The virtual telephony market has disrupted traditional communication models and is here to stay in the long run! As we usher in a New Year, it is surely time to give the verdict on the best phone system 2019 – it seems there is a clear customer favorite and that is CallHippo.

If you are wondering – Why choose CallHippo over potential rivals, well think no more, just take out some time and read the CallHippo reviews on Capterra and other websites. There are tons of happy clients who vouch for the amazing services provided by CallHippo. Though there are many CallHippo alternatives, there is a consensus that CallHippo services are highly novel, economical and personalized – it has established its supreme excellence and dominance in the field of VoIP phone systems.


While CallHippo alternatives may offer attractive propositions, there is no reason not to go on credible CallHippo reviews on Capterra – they clearly declare CallHippo to be the best phone system of 2019. CallHippo services such as call barging, recording, personalized greetings and call queuing are a must-have business asset as they can ensure seamless two-way communication and foster smooth team collaboration.

Why Choose CallHippo Over Similar Service Providers?

If you are confused or wondering what the big deal about CallHippo is and why you do not need to checkout CallHippo alternatives, the honest and candid feedback given by delighted CallHippo customers will definitely convince you! The CallHippo reviews on Capterra give a clear picture of the wonderful services, support, and economical rates provided – it is a holistic communication platform that will enhance operational efficiency and lead to better productivity.

Here are some of the topmost CallHippo reviews on Capterra:

1. Quick Support:

Name- Janis Dubinskis Company-CakeHRSource:- Capterra

CallHippo provides quick support and extends full after-sales service to customers, thereby making sure that they do not get hassled by any inconvenience or communication delay due to poor service.

Janis Dubinskis, a senior business development manager at CakeHR is a satisfied user of CallHippo services, and she has rated it a perfect 5/5 in terms of ease of use, features, and functionality. She says that CallHippo solutions are integrated with PipeDrive and are also very user-friendly as they are quick to answer on chat, thus solving all queries, doubts or issues instantly.

Janis Dunbinskis opines that CallHippo is a great up-to-date call solution, and the best part about it is that the rates are well priced as it can be afforded by any kind of organization.

2. Perfect Functionality With Easy Set-Up:

Name- Roger McManus Company- Rowan Reputation ResourcesSource:- Capterra

CallHippo provides a perfectly functional virtual phone system and is very easy to install as it can be set up within a couple of minutes.

Roger McManus, a marketing and advertising executive from the Rowan Reputation Resources has given CallHippo an ideal 5/5 ranking for its quality services, features, and ease-of-use. He states that CallHippo allows his organization to seamlessly provide technical support to overseas centers as his company uses a US phone number with an area code that matches his company headquarters, thereby keeping all clients and local customers happy.

Roger Mc Manus feels that CallHippo helps their organization extend a larger global footprint by allowing non-US based support respond proactively for customers. Many CallHippo reviews on Capterra agree on the fact that it facilitates stellar support in overseas geographical areas, so it is definitely a potent tool for any organization that operates at a global level.

3. Cost-Effective Internal Communication:

Name-Vukasin Milinkovic Company-AirPartZ

Source:- Capterra

CallHippo has a range of economic and cost-effective communication packages which are customized to fit into the budget of any organization.

Vukasin Milinkovic who is an aviation executive with Airpart Z company feels that CallHippo provides the best and most superior level of customer service amongst all software vendors. He opines that the CallHippo support team is very positive and they have a quick solution for any kind of customer problem or issue.

4. Constantly Improving VoIP/DID System:

Nema- Jason Brueckner Comapny-Christ Community Chapel

Source:- Capterra

CallHippo services are surely the best available amongst competitors as they are always innovating and adding extra features that will help them gain an edge over CallHippo alternatives.

Jason Brueckner, a project manager at Christ Community Chapel feels that CallHippo has an extremely simple and user-friendly dashboard that can be used by the entire workforce. He also appreciates that the support service given by CallHippo is exemplary, quick and agile. Jason calls CallHippo a highly affordable solution, proving once again that it is a leader and the best phone system 2019.

5. Best Holistic Communication Solution:

Verified Customer From Linkedin

Source:- Capterra

CallHippo is a highly trusted and credible virtual phone system service provider, and it has tons of happy customers who are loyal followers.

A verified user of CallHippo services feels that it is the best phone system 2019, and is much better than business rivals such as AirCall. The reviewers focus on the fact that CallHippo has cheap and pocket-friendly calling packages along with apex sound quality.

CallHippo provides a comprehensive and well-structured business communication model that is sure to enhance the quality of customer engagement, employee collaboration and work culture at any organization.

It is always a tough and challenging task to choose a phone system, however, do not wonder anymore on why choose CallHippo for your organization. Just go ahead and check out all the great positive CallHippo reviews on Capterra and other such websites. These frank and high standing reviews are sure to convince you to go ahead and adopt CallHippo services at the earliest.

The best phone system 2019 is CallHippo by a huge margin – so do not delay and join the success story by subscribing to a virtual phone system that will suit your organizational needs. There is no requirement to move towards service vendors that are not trusted or reliable, so make the right choice and enjoy CallHippo services that are sure to bring about a revolutionary positive change in your bottom line results.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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