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Nidhi Neeralkatti

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: March 22, 2024

People keep saying cold calling is dead, but many successful businesses still rely on cold calling to drive revenue. Whether they’re Fortune 500 companies or high-growth startups, they all have sales reps eagerly dialing numbers day in and day out.

But the questions are– what is a cold-calling script? How do you write a successful call script? And what tips should you follow when creating calling scripts? With our sales team’s assistance, we attempted to answer all of these questions in this detailed guide.

Let’s get started.

What is a Cold Calling Script?

what is cold calling script

(Image source, Alt text: Cold call scripts templates and examples)

To understand what a cold calling script is, you must first understand what cold calling is. Cold calling is the practice of making business marketing or telemarketing calls to customers or prospects. One thing to keep in mind is that this is the customer’s first contact with the agent, or they have had no previous interactions.

Let’s now move on to the cold calling scripts.

Cold calling scripts are written scripts that include correct wording and logic aids to help an agent manage a contact. In layman’s terms, a cold calling script is a carefully crafted document that guides call center representatives as they interact with customers. It usually includes predefined talking points that call center agents use when speaking with prospects or clients.

Why Do You Need a Cold Call Script?

You need a cold calling script because it allows customer service representatives to communicate effectively with customers while also following a standard message for all of them. When you don’t have a standard cold calling script, it’s possible that agents will forget to convey important information.

Furthermore, a predefined cold calling script assists the marketing or sales team in keeping a uniform message for all agents. Even new agents can follow the same scripts and work as efficiently as experienced agents.

importance of cold calling

Another significant advantage of cold calling scripts is that it allows the quality assurance (QA) team to better evaluate call quality since all calls will have a similar conversation structure. The QA team can easily determine whether the agent failed to convey any information or used incorrect verbiage, and so on.

Overall, cold calling scripts are essential because they significantly improve communication effectiveness, ensure all information is conveyed correctly without mess up, and allow the QA team to better analyze call quality.

What Makes a Compelling Calling Script?

Powerful calling scripts are essential for achieving your campaign objectives. Some of the factors to consider when developing winning calling scripts are as follows:

  • Split the calling script into multiple segments such as introduction, agenda, pitch, benefits, and conclusion.
  • Always write cold calling scripts in a conversational tone.
  • Instead of writing a single script for each prospect, create scripts with a single person in mind.
  • The script must include the product’s benefits or how it addresses the customer’s pain points.
  • The script must give space for prospects/customers. Provide customers/prospects with enough space to speak and communicate their concerns.
  • Always run the scripts by your coworkers before using them in a real conversation. Practice will help you identify gaps or missing pieces in the cold calling script.

Following these critical points will certainly help you develop winning calling scripts that will ultimately enable you to achieve your desired campaign goals.

How Do You Write a Powerful Cold Calling Script for Your Business?

The five most common steps to creating powerful cold calling scripts are listed below. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Write a powerful cold calling script

5 Steps To Write a Powerful Cold Calling Script

Step 1: Identify your potential customers

Step 2: Determine your objectives

Step 3: Outline all of the advantages

Step 4: Keep the script brief, clear, and pointed

Step 5: Experiment. Revise. Improve.

Step 1: Identify your potential customers

The first step in writing a winning cold calling script is to identify the customers or prospects with whom you will communicate. This will assist you in determining who your best customers are and what qualities they have in common.

After all, the script you create will be used to target hundreds or thousands of prospects/customers. As a result, it should be designed in such a way that it aligns with and applies to all customers rather than being specific to one group.

Step 2: Determine your objectives

Once you’ve identified your customer base, the next step is to set your goals. You must have a clear idea of the goals of the campaign or calling exercise you are going to carry out. You should also have a proper plan for what metrics or KPIs to monitor. Tracking the right set of call center KPIs and metrics is critical because it allows you to neatly analyze the campaign’s success.

Step 3: Outline all of the advantages

The third step in creating a winning cold calling script is to incorporate all of the benefits that your solutions provide to customers. After learning about your customers’ or prospects’ pain points, explain how your solution can address all of these issues and why it is the best in the market or superior to other similar solutions.

