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Aspire leading Financial Services Consultancy that is based out of Singapore. It is a part of Manulife Financial Advisors and offers dynamic financial analysis and advice to people from all walks of life. Their services include global investment programs, tax consultancy and planning, corporate secretarial solutions, wealth management, and insurance for Singaporean nationals and foreigners. Aspire carefully considers clients' financial goals and helps achieve them sustainably amidst changing market conditions.

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How Did Aspire Leverage CallHippo's Advanced Features?

Aspire has clients both inside and outside Singapore. After becoming an established name in personalized financial management, the company has plans for aggressive expansion. It wanted to boost the productivity and efficiency of its team and track their performance. Besides documentation, most of its tasks involve planning and discussion with clients.

Aspire wanted to track the performance of their advisory team that liaises with clients and saves their time. The company also wanted a system that boosts lead generation and improves call connectivity.

Case Study - CallHippo

CallHippo's VoIP solutions helped Aspire track the performance of its team members and dial clients automatically through its Power Dialer. It also helped advisers assist clients on the go and improve customer satisfaction.

Which Challenges Did Aspire Overcome Through CallHippo?

Supporting both their local and global clients required Aspire to pay close attention to call connectivity and quality. The team also needed to simplify its workflows and become more dynamic. Expanding business also required easy lead generation and appointment scheduling.

Here are the key challenges faced by Aspire before moving over to CallHippo:

  • Manual dialing consumed more time for agents and was prone to errors.
  • Support and assistance were only limited to business hours.
  • Access to their business phone system depended on both hardware and software, which often caused delayed responses.
  • Lead generation rate was more or less static.
  • Both team & individual performance was hard to measure.

Solution Offered:

Aspire was in need of a VoIP provider that helped it scale gracefully and improve client communication. It also wanted to boost productivity, simplify workflows and improve service quality. CallHippo's automated business telephony system helped them dial customers/leads automatically and understand how successful each call has been. More importantly, the staff could make high-quality outbound calls from anywhere, using any digital device.

Now let's take a look at how CallHippo assisted Aspire and the benefits it provided:

  • Aspire was able to boost team productivity by 40%
  • CallHippo's VoIP service helped in assisting clients while on the move
  • The PowerDialer feature saved a great deal of time while calling
  • Aspire could also track performance and provide support to agents in real-time
  • The process of lead generation and appointment scheduling is much simpler now

Aspire can now support clients better, save time, focus more on quality, and reach out to more people using CallHippo's features.

Summary :

We are proud to have helped Aspire generate more business, improve productivity and serve customers in a much better way. If you too are looking for a dependable VoIP service provider to give your business an edge, switch to CallHippo today! Contact us at support@callhippo.com.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: January 7, 2022