How To Call USA From Qatar?

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Akarsh Jain

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green tickDate: November 22, 2023

When you’re in Qatar and need to connect with someone in the United States, knowing the right steps to make an international call is essential. Whether it’s to reach a friend, family member, or business contact, understanding the process ensures a smooth and successful connection.

“The number of cellular mobile connections in Qatar in January 2023 was 4.89 million connections, up from 4.84 million connections the year before.” This leads to multiple numbers being purchased for different countries or areas. This can be resolved by getting a virtual phone number.   Let’s now look at the comprehensive guide on how to call the USA from Qatar.

Steps for Calling USA from Qatar

Here are the guidelines detailing the dialing process from Qatar to the USA:

Steps for calling usa from qatar

Step 1: Dial Qatar’s international access code, which is “00”.

Step 2: Enter the United States’ country code, which is “1”.

Step 3: Include the specific area code of the region you’re calling in the US.

Step 4: Finally, enter the individual’s US phone number typically seven digits long.

How to Call a US Mobile Number From Qatar?

To call a US mobile number from Qatar, follow the same steps mentioned above. Include the US country code (1), then add the area code before dialing the mobile number. Remember to remove the leading “0” in the US mobile number if it’s provided.

Popular US Area Codes

City / RegionArea Code
Ann Arbor(1)734
New York(1)212
North Carolina(1)919
South Carolina(1)843


Calling the United States from Qatar involves a straightforward process of dialing the international access code, followed by the US country code, area code, and the specific phone number. Keep in mind the time zone differences between Qatar and the US when making your calls. These steps empower you to effortlessly maintain connections with your contacts worldwide.

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1) How do I call to USA?

To call the USA from Qatar, dial 00 (Qatar’s international access code), followed by 1 (USA’s country code), then the area code and phone number.

2) Is WhatsApp call available in Qatar?

Yes, WhatsApp calling is available in Qatar.

3) How many digits is a Qatar number?

A Qatar phone number typically consists of 8 digits.

4) Is USA country code 001 or 011?

The USA country code when dialing internationally from Qatar is 011.

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