Step 4: Keep the script brief, clear, and pointed

steps to create cold calling script

The fourth step in creating a solid cold calling script is to keep the script as brief, clear, and to-the-point as possible. However, this does not imply that in order to make the script concise, you make it complex and eliminate necessary points. Besides that, use an active tone and convey all information to customers in a clear manner without making it ambiguous or confusing.

Step 5: Experiment. Revise. Improve.

The final step in creating a cold calling script is to practice it with your coworkers or agents in a live setting. This will give you an idea of what is missing from the scripts and what appears unnecessary. Eventually, you’ll be able to make the necessary changes to make the script perfect and precise. Also, keep in mind that revision is a continuous process, not a one-time activity.

Tips for Writing an Effective Cold Calling Script

It is critical that the calling scripts you use are efficient and capable of assisting you in reaching your objectives. For this reason, you must write telemarketing scripts in such a way that they successfully convey the right message to the customer/prospect and persuade them to complete a specific task or take action.

Here are some pointers to help you write a successful calling script:

  • Educate your sales representatives on the products and services you provide.
  • Make a strong opening statement that includes the call agenda and product benefits.
  • Cold calling scripts must have a polite team from top to bottom.
  • The script must leave enough room for questions in order to understand the customers’ pain points.
  • A script must be well-structured, as well as clear and concise.
  • Summarize all conversions at the end to persuade customers that you listened carefully and correctly understood their needs.
  • A convincing call closure is required for successful cold calling scripts.
  • Leave enough room for improvisation.
  • Optimize your cold calling scripts on a regular basis based on your analysis and changing goals.

We are confident that if you follow all of these tips, you will be able to create some successful calling scripts.

25 Cold Calling Scripts, Examples and Templates

To help you understand this better, we’ve compiled a list of 25 of the best cold calling scripts from various industries for startup founders and sales professionals looking to increase sales and close more deals with proven methods and cold call scripts.

However, before we get into the examples of cold calling scripts, it is important to note that there is no such thing as a perfect cold calling script. It is up to you to create and evolve scripts that meet your business objectives while meeting your prospects’ needs.

Cold Calling Scripts For Software Sales

From the survey conducted by CallHippo, here are some of the proven cold calling scripts that are being used by Multinational software companies that helped them close deals and find success.

Script #1: Basic Cold Calling Script

This is a level one cold calling script. This script is common across industries and can be used by all sales and marketing teams by simply changing the bracketed content.

Hi [prospect].

My name is [rep], and I’m calling from [Company Name]. How are you doing today? 

Do you oversee business communications or phone systems for your company?

I’m reaching out today because we would like to schedule a few minutes sometime next week to discuss [brief company introduction] [offerings] for your business. [Company Name] has been named a leader [any awards or honors].

[Brief Product/Feature explanation]  You can give your employees one place to connect with each other, customers, and suppliers on your desktop, mobile, and tablet. It’s all about collaboration, boosting productivity, improving customer service, and helping employees to work smarter.

When is a good day for you to further discuss how we could assist you in moving forward with the cloud or any solution?

Script #2: Capture Prospects Attention

This cold calling script is a little more pointed and will help you get people’s attention. It contains product information and information on how it helped existing customers.

Hi, I am [your name] from [the name of your company]

I hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time?

[Wait for your prospect to give their approval and then make your pitch for an IT company. Here’s an example of how you can frame your pitch for your cold call]

We are offering a workflow automation tool for startups. For many companies like yours, it means smoother workflows and integrations across different channels. We make this possible by offering integrated automation, scheduling automation, and more features. Our customers particularly received good results by using our testing and analytics features. Does this sound like something your business also needs?

Now ask them for a time slot for an appointment to explain the product further.

I’d love to show you how [name of customer] and our other customers have been able to double up conversions. How about Wednesday next week? Does that work for you?

Script #3: Setting Up A Meeting

You can use this cold calling script once the prospect appears to be interested in your solution. This cold script sample is ideal for arranging a meeting with a prospect.

