Most of you are already familiar with VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol phone services. If you are not already well versed with it, then you should be. After all, VoIP is the latest technology in the communication sector. VoIP comes with hundreds of exciting features and several real-time benefits. It is the fastest-growing communication network. Every business, big or small, should switch over to this advanced cloud telephony system that is sure to bring about a massive positive change in the business. Several companies have already switched over to the VoIP phone system and are using it to get ahead in the game.

The VoIP phone system is not just designed for business use, but also for personal use at home. It beats the traditional phone system in practically every arena and is the modern face of communication. If you haven’t already switched over to VoIP, then you are missing out on a great deal of features.

For the benefit of those who are still not familiar with the VoIP phone system, let us have a closer look at what it exactly is.

What is a VoIP phone system?

It is a cloud based phone system that is designed to send and receive phone calls over an IP network. As opposed to the traditional phones that use analog signal, the VoIP phone system uses digital signals for communication. It facilitates seamless voice and video calling to any part of the globe. 

It does not require any complex hardware or phone setup. The VoIP phone system can be used on any device with a working internet connection and that is its biggest advantage. Apart from this, it comes bundled with a variety of other exciting features that are not offered by traditional phone services. And what’s more, it even costs lesser than the old telephones!

Now that you have a basic idea about what is VoIP and how it works, let us go into some further details about the types of VoIP phone systems that are available to us.

Types of VoIP phone systems available for users

One can basically opt for one out of two types of VoIP phone systems. They are:

  1. Fixed VoIP phone system
  2. Non-fixed VoIP phone system

Both these types of communication systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. The user can opt for either one depending on his needs and requirements. 

To help you get a better understanding of these phone systems, let us go into a bit more detail about what kind of services they provide and what their advantages and drawbacks are.

What is a fixed VoIP phone system?

Fixed VoIP Phone System

As the name suggests, the fixed VoIP phone system is fixed or linked to a physical address. It is location sensitive and is only accessible to an individual operating within the same country as the VoIP service provider. Thus, you are only provided with a phone number if have a address that you can link to your phone number. 

Most businesses opt for a fixed VoIP phone system as opposed to a non-fixed one simply because of the security factor. The contact information remains secure and the phone lines become more private and authentic, thus proving beneficial to businesses.

The advantages of this communication system are as follows

The primary advantage of a fixed VoIP phone system is security. The VoIP phone system works using the internet. In case of any leak or cyber fraud, all the contact information and communication details of your company can go digitally public. This can prove to be disastrous for one’s business. Thus, any form of extra security and authenticity is widely sought after. 

A common question that a lot of people ask is, how is a fixed VoIP phone system more secure? Well, fixed VoIP numbers are more often than not assigned by those VoIP providers whose broadband network connects to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN). In layman terms, your VoIP providers will own the network carrier over which your calls are sent back and forth. These network paths are highly protected and are placed under optimum security. This protects your calls from being intercepted and your phone numbers from being used for fraud. 

The importance of choosing a good VoIP phone service provider must now seem evident to you. CallHippo is the trusted VoIP service provider for businesses in over 50 countries across the globe. Join us to avail of a more advanced and protected VoIP phone service! 

Another advantage of using a fixed VoIP phone system that is linked with your address is that when you dial an emergency contact number such as 911 or 411, calls are automatically redirected to the nearest local emergency service centre. This ensures faster arrival of relief teams and thus gives your employees a safer environment to work in. 

It can be concluded that a fixed VoIP phone system will protect your business – both from digital hazards as well as real-life emergencies. 

Let us have a look at the disadvantages of a fixed VoIP network connection

Restricting a phone number to a particular country or location undoubtedly has its drawbacks. The most prominent disadvantage of a fixed VoIP phone system is that international calls are very expensive. Your VoIP phone number is specific to your country and you cannot get a fixed VoIP number when you are outside your country. International calls incur heavy charges, thus limiting the extraordinary and pocket friendly calling experience offered by the VoIP phone system to your country. 

