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What Is VoIP Phone System

What Is a VoIP Telephone System?

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system is a virtual phone number that can be accessed through a device having an internet connection. You can make phone calls using devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even landlines. These VoIP numbers look and function just like a traditional phone number.

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What CallHippo’s Best VoIP Phone System Has to Offer?

1. Incur Low Cost-per-call

All communication in VoIP is carried over the internet, making long calls cheaper. Organizations save tons of money by using IP phone system platforms as the internet rates are relatively cheaper. Moreover, providers often allow free calls if the phone number chosen for business is within the “lower 48” in the US.

2. Remove Location Barriers

You can establish your business presence anywhere without having to move your physical office. Unlike a traditional phone system, a VoIP phone works over the internet. It removes any physical limitations and allows you to serve your clients overseas.

3. Get Better Call Outputs

A VoIP telephone system allows you to multitask by integrating with other useful software. It brings out operational efficiency and quality outputs. For example, the call queue feature enables you to better strategize your approach to client calls you have missed. It is possible via voicemail-to-text transcriptions that are sent directly to your inbox.

Key Highlights of VoIP Phone System for Small Businesses

CallHippo’s VoIP platform offers a wide range of features at an affordable cost, making it the best VoIP phone system.

Power Dialer
Power Dialer

Make outbound calling faster and error-free by automating the dialing process. Save time and ensure greater accuracy with CallHippo's Power Dialer.

Smart Switch
Smart Switch

Enjoy better call clarity and connectivity by switching between different service providers instantly.

Global Connect
Global Connect

Know your prospects' local time right before placing calls to them and improve your chances of conversion.

Smart Call Forwarding
Smart Call Forwarding

Choose where your calls are routed when your phone numbers are unreachable. Remain available for your clients on the go with Smart Call Forwarding.

Call Transfer
Call Transfer

Transfer calls to the right queue or agents instantly for quick and effective resolutions and better customer satisfaction.

Call Conference
Call Conference

Connect with more individuals simultaneously and brainstorm solutions with our call conferencing options.

Call Queuing
Call Queuing

Handle multiple call queues from an integrated platform to help agents cater to all callers equally through our intelligent call queuing options.

Call Barging
Call Barging

Barge into calls while supervising calls to provide a great customer experience and improve call outcomes.

Call Recording
Call Recording

Keep track of all calls made and received for better analysis and training purposes.

Voice Mail
Voice Mail

Get all your voicemail messages delivered directly to your email's inbox and never miss out on important communication.

Call Analytics
Call Analytics

Receive insights on your agents’ and campaigns’ performance to understand changing consumer preferences and improve your approach.

On Hold Music
On Hold Music

Engage your callers when they are on hold, inform them of your offers, and let them know that you care about them with on-hold music.

Benefits Of VoIP Phone System

1. Great First Impressions

Customer perception depends greatly on how you make them feel and the experience you provide. Using a VoIP system, you can create custom welcome notes, IVR, and easy instructions for your callers. You can also route callers to different queues based on their responses, which saves their time, improves resolution speed, and leads to better client satisfaction.

Create Great First Impression Using VoIP
Premium Call Quality

2. Premium Call Quality

Advancements in internet calling technology and better internet speeds have greatly enhanced the call quality of VoIP phone systems. Along with better call quality, you also have to deal with fewer upkeeps and maintenance changes, which improve your business profitability.

3. Reduced Calling Costs

As mentioned above, a VoIP system can significantly lower your phone charges. These systems ensure that you save a lot of money from lower phone bills to lower setup fees. Additionally, with VoIP solutions, you can get additional features like intercom and call queueing, which would incur additional costs when used with a traditional phone system.

Reduced calling costs

Types Of VoIP Phones

VoIP phone systems can vary greatly depending upon their purpose and technology used. However, they can broadly be classified into two categories, namely ‘Hard Phones’ & ‘Soft Phones’.

1. Hard Phones

Hard phones have physical handsets that are typically used for office-based communications. They can be further divided into:

a. Desk IP Phones

This is the most widely used VoIP system that delivers all the functionalities you need from an internet calling system. These phone systems have LCD screens that display caller IDs, transfer information, and call history. Additionally, a desk VoIP phone system comes with several program buttons and offers options for speed dialing, call holding, etc. Desk IP phones are connected to routers or computers for connectivity and receive power from ethernet cables, allowing them to function as call center phones, reception phones, and regular phones.

b. Cordless/Wireless Phones

This VoIP phone system is designed to simultaneously phone calls with multiple parties. Such systems help you make conference calls with multiple callers and improve the productivity of teams.

c. USB Phones

A USB-based VoIP system can be plugged directly into your devices using a USB port. They are easy to use and can be used alongside digital phone systems for greater convenience.

2. Softphones

These phone systems do not have any hardware element and typically use software to make and receive phone calls. Such a VoIP system runs through a software application installed on your computer or smartphone for interacting on the go. They can also be connected to other pieces of hardware via Bluetooth, USB, etc., and be used just like a regular phone.

Connecting softphones to external hardware often lead to better overall call quality. Hence if a situation requires you to switch to a traditional phone system, you can easily do so through technology. Therefore, a softphone VoIP phone system is highly flexible, convenient, and dynamic.

How Do I Get A VoIP Phone System?

If you are a small business that wants to get started with calling your customers, you can get hold of a VoIP telephone system through a service provider. You can sign up for a VoIP service plan according to your budget and requirement and reduce your communication costs while having access to various features and functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A VoIP system converts analog voice signals into digital signals over your broadband connection. A VoIP server is used to connect calls to other telephone networks. It is a technology to make phone calls through your internet connection instead of a regular landline or a mobile network.

  • Yes, an IP phone system works just like your regular phone. It has a handset that rings and is dialed in the same way just like your regular phone.

  • CallHippo gives access to the best of features in a VoIP phone system at affordable pricing. Starting from making and receiving calls, you can forward calls, transfer calls internally, get local area codes, and many more functionalities.

  • VoIP systems work through the internet connection, which means if the internet goes down, the system won’t work anymore. However, there are variants available in the VoIP systems such as IP PBX through which will direct any incoming calls straight to your mobile phone.

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