enable personalized targeting. It allows conversational, two-way messaging, promoting a deeper sense of attachment and trust in the customer’s minds.

EZ Texting allows you to segment contacts into groups and exchange personalized texts with them. It also has dedicated, vanity short codes where you can have a 5 or 6-digit text or number attached exclusively to an organization.

Key Features

  • Vanity, dedicated codes
  • Contact management
  • MMS messaging
  • Two-way messaging
  • Group texting app for business
  • Industry-specific solutions
  • Automated campaigns
  • SMS/ MMS templates


  • The setup is quick and easy.
  • With EZ Texting, you can send personalized messages and targeting campaigns.
  • It is easy to upload contact details into the tool in Excel format.
  • The auto-reply feature is intuitive.
  • It is easy to track the performance of messaging campaigns.
  • The list management feature is helpful and robust.
  • It is easy to upload, edit, and manage contacts.


  • Customer support needs improvements.
  • The word limit must be increased.
  • Pricing plans are not flexible.
  • The scheduling feature has technical glitches.


  • Launch – $20 per month (500 contacts)
  • Boost – $60 per month (500-2000 contacts)
  • Scale – $100 per month (2000-50000 contacts)
  • Enterprise – $3000 per month (50000 + contacts)

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4. Google Voice

Google Voice Dashboard

Google Voice offers integrated call and chat options for small-scale businesses and solopreneurs. You can access the basic features at the lowest rates in the industry. It goes well with Google products, so if you use Google Workspace, Google Voice is an appropriate business texting app.

Google Voice is integrated with Google Meet and Google Calendar, so it is easy to schedule meetings. It offers one-on-one as well as group texting support. So, if you are looking for a group texting app for business, you must try Google Voice.

Key Features

  • SMS/ MMS abilities
  • Group conversations
  • One-on-one messaging
  • Message forwarding
  • Call attendants
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Google WorkSpace integration


  • Text messaging through Google Voice is cheaper than other carriers.
  • With the basic plan, you can send text messages for free.
  • Using the mobile app, you can access Google Voice from anywhere.
  • The auto-receptionist feature works well with messages as well.
  • Google Voice has a robust voicemail feature that lets you track messages even when you are away.
  • The interface is easy to use and goes well with other Google products.
  • You can track the whole conversation history by typing a contact’s name.


  • Messages with more than 160 characters are split while sent through Google Voice.
  • Google Voice allows SMS and MMS in the US market only.
  • Google Voice does not have an auto-respond feature.
  • Though Google Voice is an appropriate small business texting app, it lacks the advanced features for large businesses.


  • Personal use- Free
  • Starter- 10 USD per user,
  • Standard – 20 USD per user,
  • Premier – 30 USD per user.

5. Twilio

Twilio Dashboard

Twilio is one of the best business texting apps offering programmable messaging API and conversational API. The former lets you send transactional messages to your customers, while the latter promotes conversational exchanges between businesses and customers. 

The conversational API can be integrated with other channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. The entire functionality can be customized and scaled as per business requirements. Twilio can help businesses connect with customers in more than 180 countries. You can design custom marketing campaigns and send scheduled messages.  

Key Features

  • Conversational API
  • SMS/ MMS 
  • WhatsApp integration
  • CRM integration
  • Email integration
  • Programmable voice


  • Twilio is highly affordable for one-to-one conversation.
  • The Twilio portal helps track SMS activity to understand if the message reached the customer.
  • Twilio can be used for both internal and external communication.
  • You can set up a custom interface for SMS.
  • Twilio has almost zero or very low downtime.
  • Twilio has two-factor authentication, which ensures data privacy.
  • Twilio’s API can be easily programmed and customized to meet business requirements.


  • The dashboarding and reporting features must be improved.
  • Twilio has a steep learning curve.
  • Twilio must work on adding document and resource support.
  • The UI seems to be outdated and needs improvements.


  • Text messaging starts at $0.0075 per text.