What is a non-fixed VoIP phone system?

Non Fixed VoIP Phone System

Non-fixed VoIP phone numbers need not be linked to any physical address. It can be linked to any geographic location on the globe, even if you are not physically present there. For example, you can get a non-fixed VoIP number in China for your business which is based in Canada. 

Though non-fixed VoIP numbers certainly have an edge when it comes to global communication, it is rarely used by large businesses or organisations. It lacks a professional depth or authentic touch that one would normally associate with business communication networks. They are generally preferred by individuals for personal use, mostly in case of relatives or loved ones staying halfway across the globe.

Non-fixed VoIP phone numbers are commonly referred to as virtual phone numbers. Getting a virtual phone number is pretty easy. All you require is an email address that may belong to any domain. Sign up on CallHippo and get your free virtual number in less than 3 minutes!

The major advantages of using the non-fixed VoIP communication network

The obvious advantage of the non-fixed VoIP phone system is that it makes global communication very easy and almost free! It is especially useful for a business which has branches worldwide or a business that is looking towards global expansion. 

For example, let us consider that your business has branches in four or five different countries across the globe. In such a case, communications between the branches may prove to be difficult using the traditional phone system or even the fixed VoIP phone system. Huge telephone bills would be racked up every week, significantly draining the company’s finances. International calls using traditional servers and networks incur heavy charges.

On the other hand, in case of a non-fixed VoIP number, the area code of the desired location is assigned to the number. Thus, when someone calls the virtual number, the call is identified as local due to the area code even though it is actually forwarded to a non-local number. This helps companies easily communicate with their global branches, almost free of cost. 

Being internet or cloud based, non-fixed VoIP phone systems come with a variety of other features that the user may avail of. They are affordable, easy to access and offer more than your traditional phone system.

Drawbacks of having a non-fixed VoIP communication network

This is a classic example of how one’s strength can also be their weakness. The easy access and availability of the non-fixed VoIP system, proves to be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Transferring calls over the internet to reduce call costs also paves the way for cyber fraud. 

Since the calls are transferred over the internet, the server is not very secure which often leads to fraud. The numbers can easily be located and tapped by any professional hacker. Since these numbers are not attached to any specific location, they are more difficult to trace, thus making them even more exposed to criminal activity. 

Thus, using non-fixed VoIP definitely reduces international call costs, but is also puts confidential information at the risk of being hacked and used for unethical purposes.

Let us compare: Fixed vs Non-Fixed VoIP phone system

As we have elaborated earlier, both fixed and non-fixed VoIP phone system have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it cannot be concluded which is better or which one should be opted for. If your business has a lot of international clients or global branches then it is advisable to go for the non-fixed VoIP phone system. However, you should be careful and choose your service provider wisely. Go for a trusted and established VoIP service provider which is expected to provide somewhat safer communication channels and networks.

On the other hand, if your usage is limited to your country, then it is much better to opt for the fixed VoIP network connection. It provides the same in-country phone services as the non-fixed VoIP phone system does. In addition, it provides way more secure communication channels and helps to keep your phone number away from cyber fraud or unauthorised usage. 

Another point to be noted is that non-fixed VoIP phone services do not offer locality based emergency services. So if you are someone who does not like to compromise and is always cautious, then a fixed VoIP communication network is the way to go!

Hopefully, by now you must have gotten a clear picture of the fixed and non-fixed VoIP phone system in your mind. You must evaluate the needs and requirements of your business before you decide which VoIP phone system you want to opt for. Choose wisely, for the correct VoIP phone system has the power to shape the future of your business. 

CallHippo is the trusted VoIP service provider for businesses in over 50 countries across the globe. We have helped thousands of companies transform their communication networks and you can be next!

Confused? Still need some questions answered before you make a choice? Looking for the opinion of an expert? Don’t worry! Our agents are available 24/7 to help you figure out which phone system is best suited for your business. Sign up now to leave a message and one of our agents will get back to you! 

Updated : July 26, 2021


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