Canada is one of the largest international markets for US companies. In 2019, US goods and services trade with Canada totaled $718.4 billion. If you’re a US-based business that wants to expand globally, Canada will likely be your primary target market.

Therefore, it’s essential to establish clear and hassle-free communication with your clients and customers in Canada. Here’s all you need to know about dialing Canadian phone numbers from the US.

Calling to Canada from the US : A Few Things to Consider

how to call canada from us

Before you set up a phone system to dial Canadian numbers, there are a few things to keep in mind. Since Canada is a North American country, it’s a part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). This means that USA-to-Canada calling works the same as calling from one US state to the other. Therefore, you don’t need an exit code when calling from the US to Canada.

It’s also essential to note that Canada is a vast country with six time zones. Keeping the time zones in check will help you avoid calling someone at odd hours. Within Canada, there are numerous regions with different area codes. Knowing these area codes is also important when calling.

Lastly, the call charges may vary when calling from the US to Canada, depending on your chosen method. Ensure that you understand the costs really well.

That said, it’s also crucial to select the right mode of communication for international calling. Some popular methods are:

  • Traditional wired phone systems
  • International calling cards
  • Free internet calling applications like Skype
  • Google Voice account
  • Virtual phone system

Of all these methods, a virtual phone system is the best and most popular method for international calling. Unlike traditional systems, you don’t need expensive, difficult-to-maintain hardware with bulky wiring. The entire communication happens over the internet, allowing you to connect with clients and customers from any device.

Here are some key benefits of using a virtual phone system for international calling.

That said, it’s crucial to select the right virtual phone system that helps you achieve your business objectives.

How to call Canada from the USA

Calling from the US to Canada is easier than you think. Here’s a step-by-step procedure you need to follow after you’ve selected your preferred mode of communication.

Step 1: Dial the international exit code of the US, which is ‘011’. As discussed earlier, Canada is a part of the NANP, so dialing an exit code isn’t required. However, you may not be able to reach some regions directly. In such cases, entering the exit code will be essential.

Dial: 011

Step 2: Dial the country code of Canada, which is ‘1’. This code will act as a gateway to Canadian phone numbers. Note that you won’t be able to connect to a Canadian phone number without dialing the country code.

Dial: 011-1

Step 3: Next, dial the area code of the geographic region in Canada where you want to make a call. Canada has a total of ten provinces and three territories, with each having one or more unique three-digit area codes. For example, the area code of Newfoundland is 709. So, if you want to place a call in Newfoundland, you’ll need to dial 709.

Dial: 011-1-709

Step 4: Dial the phone number you want to call on. In Canada, citizens have seven-digit numbers. Ensure that you check the number properly before placing the call.

Dial: 011-1-709-XXX-XXXX

However, as discussed earlier, choosing the right mode of international calling is critical. You can set up traditional phone systems if you want if you’re willing to incur hefty hardware costs. Moreover, your operations will be limited to the office only.

Forward-thinking companies invest in the best virtual phone systems like CallHippo. These solutions are not only cost-efficient but also convenient and productive. Since they allow you to make calls over the internet, you can communicate with your prospects anytime, anywhere, and from any device.


With globalization becoming the new normal for businesses, communicating with your international customers is a must. Virtual phone systems make international communication easy by enabling you to call Canada and other countries effortlessly.

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