6. RingCentral

ringcentral dashboard

RingCentral is a well-known, cloud-based telephony system offering an efficient business texting app. You can send SMS, design texts, and multimedia messages to your customers, clients, and colleagues using RingCentral. The app integrates calls, SMS, video conferencing, team messaging, etc., and helps streamline business communication in one go. 

While using the messaging feature on the RingCentral App, you can add emojis, videos, GIFs, and images to make the conversation more exciting and engaging. It has a powerful search functionality that lets you search specific messages using keywords. 

Key Features

  • SMS/ MMS
  • Emojis and GIFs
  • Allows up to 1000 characters
  • Advanced search function
  • Send SMS from MS Teams
  • Campaign creation
  • Mobile and web app 


  • RingCentral can help block spam messages.
  • You can have multiple business numbers and access the system from multiple locations.
  • Text, video, and voice communication flow seamlessly without any lag.
  • RingCentral offers comprehensive messaging support and promotes 2-way communication.
  • You can add as many business number extensions as you may need.
  • As it is cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about hardware and installation costs.


  • RingCentral does not have an unlimited texting plan.
  • It lacks a group messaging feature.
  • The app doesn’t indicate the status of a message as to whether it is read or not.
  • RingCentral has a bit of a learning curve compared to other business texting apps.


  • Core – $20 per user per month
  • Advanced – $25 per user per month
  • Ultra – $35 per user per month

7. Textmagic

Textmagic Dashboard

Textmagic is a business text messaging software for marketing and communication. It provides an easy and reliable way to connect with customers, partners, and staff from a single messaging platform. Textmagic offers mass texting capabilities that allow businesses to quickly send personalized SMS texts to customers, staff, and suppliers at scale.

With Textmagic, organizations can manage all their SMS communications online. The user-friendly web interface facilitates real-time management of contact lists, while its SMS gateway API integration enables seamless incorporation of text messaging into daily business workflows.

Key Features

  • Mass text messaging
  • Two-way messaging
  • Email to SMS
  • Automation and scheduling


  • User-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to send and receive texts.
  • SMS autoresponders save time and work well.
  • Prompt and efficient message delivery is crucial for time-sensitive communications.


  • The price of Textmagic may be higher than other providers, especially for high-volume messaging.
  • Textmagic’s primary focus on text messaging may limit its use in multimedia-rich campaigns.


  • Pay-as-you-go: starting from $0.049 per message
  • Monthly subscription plans with volume discounts
  • Dedicated SMS numbers starting at $10 per month
  • Free trial available

8. Sakari 

Sakari Dashboard

Sakari is one of the best platforms for outbound messaging services. It supports SMS and multimedia messaging. You can also create automated responses on Sakari and configure the same based on specific keywords. It has an SMS API that lets you integrate the tool with third-party applications. 

Sakari has a mobile app that works on iOS and Android platforms. You can cluster the contacts into segments and send targeted marketing messages based on collected data. You can import contacts into the Sakari business texting app in bulk from Excel. 

Key Features

  • Two-way messaging
  • SMS/ MMS
  • Landline text messaging
  • Auto-responders
  • Phone number clusters
  • Mobile and web app
  • Schedule SMS marketing campaigns


  • Sakari business texting app is easy to use and scale up within a business.
  • It delivers the campaign messages without errors and lag.
  • Sakari offers extensive documentation and resource support.
  • Sakari has an open, straightforward pricing policy.
  • Sakari offers integration support with third-party CRM tools like HubSpot.
  • With Sakari, tracking messages and accessing conversational history is easy.


  • Once the sync is complete, updating the contact name in the app is difficult.
  • When compared to other business texting apps, Sakari is quite expensive.
  • There are technical glitches in integration with HubSpot.
  • Customer service quality is poor and needs improvements.


  • Starter -$16 per month (500 messages)
  • Growth – $30 per month (1000 messages)
  • Business – $90 per month (3125 messages)
  • Team – $170 per month (6250 messages)
  • Gold – $300 per month (12500 messages)
  • Elite – $640 per month (25000 messages)
  • Custom – custom pricing (>25000 messages)

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How To Choose the Best Business Text Messaging Service?