Hi [Prospect’s name]

My name is [rep], and I’m calling from [Company Name]. How are you doing today?

I know we haven’t had a chance to meet, but [I saw that your company recently was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the area]

I haven’t caught you in a bad time, have I?

Well, I will be brief and to the point. Many of our current customers are similar to [prospects business name] in that they [are experiencing growth and are looking for CRM’s to automate workflow and save time of their employees.] Does it sound like your company?

Well, we’re a [explain in brief about your company and ways that you can help them in automating workflow with your software]  I’d love to schedule 10-15 mins next week to learn more about your business and how we might be able to save you some time and money. In fact, I’m free both [Tuesday and Wednesday]. Which works best for you?

Script #4: Cold Calling Your Referral Connections

This cold calling script is designed specifically for referral connections. It starts with information about the person who referred you, then the product details, and finally, how it benefits the prospect.

Hello, am I speaking with [Name of the prospect here]

I know we’ve never had a chance to interact before but Ms/Mr. [name your mutual connection here] suggested getting in touch with you. He/she thinks you will be the best fit for utilizing our offerings. Do you have a minute to discuss?

Once your prospect permits you to continue, you can continue with your basic calling script.

(Name of your product) is meant for helping[mention the department responsible, i.e. marketing/customer service/sales etc.] teams enjoy [Mention the pain points that your product seeks to address]. Our stack of features helps you [Mention the goals that your prospect seeks to achieve]. We have [Mention the relevant set of solutions that your product offers] all as part of the solutions we offer. 

I can show you exactly how many of our clients are leveraging the tool to achieve their goals. I’d love to do a quick tour of the tool for you, to help you understand the features. How about we get on a call sometime next week?

Script #5: Leaving A Voicemail

If the prospect does not answer or return your call, you can use this cold calling script sample. It includes your phone number, company name, and product description.

Hello, [prospect name]. This is [rep] with [your company].

The reason for my call is I have an idea on how to possibly help you improve the troublesome process of workflow automation, especially connecting teams. I would like to know if we can have a quick conversation to find out more about it.

I can be reached at [your phone number].

Again, my name is [your name] with [your company] at [your phone number].

Thanks, [name].

Now that you have had a chance to look at sales calling scripts for software, let us now explore cold calling scripts that helped healthcare providers to close more sales deals.

Cold Calling Scripts For Healthcare Sales Representatives

Script #6: Appointment Setting

You can use this cold calling script template to set up a meeting with the prospect. It begins with a company introduction and then moves on to the product’s benefits.

Hi [prospect name], greetings. This is [your name] and I’m calling on behalf of XYZ Company. [Company introduction in brief]  We are a group of professionals and researchers who developed an advanced [product/tool description]. I understand you are the best person to speak with about this?

If YES, proceed by explaining about the product and feature. (If NO, look for the best person to speak with).

Great! We have been in service for more than a decade now. Our memory assessment software is used by many clinicians to test and analyze. It also provides recommendations and further medical steps to take based on results. If I may ask, Are you currently using any [product name] tool?

[ If NO, proceed to inquire

You see, our [software name] software is very accessible as it has an android version which enables you to work with accuracy through real-time data tracking and updating features. Is this something that you might be interested in? 

If YES: Great! Proceed with appointment setting. 

If NO: That’s okay. How about if I’ll send you more information for future reference. Would that work for you? 

(Verify/gather all contact details: Contact Person’s Email, Name, Job Title, Company Address, Contact Number, Direct Line or Mobile Number)

Script #7: Lead Generation And Data Profiling

This script is intended for lead generation and data profiling only. The sales team can use this cold calling script template to gather information about prospects.

Hi! This is [your name]  with XYZ Company. I’d like to speak with the [professional designation], please. 

Receptionist: What is this regarding?

I’m calling about your [product name] tool, is he available right now? Can you transfer my call, please? Thank you. 

Once the call is transferred: 

Hi [Lead name]. This is [your name] with XYZ Company. We are a group of professionals and researchers who developed an [product/tool description]. I understand you are the best person to speak with about this? 

