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Make More Calls

CallHippo is a virtual phone system which helps businesses increase agent productivity, automate workflow,
manage & analyse team performance, and increase agent productivity by 15.5%

World Best Companies Trust CallHippo To Scale Their Business Phone System

Transform Your Sales Process & Customer Experiences

Use CallHippo to monitor & manage your business operations from one place.

For Sales & Support Teams

  • Improve agents’ sales capabilities & get more conversions
  • Close deals faster with Power Dialer & click-to-dial
  • Instantly log calling & messaging activities across devices to your CRM
  • Improve Productvity
For Smoother Support
For Smarter Solutions

For Call Centers/BPO

  • Deliver a smooth customer experience with IVR
  • Smart Calling Routing
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Highly personalized customer experiences and resolve issues faster

Don’t Stay In The Dark. Get Actionable Insights

CallHippo give actionable insights into agent’s activities helping you to coach them better.

Super High Call Connect Rate – MAKE MORE CALLS

CallHippo helps you maximize your existing potential to boost productivity.

AI Call Routing

We have multiple telephony providers. So, every time you make a call, our AI algorithm decides which provider has been working best based on a myriad of parameters. Then, we track and route your call via the most suitable network. As a result, it significantly improves call satisfaction & first-call resolution rates.

Smart Switch

We work on three different agent voice to digital signal technology, proven to improve call connectivity by 17%. It allows agents to switch between these technologies to best suit their geographic location, machine configuration, and internet speed.

Intelligent Outgoing ID

Intelligent Outgoing ID of CallHippo automatically switches your outgoing number to that of the country you are calling in. Result- Call customer from the phone number of the country they are in and get higher pick up rates.


Set Up Your Phone System In Less Than 3 Minutes

From number buying to inviting your users to making your first call, all it takes to set up your virtual phone system is 3 minutes.


Buy Numbers

Buy numbers from around the world


Add Users

Create your team and invite agents


Start Calling

Start calling and receiving calls around the world


Track Calls

Get detailed caller insights and identify the best prospects

Remove Pre & Post Telephony Chores for your Agents

Increase your agents productivity by integrating with your favorite software.

CallHippo Integration with Zendesk


CallHippo Integration with Zohobooks


CallHippo Integration with Zapier


CallHippo Integration with Intercom


CallHippo Integration with Help Scout

Help Scout

CallHippo Integration with Copper


CallHippo Integration with noCRM


CallHippo Integration with Re:amaze


CallHippo Integration with Salesforce


CallHippo Integration with Freshdesk


CallHippo Integration with Pipedrive


CallHippo Integration with Slack


CallHippo Integration with Outreach


CallHippo Integration with Shopify


CallHippo Integration with MicrosoftDynamic


CallHippo Integration with Groove


CallHippo Integration with Hubspot


CallHippo Integration with Leadsquared


Hear From Our Customers

Brighterly review quote

Thanks to the CallHippo team we were able to resolve a really hard issue with flagged phone numbers. Since Brighterly is an EdTech startup, outbound calls are extremely essential to our business. CallHippo went an extra mile and suggested a perfect solution. As of now, all of our numbers are clean and have the highest attestation score. Not only that helped to increase the Answer rate but improved our Customer experience as well.

Eugene KashukChief Executive Officer, Brighterly

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A virtual phone system allows users to make and receive phone calls from anywhere using their laptops or mobile devices. Virtual phone systems combine secure lines and clear call quality with the mobility and flexibility of web applications.

  • Virtual phone systems use internet technology to make and receive calls. Without using any SIM card or physical address, they enable users to communicate using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

  • Setting up a virtual phone system is easy if you have the right VoIP service provider. Here are the steps that you need to follow after choosing a reliable service provider:

    • Choose a plan according to your business needs
    • Assign your phone extensions as per your calling needs
    • Onboard your team members into the VoIP system
    • Record/Upload your phone’s greetings
    • Start placing and receiving calls virtually