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How to Get Hold Music for Your Business in 2024?

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Priya Naha
Senior Writer:
green tickDate: May 30, 2024

Did you know that 70% of customers experience being placed on hold for over half the duration of their phone calls? Being put on hold is not an ideal situation, but it is occasionally unavoidable in customer service! However, it often offers an opportunity rather than a disadvantage.

Rather than leaving your clients in dead air, think about purchasing hold music to make the most of this time. On-hold music for businesses goes beyond simple background noise and serves as a crucial component of customer service, keeping callers informed and engaged.

But how to get hold-music for your business? Let’s see.

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Customize your on-hold music to reflect your brand's identity and cater to your callers' preferences. Ensure legal compliance, prioritize audio quality, and aim for a balanced mood to enhance customer experience and boost satisfaction during wait times.

How To Get Hold Music? 

Selecting the best hold music for your business is essential for creating a positive caller experience. On-hold music has a significant impact on how a caller perceives a company’s customer service. Well-chosen on-hold music can improve customer satisfaction and reduce one’s impression of waiting times.

The following criteria must be taken into consideration:

1. The Brand Image

Choose hold music that reflects your brand’s values and spirit. Choose trendy tunes or new melodies to create a modern and exciting work atmosphere. Classical music can evoke emotions of grace and refinement that harmonize perfectly with a sophisticated brand image.

2. Licensing 

It is crucial to ensure that the audio file chosen for on-hold music complies with legal requirements. Businesses must use music with appropriate commercial licensing to avoid any possible legal repercussions. Copyright laws must also be considered when putting on-hold music.

3. Target Audience

Consider the preferences and demographic composition of your callers. Modern songs could appeal to your target audience if they are younger. On the other hand, classical or instrumental music will appeal more to an older audience.

4. Sound Quality & Customizability

Superior audio quality ensures that callers have a clear and enjoyable experience. Prioritize choosing music that is flawlessly recorded and free of any audible flaws, even when it comes to phone transmission.

It is important to customize music choices to complement a brand’s image and the type of caller base. Choose platforms that enable companies to carefully customize and modify their on-hold music to meet their specific requirements.

5. The Right Mindset

Music obviously affects mood. It is essential to select music that complements the mood businesses want to create. Vibrant tunes can energize callers, while peaceful tones create a calm environment. Selecting music for on-hold situations that appropriately fits the mood and pace is also essential. Companies must choose music that is uplifting without being overpowering, striking a harmonious balance.

Where To Find Hold Music?

Callers need to enjoy music while they wait, but finding suitable audio might be difficult. However, a variety of internet sites provide convenient access to a wide range of licensed audio files specifically designed for hold music, making the searching, licensing, and downloading process much easier. Let’s take a look:

1. CallHippo

callhippo hold music

CallHippo is a top virtual phone system provider that transforms business communication. It is a trusted provider of customized solutions for a wide range of businesses. One of its best features is CallHippo’s on-hold music service, which improves consumer satisfaction during wait times.

Businesses can use CallHippo to personalize hold music to fit the preferences of their customers and complement their brand identity. In addition to increasing caller satisfaction, this personalized touch strengthens brand recognition.

2. Spectrio

Spectrio provides a wide range of voice samples and licensed music to create professional and affable on-hold messages. It offers a selection of songs that allow businesses to notify callers about important updates like new services, altered operating hours, and other relevant information, in addition to providing appropriate hold music. Spectrio helps identify the ideal tune to keep customers interested and content while they wait.

3. Melody Loops

Melody Loops markets itself as an easy-to-use platform with a wealth of multi-use licenses and royalty-free hold music for call centers and other various uses. Its versatility includes many different musical genres, providing a wide range of songs suitable for on-hold use.

Melody Loops serves podcasters, video producers, gamers, and presenters and provides phone music. Users can easily generate melody loops or entire songs of any desired length using their unique Longoloops tool, allowing them to take samples before downloading.

