Running and operating a small business is definitely no easy task in competitive corporate arena! In fact, according to a study by Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who commence business operations fail within the first 18 months.

So why do so many small businesses crash and burn in the business scenario? Improper business tools, lack of communication technology, and failure to maintain a consistent dialogue are some of the major reasons that small organizations do not take off successfully in the market.

As a small business owner, it is absolutely essential to harness the power of modern technology to ensure the smooth functioning of all business processes. Investing in a reliable service provider such as CallHippo is the best solution to all your initial problems, as CallHippo has a range of revolutionary communication platforms that can transform your bottom line results!

CallHippo can help your business invest in a virtual phone number which is the best tool to enhance the total turnaround time – from lead generation to customer conversion! Intelligent phone systems from CallHippo are revolutionary futuristic platforms that come power-packed with tons of modern business features to bring about huge levels of efficiency in your communication practices.

So, if your organization wants to increase its turnaround time and keep customer communication flowing seamlessly, it’s time to stop thinking and get a virtual mobile number from CallHippo – it will certainly lead to a great escalation of all your vital performance parameters.

Here is how a VoIP number from CallHippo can help your company enhance turn around time(TAT)-

100% Customer Accessibility

The best part about getting a VoIP connection for your small business is that it will help your customers remain in constant touch with you, as their calls can be attended round the clock. Automated technology in virtual phones enables your customers to route themselves to the department/extension number of their preference – thereby allowing the highest levels of superior customer support and service!

Integration with All Systems

CallHippo is the most reliable and trusted service provider that can surely provide your organization with a virtual number that will integrate with all other important business systems. Since VoIP technology utilizes internet connection and bandwidth for business communication purposes, it generally supports a number of important net-based applications. Even older technology such as fax machines are can be accessed through virtual mobile numbers – so make sure to enhance the streamlining of all operations by implementing the best virtual number for your business!

Smart Call Routing

Cloud-based virtual phone systems offer the best calling options – your managers do not need to miss calls anymore as there are a host of smart call routing options! Calls can be redirected to any mobile or personal number, so there is no need to be restricted to the office premises as virtual numbers promise continuous connectivity! Virtual attendants also eliminate the need for front-desk staff, as automated voice technology has the ability to handle heavy call loads – a cost-effective and super-efficient solution for any business organization!

Remote Working

CallHippo’s diverse virtual number solutions make sure that your geographically scattered remote teams can work together seamlessly – virtual mobile numbers make sure all team members remain connected in the real-time! Any kind of fieldwork or business travel no longer poses to be a problem – virtual numbers allow for video conferencing, call transfers and voicemail facility to make sure that your business communication is not hampered in any way!

Customizable and Scalable

If you want completely expandable and personalized communication technology for your company make sure to choose CallHippo as your service provider! VoIP technology can be increased to add more lines or numbers as your business expands, making it the perfect scalable choice. Virtual numbers also allow for a high level of customization, and you can add a number of language options and personal greetings to impress your customers. So make sure to get a virtual number to lift up your company image and gain credibility amongst your valuable customer base.

There is no doubt that an intelligent phone system by CallHippo is the best tool to improve your turnaround time and boost performance levels to greater heights. So if you want your small business to benefit from high productivity, outputs, and success in every field, make sure to get a virtual number right now!


Updated : May 6, 2021


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