If YES, proceed. Great! We would like to send information to your email on how we can help you improve on how you assess your patients. May I have your email address, please?

  •  What’s your first and last name? So I can address the email properly.
  •  What’s your specific job title for me to address you properly in the email? 
  •  Do you have a direct line or text number?

By the way, if I may ask; Are you currently using an [department] assessment tool?

  • How long have you been using it?  
  • How is it working for you so far?  
  • Do you have any issues or problems with it?

That would be all. We will send you the information. Thank you so much for your time. Have a great day.

Script #8: Follow up call

This is a cold calling script for reminding customers or prospects about the last email. This cold calling script is used when the agent does not receive a response from a prospect.

Hi [prospect’s name], this is [your name] from XYZ company. I sent you an email last week. Did you get a chance to read it?  

The reason I emailed, and am now calling, is that I wanted to talk to you about software that enables you to work with accuracy through real-time data tracking and updating features. [Explain Benefits]

Script #9: Cold Calling Script For Healthcare Insurance Agents

Use this calling script if the prospect does not respond to your email. This script content was designed to persuade the prospect to reconsider their product purchase decision.

Hi, am I speaking with [prospect’s name]?

Ok great, This is [your name] calling from [your insurance agency]. How have you been?

[Once you’ve managed to keep them on the phone, it’s time to offer up the free quote.]

The reason I’m calling is to let you know our firm has agents out and about in your area just now. What we are doing is talking through life insurance options and offering up free quotes as well. Obviously, there’s no obligation to buy, it’s so that you can see what options are available to you and your family. Would this be of any interest to you?

I understand you’re hesitant. But in my experience, for [describe the prospect’s family to show you’ve been paying attention and understand their unique qualities] families, like yours, it helps to have a bit of extra help when it comes to life insurance planning. Are you sure you don’t want to just have a quick chat tomorrow with one of my colleagues?

That’s great. Thank you very much (prospect’s name). The last thing we need to do is set an appointment time to have one of our specialists get in touch. When would it suit you?

Script #10: Cold Calling Younger Prospects (Insurance agents)

This cold calling script is tailored to millennials and other younger prospects. This script aims to persuade young prospects to purchase health insurance.

Hello, [Prospect Name]

My name is [Your Name] and I’m calling from [Agency Name]. As a millennial, I know having the right health insurance coverage is probably a top priority for you. Am I right? [Pause] I thought so. I would like to meet with you to review your current health coverage and present some affordable options that may provide even better benefits. Are you available to meet at your home at 6:30 p.m. this Thursday?

SaaS Sales Calling Scripts

Virtual phone system benefits are steadily pushing the SaaS industry ahead. The emergence of VoIP has changed the name and face of business communication. We have researched and jotted down the sales calling scripts followed by SaaS companies.

Script #11: Boosting SaaS Sales

If your primary prospect base consists of SaaS companies, this cold calling script is perfect! This cold calling script template is very well designed and covers all important touch points such as product information, company information, track records, product benefits, etc.

Hi, [prospect’s name] this is [your name] with [your company]. How’s your [today’s day] going?

Listen, [prospect’s name], I know you probably get a ton of calls, so I’ll make this quick. 

In a [your company], we help companies to [state the problem or hot button issue you solve, e.g. reduce costs, raise revenues, save time, make it easier, etc.]. We do this by [how you solve the problem ], making it [benefits for the customer]

[prospect’s name], would you be open to the idea of just seeing how this works?

Great, quick question [prospect’s name]: who else is involved in the decision-making process for something like this?

And what do they usually do in this kind of situation? Does it make sense to you to have them see this as well?

How will you decide if we’re a good fit?

Great, [prospect’s name]. It sounds like it could be a good fit. How does your calendar look for [day] at [time] your time?

Script #12: Being Specific

This SaaS sales calling script is more specific and targeted than the previous one. You can use this cold calling script when you have very specific information about the prospect’s needs.

Hi [prospect name]

My name is [your name] from [company], and the reason I’m calling is that I noticed you were hiring a new [Job title] from [name of job site]. You’re most likely hiring to solve the problem of needing more meetings, and I wanted to let you know we offer a prospecting platform designed to get your current team more qualified meetings.

