Businesses have become more focused on enhancing the quality of customer support worldwide, and this trend is perceptible in all sectors, including the likes of the automobile, hospitality, transport, healthcare, finance, and telecommunication, etc. In fact, businesses cannot risk losing out customers to numerous rivals. Besides, the rise of well aware, choosy customers has intensified the pressure on them. Using suitable helpdesk software can be useful in enhancing customer service quality- beyond doubt. However, you should choose a helpdesk solution with an integrated, robust ticket management system. Deployment of suitable helpdesk ticketing software can benefit the organization in multiple ways. Significant functions of helpdesk ticketing solutions are listed below, the primary features of a helpdesk ticketing system are:

  • These software solutions are used to automate a large part of ticket handling procedures.
  • By using these software applications, potential problems in the workflow can be found out early.
  • The advanced ticketing software can leverage all support channels to simplify ticket generation and to assign.

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  • Reduced complications in ticket handling- Possibly the most significant advantage of using a ticketing software solution is reduced hassle and complications in ticket management. The software performs basic and repetitive tasks like ticket creation, conversion from various channels, and assigning to agents. The truth is unlike humans; the software does not fall prey to errors in general. When such software is in place, the company does not have to face hassles like agents becoming ill, staying absent or simply forgetting to do things, etc. 
  • Better organizing and scheduling of operations- Modern helpdesk tools with inbuilt ticket management features can be used by companies to schedule and organize plenty of tasks involved in customer support operations. For example, such software can be configured to convert emails, chat, and call logs into tickets. Thereafter, the software segregates the tickets into various categories and assigns them to apt agents. These are done without human intervention once the filters are set. This helps in streamlining the workflow. 
  • Relief for the support agents- There is no denying customer support jobs are quite stressful, and many agents face burnouts. The continuous flow of incoming phone calls, answering heaps of emails and dealing with numerous chat sessions may take a toll on their nerves at times. However, with a powerful helpdesk ticketing suite deployed, the workload and resultant stress get reduced. These software applications come with robust automation features that help in reducing work pressure on the agents. 
  • Better agent performance- When the helpdesk tool is used to handle a majority of basic and repetitive tasks related to ticket management, the agents can work in a relaxed manner. When there is reduced stress, they can focus on resolving serious customer issues. They concentrate better on fewer cases-which results in enhanced performance. They are also able to resolve issues faster as their brains are less taxed. 
  • Time-saving- When a suitable helpdesk ticketing application is used in a company, both the support agents and customers are able to save time. The customers can use their preferred modes of communication to raise tickets, and the software eases the process considerably. Once the tickets are created or converted, the software assigns these to suitable agents promptly. The customers also receive updates once their tickets are opened by the agents. The agents get tickets assigned, and they can start working on these tickets without delay. 
  • Reduced conflicts and issue escalation- Deploying feature-rich helpdesk ticketing application enables the companies to evade major hassles related in ticket management and resolution. When tickets are not resolved in time, or there are any other problems delaying the resolution, the software alerts the agents and management. Then, corrective steps can be taken, and conflicts can be evaded. 
  • Updating customers on tickets simplified- The customers raise tickets for various reasons- including query resolution and lodging grievances. After raising the tickets, they expect a prompt resolution. The ticketing software can update the customers about progress. If there is any delay in handling the case- they also get notified immediately. The agents do not have to update the customers manually. 
  • Dependable 24×7 support- The Corporate giants and MNCs operating across the continents have the money and set up to offer 24×7 customer support. However, that is not the case with thousands of SMBs! The smaller companies lack the monetary resources to recruit human agents for providing 24×7 support. By deploying a suitable helpdesk ticketing tool, they can override the limitation. The truth is, the customers can face problems anytime, and they may need to contact your company’s support team even when the human agents are not on duty! In such times, the ticketing system comes in handy. The automation features enable the application to register tickets from any channel. Some such software can be set to reply to the customers through email using pre-composed templates. 
  • Cost-saving- When a helpdesk with a ticketing system is deployed in a company, the support operation-related costs go down. This software can be used to automate a significant amount of tasks, and so you can achieve the same output by recruiting fewer agents. 
  • Positive image development- Is there any company that does not want to develop a positive image for the customers! Usage of a suitable helpdesk ticketing application enables a company to strengthen its brand image. When the customer’s issues resolved quickly, receives instant feedback and updates on the case progress, and face fewer hassles in ticket raising- they feel good. This eventually helps in enhancing brand image. 
  • Better customer retention- Businesses that use helpdesk ticketing solutions find it easier to retain the existing customers. Prompt response and quick issue resolution have a positive impact on the customers- beyond any doubt. The customers tend to stick to a brand when they are happy with its support quality- surveys have indicated. When the business can retain customers, it helps in a revenue boost.

Support Ticketing System

Features ticketing software solutions should have, so when shopping for helpdesk with embedded ticket management features, you should check for these features:

  • Easy to learn and deploy- The helpdesk ticketing tool should be easy to implement. It should be easy to learn, as well. The employees and customers would not like to deal with a software solution with a cluttered, tedious interface.
  • Reliable integration with app, online services. In any company, several third parties and a few in house applications are used. Plenty of companies also use Cloud-based services nowadays. Ensure the ticketing tool integrates with all these software applications such as CallHippo. Integrating CallHippo with your ticketing tool will allow you to make the call directly from your contacts in the tool and will help you retain the customers. 
  • Excellent security provisions-The helpdesk tool is usually linked with the customer database of the company. So, the tool should have proper security features. Password and encryption should be present, and the software should ideally support multiple access levels for users. This will reduce the risk of a data breach and unauthorized access. 
  • Mobile compatible, cross-browser compatible solution. Nowadays, millions of people do not use the PC for accessing online services and websites. They prefer mobile devices for such needs. The same may be true of the company’s customers. So, the helpdesk tool must be mobile compatible. It should also have support for various web browsers. 

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Updated : September 10, 2021


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