How To Choose the Best Business Text Messaging Service?

While we have covered the best business texting applications in the previous section, it is important to understand the features you must look for when you choose one for your business. Following are some of the important features you must consider.

1. Device compatibility

The first and most important feature while choosing the best business text messaging service provider is to check if they go well with a wide range of devices, including desktops, tablets, Android/ iOS phones, etc. When you choose one that has a mobile app, your team members can follow up on the texts on the go.

2. Multi-device support

Some text messaging apps are built for small teams and solopreneurs. They may not go well with businesses with large teams, where you will have multiple people managing the conversations. You must check if the platform allows multiple users to access the app. Having a shared inbox helps when you have a dedicated customer support team where many agents will handle the messaging function.

3. Learning curve and usability of the app

Some text messaging apps have a steeper learning curve while others have an easy-to-use and navigate. Unless your team is technically equipped, you must choose an app that is user-friendly and has an intuitive interface. It should offer an experience that is no different from exchanging personal messages over the mobile phone.

4. Type of messages

Before choosing a reliable business texting app, you must work out the type of messages you wish to send through the app. The following are some of the common types of messages.

  • Conversational messages

Conversational messages refer to two-way communication between a manager and an employee, customer, and agent. You must check if your service provider has an auto-responding feature, which helps automate responses to common questions and messages.

  • Transactional messages

Transactional messages refer to order updates, custom notifications, alerts, order tracking, appointment reminders, etc., which require advanced messaging abilities. You might also need a tool that integrates with your workflow automation tools.

  • Marketing messages

Marketing messages refer to SMS campaigns, promotional messages, discounts, offers, etc., to customers who have opted in to receive your message. To get this feature, you must choose a business texting app that allows you to send bulk/ broadcast messages, i.e., reach out to 100s of customers in a go.

5. Type of phone number

Businesses often use vanity numbers to send text messages to customers in bulk. As they are pre-approved, there are more chances that the messages will be delivered and not flagged. The only disadvantage of dedicated vanity codes is that they are explicitly promotional and do not create a sense of attachment in the customer’s minds. In that case, using a toll-free or local number helps.
You should see if your text messaging services provider offers a porting facility if you have a business phone number.

6. Integration support

Connecting text messaging applications with CRM tools, email services, and project management tools enhances the system’s efficiency. So, before choosing a business texting app, you must check its integration abilities with your existing business systems.

7. Level of automation

Sending/ responding to every text manually is challenging and time-consuming. Choosing a business texting app that offers a higher degree of automation helps save time and cost and enhances agent productivity.

You should check for the messaging service provider’s ability to respond automatically to common questions and frequent messages. If you are away or a customer reaches you beyond working hours, you can use this feature to communicate to the customer how long it will take to respond.

A robust business texting app lets you schedule messages to be sent at a later point in time. This helps reach out to customers who reside in a different time zone from yours.

So, while choosing a text messaging service provider for your business, you must consider the above-listed features.

Wrapping Up

Business texting applications help companies communicate quickly and effectively with customers, clients, and colleagues. While we have listed the best business texting applications in the market, companies must carefully evaluate their features, strengths, and weaknesses to choose one that goes well with their requirements.


1. Does it integrate with your existing customer service tool?

Yes, business texting apps can be integrated with your existing CRM software. While choosing the best text messaging service for your business, check if the tool goes well with your existing CRM system.

2. Can you send and receive business text messages from a computer?

Yes, all business texting apps can be accessed across the web, so you can send messages using a laptop or desktop. Most of the providers offer an exclusive desktop application.

3. Can you use business text messaging with an existing business landline?

Yes, you can port the landline number to your service provider, like CallHippo, and then use the landline number to send text messages.

4. Can you use phone number extensions with business text messaging?

Yes, you must choose a tool that allows you to add phone number extensions without much hassle. Some tools like CallHippo allow you to add unlimited phone number extensions.

5. What is a business texting platform?

A business texting platform promotes conversational exchanges between a firm and its customers, employees, and other stakeholders.


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