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How To Call USA From Ireland? A Step-by-Step Guide

Simplify your phone communication with a cost-effective, secure and reliable virtual phone solution

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Nikita Agarwal

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: June 11, 2024

Having friends and family living in the US? Or, are you planning to expand your business overseas? Either way, it has become easy to make international calls without having to worry about calling costs. 

By sitting in Ireland, you can get a local number of the US or any other countries and connect with people all across the globe. Yes, it’s that simple. This post will teach us how to call America from Ireland and dial the US from Ireland using virtual calling platforms.

All you need to know is the country’s exit code, the area code of the region you are dialing to, and the mobile phone number. Let’s dive in. 

How To Call USA From Ireland

call usa

International calling plans have never been this simple. With the introduction of the virtual phone system, you just need to know the calling codes and have a good internet connection. Let’s discuss the area codes for calling the US from Ireland. 

Step 1: Enter the Exit Code for Ireland

Before you dial the number, make sure that you have entered the exit code of the country you are calling from. The exit code for Ireland is ‘00’ and should come before the area code and the telephone number.

Alternatively, you can use the ‘+’ symbol instead of the exit code.

Step 2: Enter the Country Code for USA

Once you have entered the exit code, you should now provide the country code for the US. Every country has its unique country code which is usually one to two digits long and must be entered while making an international call. The country code for the US is ‘1’ and must come after the exit code.

Step 3: Dial the Area Code for the US

After you have provided the Ireland exit code and the US country code, you need to dial the area code of the city or region you are making a call to. There are approximately 291 area codes in the US that are three digits long. Each city or region has its own area code. Thus, you should know which area in the US you are dialing before making a call. 

Below is a table that provides the list of area codes of the major cities and regions in America.

RegionArea Code
Washington DC202
Baton Rouge225
Oklahoma City405
Salt Lake City385
New York City212
Los Angeles213
San Francisco415

However, keep in mind that dialing a landline number requires providing the area code, a mobile number often does not.

Step 4: Dial the US Local Phone Number

After you have entered the Ireland exit code, the US country code, and the area code, you should now dial the recipient’s telephone number. Both the landline and mobile phone numbers in the US are seven digits long. 

For example, if you want to call someone living in New York City,  here’s how the dialing format of a US mobile number would look like –




Where ‘00’ is the exit code for Ireland, ‘1’ stands for the US country code, followed by ‘212’ which is the area code, and the seven-digit telephone number. 

3 Different Ways To Call America From Ireland

International direct dialing to the US from Ireland

Today, there are several ways by which you can dial from Ireland to the US and save costs. Let us look at some of them.

#1. Call From an Ireland Cell Phone or Landline 

International direct calling from Ireland to the US using a cell phone or fixed line number is simple. Once you subscribe to the business phone system and get a local number, you need to follow a certain dialing format.

First, enter the exit code for Ireland. It is followed by the country code for the US, the area code dial, and the seven-digit phone number. Hence, the number would look like ‘00-1-XXX-XXXX-XXX’ or ‘+1-XXX-XXXX-XXX’.

The dialing procedure for calling the US from Ireland using either a cell phone or landline is the same. Moreover, mobile phone numbers and landline numbers in the US both follow a seven-digit format.

#2. Call Using a Prepaid Calling Card 

Using prepaid calling cards is one of the most common ways of making international calls. You need to purchase a local Ireland SIM card and top it up with credit. With most of the service providers, you even need to subscribe to the International calling plan. 

Once that is done, you need to add the ISD code before the mobile number and start calling the US numbers. Dialing the ISD code is essential to make calls to other countries. Also note, international subscriber dialing using prepaid sim cards can be expensive if you need to make calls frequently. 

#3. Call via the Internet 

In case you are looking to call America from Ireland in a cost-friendly way, internet calling might be the answer. Today, an increasing number of people are preferring internet calling to buying prepaid calling cards. 

The growth of platforms such as WhatsApp, Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype has made it convenient to make free calls anywhere. For instance, using your Skype account paired with a good wifi connection, you can have video calls. It’s great for businesses looking to have conference calls with people across countries. 

Similarly, there are virtual phone calling platforms like CallHippo that made international calling a breeze. Not only can you buy a mobile phone number of any country but also avail a large number of features that are typically not provided by traditional phone networks. 

Best Time To Call USA From Ireland

Calling United States at Pacific Standard Time

Before you dial someone living in the US from Ireland, keep in mind the differences in the time zone between the two countries. 

The traditional US business hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. 

Ireland is ten hours ahead of the US time. However, given that the US has six time zones, you may need to factor in more time before you call America from Ireland. Fortunately, the US time zones are an hour’s time from each other, so you can calculate the time difference in a pretty straightforward way. 

Let us assume that it is 3 pm in Dublin and you want to call someone in Philadelphia. Given that Philadelphia follows Eastern Standard Time, it is five hours behind. Thus, it would be 10 am in Philadelphia. Similarly, if you want to contact someone in Chicago, which is in the Central Standard Time zone, you need to add an additional hour, which is a six-hour difference. Hence, it would be 9 am in Chicago at the time.

How To Call The USA With CallHippo?

Making international calls is an expensive affair. Calling the US from Ireland is no exception. Today, however, there are a large number of virtual calling platforms that help you purchase phone numbers from anywhere in the world and make international calls at minimal costs. One such platform is CallHippo.

CallHippo is a virtual calling software that provides international phone numbers from across the world. Ideal for individuals and small businesses, CallHippo uses VoIP to send and receive calls. Using the platform, you start dialing internationally, either from your phone or computer. 

Some of the key features of CallHippo include call tracking, voice broadcasting, AI-based call routing, and smart switching.

How to call the USA from Ireland using CallHippo? The process is quite simple and takes hardly three minutes –

Step 1: Sign-up on the CallHippo platform.

Step 2: Log in to the platform using your username and password.

Step 3: After logging in, you will be directed to the user dashboard. Here, go to the ‘Numbers’ tab on the left panel and select the ‘Add Number’ option.

Step 4: Choose ‘USA’ as your country and choose the US phone number from the list provided. 

You are now ready to make phone calls within the US or anywhere in the world.




Thanks to technology, we are not bound by physical barriers anymore. 

Whether you are looking to expand your business in the US or simply reach out to your loved ones, subscribing to a virtual phone system can save you a lot of money and help you call USA from Ireland easily.


How much does it cost to call the USA from Ireland?

Depending upon the phone network operator, international calling charges may apply while making a call from Ireland to the US. The cost can also depend upon the length and frequency of your calls, ranging from a few cents to a hundred dollars. However, with virtual calling platforms such as CallHippo, you can buy a US virtual phone number and make calls at affordable rates.

Is +1 and 011 the same?

Yes, ‘+1’ and ‘011’ are the same. They are the exit code for the US and can be used alternatively while making international calls from the US.

How to make an international call from Ireland?

To make an international call from Ireland, you must enter ‘00’ which is the exit code for Ireland, or the ‘+’ sign, followed by the country code you are dialing to, the area code of the region if any, and the phone number.


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