4. AudioJungle

This platform is a well-known royalty-free music marketplace that has a section specifically for on-hold music, which makes it easier to find suitable files. It serves as a hub for purchasing and vending stock audio. Here, a plethora of musical options are available for procurement alongside the requisite licensing. Users can procure music from Audio Jungle to enhance the content of websites and videos.

5. Mood Media 

Mood Media’s website offers a variety of emotionally charged music choices in addition to on-hold messaging. Their wide range of musical samples includes pop, classical, rock, country, hip-hop, and electronic dance music. They also include samples from niche genres including holiday music and religious and lounge music.

It also offers an easy platform for customization and a smooth user experience for integrating bespoke audio messages with your preferred hold music.

Why You Should Use Hold Music for Business?

Why To Use Hold Music for Business

Hold music’s primary purpose is to indicate that the line is still active, but it has other uses. It improves client retention, lowers attrition rates, and influences callers’ behavior.

Customized hold music and messages are essential, regardless of whether a company has a call center or uses another method, like a virtual phone system, to answer customer calls. By using hold music, businesses can incorporate voicemails or provide callers with other options. Let’s look at some of the crucial reasons to get on hold music.

1. Influences Customer Mood 

Using business on-hold music reduces customer annoyance and has a positive effect on the caller’s attitude. Businesses frequently receive calls from unhappy clients. Putting these callers on quiet hold frequently makes matters worse and angers them. On the contrary, music can calm people down and reduce stress.

Statistics for Music On Hold Customer Engagement

As a result, a disgruntled client contacting your company for assistance can find comfort in listening to music as they wait. It reduces the customer’s agitation before they speak with one of the agents.

2. Easy For Customers To Wait On Hold

At times, your business might experience extended hold durations. In such instances, clients may choose to stay on hold and take up other tasks like cleaning the house or responding to emails connected to their jobs.

Hold music allows consumers to multitask while waiting without losing sight of their position in line, which is a demonstration of your company’s commitment to respecting their time. Customers can return to the call when the music stops, which reduces the possibility that agents will try to re-engage with clients who may have momentarily gone off because of excessive wait times.

3. Improves Potential For Sales

Mixing voiceovers and music increases the productivity of your agents, but it also improves sales results. Consider a situation where a client learns about other goods or services your business offers while they are waiting to be served, potentially resulting in repeat business.

In simple terms, the voiceover in your hold music is a low-cost advertising technique that exposes listeners to a variety of products at a lower cost than traditional advertising channels.

Best Practices for Using Hold Music

Before you incorporate on-hold music into your business communication strategy, you should ensure that all relevant factors are taken care of.

The checklist below outlines the best practices for ensuring that your on-hold music best supports your customer service initiatives.

  • Keep an eye out for changes to license requirements that affect public use.
  • To save costs, look into alternatives that don’t require royalties.
  • Ensure that the music you choose is suitable for the length of the average wait.
  • Check audio quality on a regular basis using your phone network.
  • Create a schedule for maintaining the up-to-date state of your musical library.
  • Decide which musical style best captures the spirit of your brand.
  • Select high-quality audio files that work seamlessly with your phone system.
  • To keep the playlist from getting boring, especially for frequent callers, add some variety.
  • Consider the licensing requirements for the selected tunes.

Best Practices For Using On-Hold Music


When on-hold music is added, call wait times become less frustrating for callers. This is an effective method of improving the customer experience.

By using modern tools, understanding the powerful influence of music on moods, and wisely choosing the right hold music, businesses can create an engaging environment while waiting.

It is crucial to understand that a carefully selected library of hold music can greatly increase client satisfaction, encourage repeat business, and develop a positive image for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any music for hold music?

While you have the flexibility to use your own hold music, it’s crucial to use licensed music or royalty-free tracks for hold music to avoid legal issues and ensure a professional image for your business.

Can hold music be personalized for different callers or departments?

Yes, hold music can indeed be personalized for different callers or departments, tailoring the experience to align with specific preferences or branding strategies.

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