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Dynamic number insertion, call routing, caller insights

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What Is Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking is a system that helps you track marketing campaigns that drive calls to your business.

It draws a line between businesses that know where they are and those who go with their marketing campaigns blindly.

The system tracks and sorts information about all incoming phone calls. It allows you to attribute each phone call to specific marketing channels, such as SEO, paid ads, and other online and offline campaigns.

Watch this video to know more about this feature.

Call Tracking System Gathers the Following Data:

  • DoneThe device the caller used to call
  • DoneThe number from which the caller called
  • DoneThe geographical location of calls
  • DoneDetails of new or repeat callers
  • DoneThe source of your call & the marketing channel/campaign
  • DoneThe time and duration of calls
Call Tracking Dashboard
Call Log Dashboard - CallHippo

How Does Call Tracking Software Work?

Call tracking software assigns unique trackable phone numbers to each of your marketing channel sources. These phone numbers capture data from the calls and help understand how many calls each of these channels is driving. Not only that, but the software can even capture necessary demographic information about each caller.

Most advanced solutions can be integrated with your CRM system that captures the performance of your campaigns. With this data, you can assess various metrics, including leading call drivers, quality of each call, and conversion rate.

There are various methods to track calls:

1. Call-back Function

The internet user provides their number on the website of a company. As soon as the user clicks on the submit button, the software behind automatically sets up a telephone conversation between the user and the advertiser.

The software also saves information on which online advertising medium led to this call. However, the call-back function is exclusively web-based.

2. Call Number Tracking

Here, the advertisers are provided with a multitude of service numbers, including the landline numbers. It is based on a telephone server solution where each online banner, print ad, or any other advertising media is allotted an individual number to keep track.

3. Dynamic Call Tracking

Dynamic call tracking allows a website to dynamically replace phone numbers presented to each visitor when the website loads.

Call tracking software then captures complete attribution data on the call and makes it available for marketers.

Dynamic call tracking is ideal for attributing calls from SEO and digital advertising.

The Benefits Of Using A Call Tracking Software For Your Business

There are several benefits associated with using call tracking software; some of them are mentioned below.

1. Insight on Your Marketing ROI

Using a call tracking tool removes the guesswork and lets you invest money in channels bringing good leads.

Using call tracking and assigning different phone numbers for your marketing channels, you can identify which advertisements send the most inbound leads. You can use this data to improve the conversion rate.

2. Better Caller Experience

When you integrate call tracking with your CRM system, it displays vital information about the caller.

You can quickly know their location, call history, and product interest. This information helps in engaging with your prospects better and help improve their call experience.

Based on their history, the call can also be directly routed to the sales or support team, who might be better equipped to handle their needs.

3. Track Offline Engagements

Call tracking even enables you to keep track of your offline marketing efforts. When people call after watching your ads on TV or trade shows, you know how they found you through the number they called.

Assign specific numbers to each source and use your call tracking software to keep track.

What to Look for When Comparing Call Tracking Providers?

If you have searched for “call tracking,” you are possibly aware that there is a wide range of call tracking software to select from. Having options is great, but it makes the selection procedure a little overwhelming. The reality is you want a service provider to meet your business requirements, irrespective of its popularity. Here are some of the things to look for in a call tracking system:

Features to consider when choosing a call tracking software:

Knowing your business needs and then picking a call tracking system is important. Not all solutions offer the same specs; hence here are some we recommend:

1. Intelligent call routing

Try to offer your callers the help they require on their first attempt through Intelligent Call Routing. It routes callers to executives fit to meet their needs.

2. Keyword tracking

Call tracking software for businesses can manage leads generated through phone calls by tracking keywords. It gives an insight into which keywords are linked with your company and helps you focus on your SEO goals.

3. CRM Integration

With this, agents will be able to meet customers’ requirements better. Having call history and preferred product category at their disposal will help executives serve better.

Things to consider when comparing call tracking providers

Choosing the best call tracking software involves more than considering the basic features. Different providers offer similar specs but at different prices and depths.

1. Network

Many providers offer their services through an available network hosted by a bigger provider. It may be tough to find if the network is hosted and run by the call tracking software provider or not. Wiping out the middleman avoids issues and lowers the time needed to address them.

2. Customer service

Customer service is a major aspect of all cloud-based software. If there are network issues or business experiences problems, customer service is the only support available. Hence choose a provider that offers reliable and efficient customer service with a proven track record.

3. Pricing

Different providers offer different features at different prices. While some may offer more for less money, others may offer the best feature at a costly package. So, analyze the packages and services offered and pick the best one for you.

Gain More Inbound Sales Calls & Higher Revenue Per Call

CallHippo provides more than just call tracking. Our software gives you everything you need to improve call initiation, TAT, sales outcomes and business efficiency of your team. By customizing the caller experience you can get 10x better conversion rates qualify & route calls based on factors like location, time of day, product interest, shopping carts, and more.

What's more you can now track keyword-level attribution on calls, text messages, chats and sign-up forms from both online and offline sources.

With in-depth insight into your conversations with our real-time customized reporting of on call conversions, we enable you to make decisions quickly.

Call Attribution Dashboard - CallHippo

List of Call Tracking Softwares

1. Cloud Talk


  • CheckCloud Talk, one of the best call tracking systems in 2022, enables your team to measure and enhance customer communication by leveraging powerful call center analytics.
  • CheckThe call tracking software enables you to maintain a local presence while using an international phone number and operating your virtual contact center from anywhere in the world.
  • CheckCloudTalk has direct integrations with most of the leading CRMs, Helpdesks, and Business tools, including Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zendesk.
  • CheckThe system's call center analytics give real-time data that allows teams to analyze and assess the performance of their customer communications.


