Setting up a well-structured communication system is crucial to retain, and satisfy your growing customer base. It is indeed surprising to know that a massive 71% of customers prefer to have a phone conversation to solve their queries and complaints, and over 85% of customers feel dissatisfied after a phone conversation with company representatives. This is the reason that you need to invest in a great interactive response system (IVR) for your company – it will surely provide a seamless consumer experience and help you keep your customer base delighted!

Interactive voice response (IVR) is the best way to pump up your sales channel and get your figures escalating sky high! As IVR technology becomes more and more sophisticated, companies are utilizing it as a powerful tool to automate communication processes, simplify tasks, and boost up sales levels. Interactive voice response is indeed a boon for modern organizations as it completely automates communication and clients can navigate the system on their own for better customer service.

It is amazing to know that the global demand for interactive voice response (IVR) service providers is anticipated to reach US$3.5 billion by the year 2022, propelled by the increasing role played by client service automation in influencing brand experiences. Your organization can also accrue a host of benefits through the transformational state-of-the-art IVR technology. Here is a closer look at some instantaneous benefits of IVR systems:

Route Calls with Flexibility and Efficiency

One of the prime benefits of IVR systems is that it has the ability to route your callers with speed and efficiency – making sure they receive immediate attention and customer service! IVR automated systems are also super accurate and make sure that users are not redirected to a wrong department or company representative which may lead to wastage of precious time. So make sure your valued customers do not have to maneuver lengthy telephone lines and get connected in a matter of seconds through an interactive voice response facility!

Connect With Many Callers Simultaneously

Another key advantage of an IVR system is that it has the ability to connect to many callers at one time – making sure that your organization’s communication processes remain right on track! IVR systems escalate productivity levels to a great extent by handling tons of calls at the same time and also reduce the probability of misdirecting calls – leading to a definite increase in revenue and cost-effectiveness. IVR makes sure that your business calls get answered within a couple of rings and customers keep moving within the system; keeping them happy as they are not kept waiting on the line for hours.

Increased Scalability

IVR is definitely a high-value tool for your company and it has an extraordinary amount of scalability as it can be increased to fir into your growing business requirements. It is a sure-shot way to magnify your inbound call capacity and also increase your overall call volume – making sure that your organization can deliver top-class quality service to your entire client base. IVR is the best communication solution for any growing organization as it can expand the call rates according to company needs – making sure you don’t need to switch systems time and again. So you need to get IVR to help you scale up your communication operations and boost up performance levels to an all-time high!

Highly Cost-Effective

Investing in an efficient IVR is bound to increase your bottom line results – it’s a golden key to business success! IVR completely eliminates the need for front-desk staff or receptionists, helping your organization save massively. There is no need to invest in a huge staff or a costly and complicated telephone system – IVR is certainly the best way to fulfill all your organization’s communication objectives. IVR also has low-cost installation, and hardly requires any training of staff members– making it highly a great cost-effective solution for your organization to streamline all its communication needs!

Better Customer Service

Customer is king and keeping your customers delighted should be an organization’s key strategy to make a mark in today’s competitive business world. IVR helps your clients reach your company representatives with ease and makes sure that you are available for them round the clock! Utilizing IVR systems makes your customers feel that they are better attended to and that your organization takes the extra step to solve all their queries/problems. You definitely need to get IVR for your company now to provide top levels of customer service in a time-efficient, convenient and speedy manner – a win-win situation for both customers and the company!

Wider Personalization

IVR systems allow for a tremendous amount of personalization, which helps your organization connect better with customers and retain them for a longer time. IVR can be personalized to give individually customized greetings for calls based on their number which can be detected through caller ID. Caller information can also be programmed to give personalized messages to clients’ e.g they can be wished a birthday message if the information has been previously fed in the system. IVR systems are also pre-programmed with a number of language options – thereby making automated communication an easy and enjoyable experience for your customers!

Creates a Professional Appearance

While IVR systems account for superior customer service and personalization, they also play another vital role by giving your organization a more professional appearance! Smaller and mid-sized companies can use automated IVR systems to create a better image and maintain a high level of consistency in customer support by enhancing productivity. It is an error-free system, and keeps your representatives always available to clients, thereby giving your organization a huge boost in overall professionalism!

There is no doubt that IVR is a great business tool and has a number of universal advantages that can catapult any organization into the top league of the business arena! The global adoption of this advanced technology has become significantly more as organizations across the world have begun to realize the various benefits of IVR systems.

How to increase business

Secrets of increasing and closing sales:

1. Ask questions and listen
2.Showcase your full potential
3.Assume the sale
4. Stand out
5. Tell your story visually
6.Overcoming objections in sales
7. Don’t fear to give away too much upfront
8.Understand what motivates your customers to buy
9.Push for a decision
10.Always over-deliver

So don’t think anymore and act fast – it’s time to get IVR technology for your company from CallHippo and witness a dramatic upswing in your overall bottom line by providing supreme customer service to your client base!


Updated : February 3, 2022

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