[Infographic] What Could VoIP Bring To Your Industries?

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Urmi Shah

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green tickDate: May 9, 2023

Gone are the days when you had to consider hardware or geo-boundaries to make calls. VoIP phone systems have revolutionized the communication industry for good.

From local virtual numbers to intelligent speech analytics, accelerated digitization has only made business phone systems our best ally offering the best features in VoIP phone systems.

  • The worldwide VoIP is expected to reach $102480 million by 2026.
  • Investing in VoIP results in a 90% reduction in start-up costs for small businesses.
  • VoIP can help save 32 call minutes per day.
  • AI Chatbots are likely to take over 95% of customer interactions by 2025.

Cost-reduction, Increased productivity, Intelligent analytics are a few of the ways to benefit every industry by setting up VoIP phone systems in a few simple steps. If you are still confused about investing in VoIP, here are a few points to help you decide better.

Infographic - What could VoIP bring to your Industries

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Irrespective of the Industry, here is how VoIP Empowers you

Connected Organizations

Workforces today are more globally spread than ever while VoIP Phone Systems helps in succeeding your teams communicate effectively with a robust system in place. 

Digitalization is blurring the boundaries between virtual and physical worlds, and VoIP empowers your business to do that successfully.

Agile communication system

VoIP provides the scalability and flexibility every business needs today. It enables you to carry out your business operations irrespective of the location smoothly.

Scale or downsize your business in minutes without having to invest much. While VoIP providers charge you only for the services/ number of users, you always end up getting charged relatively.

Professional front

Presenting your business as a brand, irrespective of the size, is essential. Be it an established business or a start-up, virtual numbers help you establish authority.

6 of every 10 customers prefer to call a business by phone

Putting down your contact information also creates an image that you are open to communication and care about your customers, this in return increases brand trust.

From Finance, Healthcare, Insurance to Manufacturing, the benefits of VoIP don’t discriminate.

Industries CallHippo Empowers

Finance363 companies
Insurance63 companies
Education1678 companies
Diversified Consumer Services478 companies
Telecommunication245 companies
Utilities141 companies
Transportation60 companies
Trading & Distribution44 companies
Textiles, Apparels & Luxury Goods74 companies
Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals120 companies
Retailing122 companies
Real Estate183 companies
Professional Services2019 companies
Media730 companies

With a presence in 80+ countries, we are set to provide you the best possible VoIP services.

  • Business Mobility is a top priority for 7 of 10 companies.
  • Mobile VoIP Market Size expected To Reach $145.76 Billion By 2024.
  • Android OS is expected to dominate the mobile VoIP market with over $90 billion in revenue by 2024.

Choose superior communication. Choose VoIP. 

Get your business phone system in just 3 minutes with CallHippo.

So, What could VoIP bring to your Industry?

It is the ability to excel, better connectivity, and a wholesome experience. It is how best you use the services. After all, it is not the tools that lead you to success, but how well you make the most of it.

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