Companies across the world are always looking for ways to expand their business. There are different ways to achieve yearly goals and increase client base. One of the sure-shot ways is having a dependable and cost-effective phone system. And the most efficient and modern one is the Internet Phone System.  

Know-how Internet Phone System can help you expand your business.


About Internet Phone System

The internet phone number is also called a broadband phone. As the name suggests, IPS is a digital communication device that is used for making and receiving calls over the internet. This service is generally used for Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP utilization devices. When a call is formed over the internet telephone system, the phone that uses VoIP transforms a voice in several digital receptacles. After the conversion from analog to digital, the packet is then processed, and the data is sent over the Internet which is received by the user

The entire market is using an internet telephone system as it is a great way to save on monthly bills. More than that is comparatively low in cost, has extensive features, and has an extremely clear voice quality that a traditional multi-line phone system cannot beat. 

This is a service that can be used by a business as well as home and is easily provided by Call Hippo. A cloud internet phone service is highly flexible as it allows users to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. Your business will be gaining exceptional features like mobility, flexibility, and advanced calling, which was not available with a traditional phone system.


When we talk about the pricing perspective of an internet phone system, it has affordable plans at low prices that are suitable for small businesses. The Internet Phone Service providers give you a perfect concoction of a traditional landline phone with features like security and high voice quality. At the same time, it will provide you services like texting, mobility options, frequent upgrades, installing latest updates, 24×7 customer support, call and video conferencing, and whatnot. With these features all in one place, no one can compare IPS with the traditional landline phone or even PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems. 


How did the Internet Phone System Come Into Existence?


This all began with a tiny but useful experiment. This breaks the bubble that Internet Phone Service is a result of years and years of research. In 1973, VoIP was the result of an experiment conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense. And it has been around in different forms since then. Internet Protocol was conceptualized as a networking solution, but with time it gained massive attention and made it a world standard for data networking. This eventually led to its adaption for voice communication too.


How Does the Internet Phone Work?


An internet phone converts the voice into small data packets and performs the calls via a broadband connection. The procedure of making and receiving a call is similar to that of a multi-line phone system. You will have a phone number, dial tone, and a phone area code. But the only difference is how your calls will be connected on the back-end. The old-fashioned phone service used telephone lines. But the internet telephone system will use a public phone network for the same procedure. It is based on a technology called packet switching. 


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Why should my company switch to Internet Phones?

There is no easy way to explain it than saying that internet telephones are way more affordable and have more features than any other phone system available in the market. There are various ways that it is beneficial for you to opt for an internet telephone from Call Hippo.

i) Internet phone us cost-efficient

ii) They have multiple features for half the price than another phone system. And when it is compared to the traditional phone system, there is a significant price difference.

iii) Internet phone service includes long-distance and local calling. You can also get free international calling minutes too (conditions apply). 

iv) You will get high-quality voice calling facilities that will benefit your business and make your organization look more professional.

v) The hardware and software involved in internet phones are more affordable.

vi) You don’t have to pay extra for additional features, new types of equipment, and number porting.


Why is Internet Phone Service affordable and most used phone service than any other existing ones?

You will be amazed to know that by using an excellent internet phone service, a company can save up to 80% on their monthly phone bills. This is a massive amount if you are talking about a big organization whose work is dependent on voice or video callings. One of the primary reasons is the low overhead. 

VoIP operates on a computer that is already available in an organization at a low cost. This makes the procedure simpler and cost-effective as you can use your existing internet connection to make calls without needing to install a new phone line. And the fact that there is zero to no requirement of modern equipment makes it more valuable and useful. 

This service is more affordable because when you place a call, it is routed over an existing internet connection. Although internet phones are cheaper and reliable, that doesn’t mean that there is any compromise on quality. In Fact the case is the opposite. It gives excellent quality as well as the flexibility to its users. That is the reason why all sizes of business, whether large or small, swear by it.

Another reason for the cost being so low is that the VoIP providers have to deal with massive competition in the market, which leads to low prices for multiple features.

To wrap it up, we would like you to know that telecom phones and internet provider phones do have similar features. But we would also want you to know that those renowned telecom companies will charge you double the amount for half of the features. On the other hand, VoIP providers have a long list of features at half the price. These include essential elements of call management tools like call forwarding and call hold. They also include collaboration tools for video conferencing and group paging.

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