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As they say, first impressions are usually the last, ensure that yours is always great by greeting your callers with customized voicemail greetings. Presenting CallHippo’s state of the art, virtually unlimited voicemail boxes, where every number has a different voicemail so you never miss a call! To experience it for yourself, sign up now!

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Voicemail systems can be as simple as a recording machine or a labyrinthine state-of- the-art system handling voice messages for hundreds of people in a skyscraper. Businesses cannot do well with a single voicemail and multiple conventional voicemails are not the best option either. All big businesses rely on cutting-edge virtual voicemails to stay organized and productive!

  • Virtually unlimited voicemail boxes! Every number has a different voicemail so you never miss a call
  • Customize voicemail greetings to impress clients. You can convert text to speech or place a custom music as your voicemail greeting.
  • Access voicemail of all users via the CallHippo dashboard.
  • Voicemail are delivered to your email and can be accessed directly from email.
  • Access your voicemail boxes from anywhere anytime with cloud technology.
  • Integrate voicemail boxes with your Business Management Software or CRM Software to keep track of everything in an organized way along with in-depth performance analysis and data logging.

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Are You Worried About The High Missed Call Rate?

Then it’s high time you should start thinking of setting up an online voicemail account. Voicemail is an audio message that customers can leave for business in case the line is busy, call waiting time is high, agents are not available, office hours are over, or communication system is not working properly.

By using the business voice mail service, callers can record their messages rather than hanging up the call or waiting endlessly. All these messages will be recorded on your service provider’s server at a place named as a mailbox. This mailbox records all your voicemail and can be accessed with a password-protected login. You can listen to your voicemails, reply to them via email, and record them for future purposes. It streamlines all your inbound and outbound calls as per the plan availed. If your plan has free incoming minutes then you will not be charged for voicemail. Otherwise, you will be charged as per the incoming call charges for this service.

The Right Tool For Your Business

Using the Business voice mail service is one of the easiest ways to get hold of internal and external communication without spending too much. With features like voicemail transcription, voicemail greetings, voicemail recording, multiple mailboxes handling, voicemail forwarding, and voice message broadcast, this tool will empower your business communication by all means.

How Does Voicemail Work?

The working principle behind voicemail is as same as of Central Office Switches (CO Switches) or Mobile Telephone Switching Office (MTSOs). Every extension of your phone number will be linked with your voicemail account. When a caller calls you, and the call is not answered due to any reason, the caller will hear voicemail greetings set by the user for their callers. These greetings guide the caller to record the voice messages, transfer the call to other receptionists, or get an email-based replay of your voicemails.

To check your mailbox, you can log in to your account from any of the data-driven devices. To listen to the voicemails, you need to press “1,” and user can play received voicemails from VoIP calling web/app interface. You can directly reply to voicemails through email with an online voicemail transcribing facility offered by your VoIP number.

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How does voicemail work
set up voicemail
What is the advantage of voice mail?

The key advantages of online voicemail are:

    • Better communication.
    • 24*7 answering capabilities.
    • Auto-updates eliminating the need for a regular receptionist or telephone operator.
    • Safe and secure communication storage for future use.
    • You never miss any conversation as it’s there inside your mailbox.
    • Acts as a self-service customer assistance portal.
    • Voicemail to email answering facility.
set up voicemail
How do I set up my voicemail?

Setting up voicemail on your phone is an easy job that can be done in the below-mentioned ways

    • Get a VoIP number from CallHippo and set-up an account on its website.
    • After successful login, go to “Number Setting” and select “Music and Text” option on your left side.
    • Select the language you want to use for voicemail greeting and upload the text and music.
    • Click on “voicemail transcription”, if you want auto voicemail to email transcription.
    • You can also set on-hold music of your choice.

Everything About CallHippo Voice Mail Feature

Frequently Asked Questions

What is voicemail?
Voicemail is a useful feature of business phone systems where the callers can record their messages rather than waiting endlessly in long telephonic queues. All the messages are recorded on the service provider’s server and can be accessed anytime through a password-protected login.
Is there an additional fee for voicemail?
No, CallHippo does not charge any additional fee for voicemail services.
Which devices can access voicemail?
CallHippo empowers users to access voicemail on any kind of device with cloud technology. Hence, you can retrieve messages on your PC, laptop, landline, or mobile phone number without hassles.
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