It would be worth a 10-minute chat to see if we’re a fit before you take your next interview. We can even show you how you can see email and contact info displayed, instantly.

Script #13: Sending A Voicemail

This cold calling script can be used when the prospect is either ignoring your call, or you do not want to bother them by calling. You can use this script to send a voicemail instead of calling. If they are interested, they will return your call.

Hi [name], I left a voice message last week regarding X and thought I’d see if now was a good time to reach out.

To remind you, we [state your value proposition]. I’d love to show you how you can generate [result].

Would you like to schedule a call to learn more?

Script #14: Product Pitch

You can use this cold calling script template to pitch your product, service, or solution. It starts with product details and then moves on to the benefits it offers to users.

Hello, this is [your name ] from ]company introduction]

[Ask a question] 

The reason for my call today is that we work within [company/product description]. We have built our [product] to address [market need]. Does that sound like you?

[product brief]

Good news! Our product is tailored to help you. Can I

  • Schedule a call with one of our solution architects?
  • Send you some more information?
  • Set up a meeting with our team to discuss our offering?

Script #15: Show them you have something valuable

Use this sales cold calling script to target prospects who aren’t interested in your product or service. There is a good chance they will disconnect the call quickly. However, if they listen to the end and agree to a demo, you can convert them into potential customers.

Hi, [prospect’s name] this is [your name] from [your company]. How’s your [today’s day] going?

I understand this may not be a top priority right now, or perhaps you don’t see the value. Several people have said the same, but once we had a brief discussion they were thrilled to learn more. Give me two minutes of your time and I promise you’ll be clear on whether or not this is a good use of your time.

Cold Calling Scripts For HRs

We recently analyzed cold call examples from the best HR and payroll outsourcing providers and created scripts using their suggestions and recommendations. 

Here are the proven scripts that recruiters can use to cold call candidates:

Script #16: Basic calling template

This is an HR cold cold template for connecting with candidates for hire. The script is brief and to the point.

Greetings! My name is [XYZ], and I’m calling from [ABC] Recruitment. I’m calling you today because a senior position has just opened up at [MNO] Corp. that I think you would be a great fit for. Is that an opportunity that would interest you?

Script #17: Recruitment Calling Script

This is also a cold calling script that HR companies or HR professionals can use to contact potential candidates for job openings.

Hi  [XYZ], I am [your name and company introduction in brief]

In the process of conducting my search, your name has surfaced as a [functional title] who may have some of the qualifications my client is seeking.  Are you open to discussing the possibility of comparing your present position with an opportunity outside your organization?

Script #18: The hard sell

This is a cold calling script for the HR team to use when hiring candidates as a third-party or outsourcing company. You connect with candidates on behalf of a company.

Hi there! My name is [XYZ], and I’m calling from [ABC] Recruitment. We specialize in sourcing highly skilled [job roles] for senior positions. I’m trying to fill a vacancy at the moment at [MNO] Corp. I came across your CV and I’d love to bring you on board. Are you interested in jumping ship and climbing the career ladder?

Script #19: Sample script

This fourth HR cold calling script is also geared toward attracting potential employees. This script is perfect for the initial conversation. If the candidate is interested in the position, you can move the conversation forward.

Hi, my name is [XYZ] and I work with [ABC] Recruitment. I have a vacancy to fill at [MNO] Corp. and your CV is in front of me. Personally, I think you’re a great match. Would you mind if we discussed some finer details so that we can get the ball rolling?

Script #20: Provide value

The fifth HR cold calling script is designed to target candidates and learn a little bit about them. If you feel the candidate is a good fit for the job, you can move the conversation forward.

Hi, my name is [XYZ] and I work with [ABC] Recruitment. My recruiting work in the [your specialization here] positions me to serve as a sounding board and career resource for [functional title here].  A brief discussion should allow us to determine whether I can provide that same value to you. Can you see a benefit in this?”

Every call should be professional, friendly and polite, even if your candidate isn’t. A good phone manner combined with a solid script is always going to be a winner.

