Communication is one of the basic needs of everyone’s life. Thanks to technology, the world continues to become a lot smaller with the internet thriving every single day. Before the start of the digital medium, there were two types of communication; verbal and non-verbal. Hadn’t it been for a massive improvement in technology, we would have never had online communication. In simple words, online communication is one that is navigated through different gadgets and devices such as laptops, mobile phones, computers, etc. There are many benefits of online communication to the world, and in this article, we will highlight some of them. Some of which are:

1. It is cost-effective

One of the biggest benefits of the digital medium is it is cost-effective and has a wider reach. You cannot deny the fact that traveling from one country to another to meet a loved one is far more expensive than a free video call on WhatsApp. There are multiple video calling apps that have changed the dynamics of online communication. Apps such as Skype, Viber, Facebook messenger, and others have introduced free video calling that saves considerable costs.

2. Group video calls

This is an extension of the benefit that has been mentioned already. Group conference feature allows several employees to communicate with one another on the web at any time from anywhere in the world. So in case you’re on holiday during a corporate meeting, you can always log in to skype for joining the conference with other colleagues. Group video conferencing has become a cliché feature these days in many apps.

3. Easy connectivity

With the internet being everywhere, even in public spaces for free, it is easy to connect with people who are living in any part of the world. With a single press of the Wi-Fi button on your phone, you can connect with your friends and loved ones within nanoseconds. Online communication has enabled businesses to expand a lot easier as compared to scheduling meetings with clients in so and so months in certain places. Online communication allows businesses to connect with their clients fast.

4. Increase inefficiency

There’s no escape from the fact; there has been much increase in efficiency in work with the advent of online communication. When it is difficult to communicate, work often stops, thus causing damage in the form of loss of customers and other issues. The benefit of the digital medium is employees can exchange important files and documents online in a short time. So with the help of tools such as e-mails, video calls, the efficiency of the modern-day business has increased.

5. It has improved social interaction

This is an intriguing benefit of online communication that continues to flourish every day. Traditionally, people would wait to see their remotely located loved ones for years, but now it is easy to get a glimpse of their friends within seconds. With interesting tracking apps, parents can know the whereabouts of their young children and contact them at any time. Visit here to know how the magic of such apps works.

Lastly! Online communication is the need of the hour; that is why businesses are joining the digital bandwagon to thrive in a short time. 


Updated : September 24, 2021


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