Canada – a country famous for Niagara Falls, maple syrup, and beautiful landscapes! But moving beyond that, Canada is also a growing and upcoming global business destination. 

Currently, Canada is ranked 3rd out of 197 countries worldwide for being favorable to the startup ecosystem.  So, so many people would like to make a call for business purposes or to their friends and family. 

But do you know how to make business calls to Canada? After all, to start business operations in Canada, you will need to communicate with business stakeholders and international clients constantly.

Let’s dive deeper and read this comprehensive guide that enumerates how to call Canada from the United States.

How To Place A Call To Canada From The United States?

Do you want to place a call to Canada to reach out to customers? Or perhaps you need to make a free call to Canada to connect with business colleagues for official work?

Well, do not worry. It’s pretty simple and hassle-free to place calls to Canada – just follow these steps.

  • It is important to be aware of the country code of the phone number that you are calling.  You need first to dial the country code for Canada, that is ‘1’.
  • As with other countries, there are various regions in Canada. Canada has 3-digit area codes that you must dial depending on the province you want to reach. Since different regions have different codes, it’s advisable to have a list of codes that matches their respective provinces. 

Canada area code chart

  • After this, you can finally dial the phone number ( 7 digits ) to get connected instantly.

Here’s an example of a Canada phone number: +1 604 445 6655

As you can see, +1 is dialed as the Canada country code, 604 is the British Columbia region code, and then comes the seven-digit phone number. This can help you understand how to place a call to Canada without any problem and connect with Canadian colleagues and clients.


Want A Canada Toll-Free Number? Here’s Why You Should Go Ahead!

Investing in a toll-free number can make or break your business. Did you know that investing in a toll-free number can increase sales by 200% on average? 

If you have started business operations in Canada, getting a Canada toll-free number would be highly advantageous and help you surge ahead of the competition. It is the best way to gain visibility in a new market and connect with local customers to convert them to your brand.

A toll-free number allows your clients to call without worrying about paying a high charge for the time spent on hold. Moreover, a toll-free number ensures that you receive business calls and do not lose out on potential customers. Funding in a Canadian toll-free number is great to take your potential customer to the top of the funnel and maximize the business.

If you are thinking about getting a Canada toll-free number, don’t think twice. Here are multiple reasons to keep a toll free number:

reasons to get Canada toll-free number

1. Trust: When a customer sees 1800xxxxxxxx, they’ll immediately perceive that it’s a business-related call. Hence, the probability of talking to you increases, and they also start to trust your brand as a credible name.

2. Text advantage: Most of the Canada toll-free number providers also give a text option along with the calling option. This comes in handy for those potential customers that prefer texting over a call as they have the option to send a quick message for query resolution. 

3. Brand Image: A toll-free number helps to create the impression that your business is bigger than actually. Your brand image improves as customers realize that service and support are a priority for your organization; hence they remain loyal lifetime advocates.

4. Enhanced Customer Service: With a toll-free number, your customers can reach out to you any time of the day or night. This enables them to receive speedy and quality service to resolve queries and technical issues, thereby providing a superior customer experience.


Picking The Right Service Provider To Choose A Canada Toll-Free Number

There are tons and thousands of toll-free number providers. But which one best suits your needs? To understand, you must focus on the following points:-

  1. If you’re a small business owner, look for a virtual phone system that provides more services than regular providers. 
  2. Look for providers that support multiple conversations going on at a single time. This will minimize the possibility of your potential customers hanging up on you. 
  3. Ensure that your preferred provider has portability for toll-free numbers. If, after a while, you wish to switch to a different provider and want to take the number with you, you must have an option to do so. 
  4. Make sure to choose a cost-effective service provider that can customize calling solutions. Look for providers that give you the right kind of services in your budget.


Expand Your Horizons In The Canadian Market With CallHippo

If you want to place an international call to Canada, don’t worry – just get in touch with CallHippo to get started! 

Whether you want to travel to Canada or expand your business in Canada to gain a competitive edge, CallHippo is there to help you. We’re an on-demand voice-over-internet protocol service provider that helps businesses use VoIP phone systems in 50+ countries pan globe. 

Whether you need a local phone number or a toll-free number, CallHippo can provide you the same in no time. All our services have an array of features tailored just for you! Also, you will not even need to think about the cost to call Canada as CallHippo provides the best pricing plans in the market.

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide on making your first business call to Canada. Use some of these (or all) points to showcase what business you possess and make the most of it, one call at a time. 

If you still have any queries about making a call to Canada, please drop in your questions in the comments section below – we will get back to you immediately!

Updated : July 29, 2021


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