Cold Call Scripts For Financial Service Professionals

Giving yourself flexibility during the conversation enables you to identify and respond to each prospect’s specific needs, here are the scripts from top financial service providers to generate leads.

Script #21: Bulleted Highlights

This cold calling script is designed to gather specific information about the consumer. Agents can reach out to targeted consumers and obtain the necessary information using this financial cold calling template.

Hi [prospect name], my name is [your name], and I’m calling on behalf of [company] Bank. May I have six minutes of your time to talk about [topic?].

Write all major points to hit or have on hand:

  • How much money can you save?
  • Examples of others who you’ve helped
  • Answers to common questions

[Prospect name], I see I’ve hit my six-minute limit. I’d love to set up a time to have a 55-minute, more detailed discussion. Would Tuesday at 2 pm work for you?

Script #22: Privacy First

Understandably, people often hang up when the agent asks for financial information. However, this cold calling script addresses this issue by highlighting that they are not looking for personal finance information.

Hi [prospect name], my name is [your name], and I’m calling on behalf of [company] Bank. 

First, thanks for lending me this time, [prospect name]. Second, I want to assure you I do not want any specifics about your monetary situation or finances. Here at [company], we never ask for personal information over the phone or from anyone who’s not sitting with us to sign papers.

Perhaps we could schedule a time for a longer conversation about [topic]? Are you free next Tuesday at 2 pm?

Script #23: Propose Value First

This cold calling script template for financial services is ideal for mortgage brokers. The script uses a very polite tone, which increases the possibility of a positive response from the consumer.

Hi [prospect name], my name is [your name] with [company name], a mortgage broker, and my goal today is to spend five minutes with you to determine if a long meeting is about lowering your monthly payment and freeing up your income.

Script #24: Talking to Business Owners

Use this script when calling business owners directly to discuss a specific solution. This script is very detailed and contains all the necessary information about your product, its benefits, and a success story.

Hi [prospect]. My name is [your name] from [your company].

[Say where you got their contact information or how you learned about their potential business needs]

I’m calling to discuss [the specific area where you provide a solution]. Are you familiar with [competitor company you worked with]? We helped them [insert success story]. I expect we could get similar results for your company.

I’m hoping we can talk for a couple of minutes to decide if you’ll benefit from a long meeting or call in the future.

Script #25: A Pitch For Financial Advisors

This is yet another financial cold calling script template aimed at consumers in need of financial advice. The script explains how the advisor can help you save money and how they have helped others.

Hi [prospect name], my name is [your name], and I’m calling on behalf of [your company]. May I have six minutes of your time to talk about [topic]?

[Talk about how much money you can save them or make them, examples of others you have helped, and FAQs]

[Prospect name], I see I’ve hit my six-minute limit. I’d love to set up a time to have a 55-minute, more detailed discussion. Would [time/date] work for you?

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Warm up your cold calls

Want to convert more of your cold calls? Aside from using a cold calling script, accurate contact details and background research can make all the difference. In fact, the right information can be the difference between landing a client and being turned down.

Keep track of cold calls and follow-up calls. When you make the follow-up call, be prepared to reiterate your value to a prospective client in more detail. Taking notes during your calls can help with fine-tuning your pitch and potentially lead to more sales.


How do you write a cold call script?

To write an effective cold calling script that successfully converts the prospect into a valuable customer and keeps it as clear and centered on the goal as possible. An ideal cold calling script is one that successfully delivers your message to the customer/prospect.

What are the top five cold calling tips?

The five cold calling tips are: 1. The script should have an appealing beginning. 2. Your script should clearly communicate your message. 3. The script should be flexible. 4. The script must include information about how your solution will benefit the customer. 5. The script should be conversational.

How do you start a call script?

A cold calling script should begin with the purpose of the call, followed by company/product information and the benefits it provides to customers.

What makes a cold call successful?

Three key factors that contribute to a successful cold calling script are:

  • Effective message delivery.
  • Convincing information about how the solution benefits the customer.
  • A polite and assertive tone.


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