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How To Use Smart Call Forwarding To Forward Your Calls In VOIP?

Simplify your phone communication with a cost-effective, secure and reliable virtual phone solution

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Paras Kela

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: February 8, 2024

There has been a large scale digital transformation in the telecom sector with the advent of VoIP phone numbers. Copper wired telephone systems are now fading into history, and modern businesses of all sizes – startups, medium enterprises, and large corporate giants have adopted business phone numbers.

Virtual phone systems can help your organization reach the zenith of success. Getting a business phone number to streamline communication practices and brings about team collaboration between different departments. Customers remain highly engaged with your organization, and continuous two-way communication boosts brand recall.

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Investing in office phone numbers is definitely the latest buzzing trend – in fact, the VoIP market is expected to increase to $ 204.8 billion by the year 2020. There are tons of new features in VoIP solutions, and organizations can accrue a vast number of exciting benefits.

The array of corporate features in virtual phone systems help in enhancing workflow, eliminate time wastage spent on inefficient communication, and reduce phone costs. Call recording, voicemail, queuing, and barging are some popular facilities offered by virtual phone solutions.

The best part about VoIP phone systems is that they are highly customizable, and can also be scaled up or down to suit your business requirements. So, it’s definitely not too late to get the best office phone number for your organization and enjoy radical facilities such as call forwarding!

How Does Call Forwarding Work?

One of the most novel features of virtual phone systems is the call forwarding feature. So, what exactly is call forwarding and why does your organization need this service? Well, for starters, call forwarding is one of the outstanding new features in VoIP platforms that can instantly enhance business revenues.

Call forwarding feature allows all incoming calls to be diverted to any other personal or mobile landline or office phone number. For example, Managers can choose to forward calls from their business phone number to their personal landline number to make sure that they are available to receive client calls even during off-hours at the worksite.

Most VoIP phone systems bank upon call forwarding feature to promote seamless communication. It is one of the most important new features in VoIP platforms – here are some amazing advantages of the call forwarding feature:

  • Increases Support Staff Member Availability:

    In this competitive era, customers need complete attention from your support team. This means that they want staff members to be available to address their complaints or issues at any time of the day. VoIP phone systems are a useful tool that can make sure that your important clients can get through support representatives – calls can be forwarded to available team members as call forwarding feature allows to divert calls to available lines so that customers receive immediate service. So, deciding to get a business phone number is a great way to enhance staff availability for precious clients.

  • Expands Business Presence:

    Call forwarding is not just any one of the new features in VoIP tools -it is a revolutionary feature that can exponentially boost your company’s presence. Even if you have a virtual office in any country, call forwarding feature allows your organization to set up multiple local numbers that can be forwarded to the main line. Clients do not have to spend tons of money making expensive international calls as they can just dial a local number with an area code to get connected. So do get a virtual phone system from a credible service provider to thrust up a business presence in the global marketspace and retain your valued clients in the long run.

office phone number


  • Higher Customer Engagement:

    A customer is a king nowadays, and companies are focusing on customer-centric strategies to maintain their target audience. Call forwarding is a novel feature that can keep clients continuously engaged with your organization as it facilitates seamless two-way communication. Phone calls can be forwarded depending on the shifts of employees, and can also be easily integrated with CRM software for better-personalized attention. Your customers never have to worry about not being able to catch support representatives – they are able to express their problems instantly and receive superior quality support from your team members. So, getting an office phone number is a sure shot way to keep your customer rankings and satisfaction levels super high!

  • Better Mobility:

    We live in a globalized world and it is definitely not possible for our employees to be restricted to their office cubicle all the time. Communication cannot stop while team members are traveling or out of the office premises. Call forwarding feature promotes better mobility and is the ideal solution for organizations where team members have to travel a lot for work purposes. Business phone numbers allow employees to travel, attend conferences or field visits and not worry about missing out on vital business communication. All that is required is a working internet connection, and virtual phone systems keep your workforce connected, even on the move!

The call forwarding feature is much in demand amongst modern workplaces. Investing in a business phone number makes sure that you don’t lose out on important calls or corporate opportunities. Call forwarding can be enabled or disabled according to your convenience just through the click of a button.

So be it landline, mobile phone or a satellite phone, VoIP phone systems give you the power to get calls diverted to any number, boosting accessibility to an all-time high. Office phone numbers also delight your clients by playing customized pre-recorded messages or music while they are waiting to get connected to a team member. Call forwarding is indeed a novel innovative feature that can make a positive difference in customer satisfaction and service levels.

It is definitely time to harness the benefits of the new features in VoIP solutions and uplift your profitability parameters to the maximum. So, go ahead and get the best business phone number to enjoy a vast increase in bottom line results!


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