  • CheckThe mobile functionality of Cloud Talk call tracking software is a bit outdated. It can be improved further.
  • CheckThe provider still needs to add several more advanced call tracking features, such as selecting multiple filters rather than just one.

Cloud Talk Pricing

Cloud Talk primarily offers four plans: Starter, Essential, Expert, and Custom, costing $25, $30, and $50, respectively, when billed annually. The Custom plan provides a customized solution based on your specific requirements.

2. Enthu


  • CheckWith Enthu–a conversations intelligence software and call tracking system-support teams can monitor 100% of customer conversations and derive actionable intelligence, uncover compliance issues, and manage to call QA processes.
  • CheckEnthu also completely improves agent performance significantly. The call tracking software enables your managers and operations team to find what factors contribute to improved call performance.
  • CheckAnother primary benefit of is that it assists you in identifying the KPIs and behaviors that your best agents exhibit. Eventually, you can mimic these winning practices to improve call quality and outcomes.
  • CheckOrganizations can use this AI-based call tracking software to detect process errors, compliance gaps, and training opportunities automatically, without listening to a single conversation.


  • CheckThe application is still at the nascent stage. More advanced call tracking features can be added to make it more comprehensive and reliable like other call tracking tools.

Enthu Pricing offers three plans: Getting Started, Growth, and Enterprise. The Getting Started plan is free for teams of up to 3 voice agents. Growth is available for teams of up to 25 agents at a monthly fee of $45 per agent. The Enterprise plan has tailored pricing based on the services you choose.

3. Freshdesk


  • CheckThis cloud-based call tracking software has a plethora of advanced call tracking features that are suitable for both small and large businesses.
  • CheckYou can use this software to convert customer emails to tickets for a more quick and correct response. You can also connect tickets to forum queries, or vice versa, for consistent responses or answers.
  • CheckThe software's proactive agent-collision detection prevents two salespeople from engaging with the same customer and, worse, giving contradictory replies.
  • CheckYou may also use the software's customizable analytics and reports to evaluate team performance, identify bottlenecks, and keep track of your team's CSAT goals.


  • CheckThe mobile application's ticket management needs to be upgraded.
  • CheckThe features are prone to bugs, poorly designed, and difficult to use.

Freshdesk Pricing

Freshdesk call tracking system comes in two variants: Support Desk and Omnichannel. Support Desk has four pricing plans: Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise, whereas Omnichannel offers three: Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. Visit the website to learn more about what each plan entails.

4. CallRail


  • CheckCallRail call tracking software matches all inbound calls to online or offline marketing campaigns. It also provides instant visibility and validation of which strategies are generating leads and which are not.
  • CheckIn addition, the platform provides insights into every interaction with your ads, keywords, and campaigns.
  • CheckIn addition to providing essential reports, CallRail call tracking software also provides conversation recording capabilities and the robust data needed by the rest of the Analytics Suite.
  • CheckIts AI-powered solution automatically converts call recordings into transcriptions, finds key terms and tags recordings so you can listen in, escalate calls, and improve conversations.


  • CheckCallRail's call tracking system is a little tricky to use at first.
  • CheckWhen you add multiple clients, the platform becomes a little more challenging.

CallRail Pricing

CallRail offers four products– Call Tracking, Conversation Analytics, Marketing Analytics, and Analytics Suite, and they cost $45, $95, $95, and $145, respectively. Visit the website to learn more about these plans and what they entail.

5. Mediahawk


  • CheckMediahawk, a call analytics and call tracking software built for smarter marketing lets you map every conversion across online and offline channels, providing a full picture of where leads come from.
  • CheckUsing the software, you can get a complete picture of the client journey, from the keywords they use in phone calls to the periods they're most active.
  • CheckYou can also easily integrate Mediahawk with your favorite marketing tools and software, ranging from Google and Facebook to Salesforce and HubSpot.
  • CheckThe advanced call tracking features that this call tracking software offers will ultimately empower your team to provide exceptional customer service while increasing customer satisfaction and customer retention.


  • CheckThe tool lacks key features and capabilities that modern call tracking software should have.
  • CheckThe provider must also improve the user interface (UI) to make it user-friendly.

Mediahawk Pricing

The company has three pricing plans: Static, Dynamic, and Bespoke. Each package has distinct features. As one can expect, the number of features increases as you select a higher plan. Visit the website for more information.

Everything About CallHippo Call Tracking Feature

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Advanced call tracking is an important feature of business phone systems that helps to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. With call tracking, you can attribute each phone call to specific marketing channels such as paid ads, SEO keywords, or targeted campaigns.

  • The right call tracking solution can help you analyze and monitor calls to know where your leads come from - web, marketing campaigns, or offline sources. Some things to keep in minds while choosing a call tracking system service provider include:

    • Extensive number cover
    • Dynamic number generation
    • Seamless third-party applications integration
    • Scalability
    • Ease-of-use
    • Customization
    • Detailed analytics
    • Affordability
  • Call tracking enables users to collect a vast repository of information that helps them make informed and better decisions. You can quickly come to know what keyword led prospects to make a call, check relevant Google click IDs, and what landing page promoted a specific call. Call tracking gives you real-time data about caller demographics, time and date of the call, and other key indicators for better operational performance.

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