Canadian business experienced a huge market change in the last few years; as of December 2019, the economy of Canadian employer business is 1.23 million. Where  97.9% is a small business, and the rest is medium and large size businesses. And still, it is growing and gives a liberality to invest in their market. 

Why not try your business luck in this fast-growing market of Canada?

As far as we think of expanding business from other countries, one of the fundamental challenges is communication. Effective business communication not only depends on skilled employees, but it also very much depends on the system you are using.

Use the most cost-effective, easy-to-use, and robust system named VoIP phone system and get a Canada virtual phone number and enjoy the ease of contacting anywhere from a single platform.

How To Call Canada From The US

Still confused! How do you make a call from the US to Canada? First, let’s understand the traditional telephone and modern cell phone to VoIP and virtual phone number calling methods in detail:

How to Make Calls on Canadian Landline from the US?

Do you want to connect with your potential client living in Canada from Us? But are you stuck in the procedure? Is it complex? What will be the legal restrictions or codes? 

There is no staunch process for calling Canada from the US; it includes some basic steps. Once you understand it in detail, calling Canada from the US becomes easier for you. Let’s Understand it now:

#1 Dial 1

Since making calls to some countries requires the country’s exit code and country code to connect with landlines, it is not mandatory here because Canada is a part of the Northern American Numbering Plan (NANP). Therefore, you can connect any Canadian landline simply by dialing the number with “1”. 1 is the Canadian country code from the US people.

#2 Dial Area Code

Now, dial the area code of any specific region of Canada where you want to connect. For example, if you’re going to communicate to Edmonton, dial 1- 780, where 780 is Edmonton’s area code. Also, 418 is the area code of Quebec city if you want to reach there from the US.

#3 Dial The Landline Number

Finally, dial the remaining seven digits of the landline to connect with any Canadian landline holder. This step will quickly connect you with any landline phone in Canada.

So this is how your number should look like:

1- [Area Code] – [7 Digit landline number] 

This process of calling Canada for the US is more straightforward than other countries because it doesn’t require any exit code or country code like other parts of the world.

How to Make Calls on Canadian Cell Phone From the US?

Calling on Cell phones from the US to Canada is very simple. It just requires some basic steps that you will have to follow to make a call. You must practice it at least  2-3 times to get familiar with making calls on the Canadian cell phone from the USA. Follow the below-mentioned steps to understand the process:

  • Begin by dialing ‘1’, which is the country code for Canada from the US.
  • Just enter the area code that you want to make the call.
  • Enter the seven-digit mobile number that you want to call and press the call button. You will be connected to the person right away. 

Before making the call, check whether you can call Canada or not from your phone provider.

Also, make sure you have the list of Area codes with you. Like other countries, Canada has unique codes for different regions. Always check your area code before making any call. It will make your process much more manageable, or else you have to find the code you’re just about to make a call.

Whether you want to make calls to a Cell Phone Or a Landline process is the same. Just follow the #3 steps you’re ready to make your first call to Canada on the landline or smartphone:

Here’s an example of calling a person from the US to Quebec City, Canada:

  • Dial ‘1’, the Canadian country code.
  • Dial ‘418’, Quebec City Area Code.
  • Dial 123-XXXX the cellphone/landline number.

How to Make Business Calls From the US to Canada?

How to Make Business Calls From the US to Canada

Business calls require a sound communication system that is flexible and meets the specifications of the organizations. If you want to establish a startup in Canada or smooth the existing business communication there, get it more manageable by taking a business phone number for Canada.

A virtual phone number known as Direct Inward Dialing(DID) is a telephone number not tied with any specific phone device or line. It is a great technology that allows users to redirect calls from one number to another, devices, or IP addresses. 

Don’t let your budget drain out in communication; Invest in a Canadian phone number and establish cost-effective business communication for your Canadian customers. Now, you can expand your business wings by efficiently communicating with your clients or employees living in Canada by using a VoIP phone system.

Take the help of any VoIP service provider and enjoy the unlimited benefits of pocket-friendly call Canada from the US and call the US from Canada.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Virtual Phone Number for Call Canada From the US? 

Benefits of Having a Virtual Phone Number for Call Canada From the US The Canadian virtual number will give a unique DID which can be accessed from any part of the world without worrying about extra International roaming charges. It is an internet-enabled technology that lets you connect anywhere in just a few minutes.

When you work as an entrepreneur, you have a lot to think about, invest, and facilitate. But, then, why spend lots of money on communication? You have a professional and inexpensive way of managing your call, i.e., a Virtual Phone number.

Supercharge your business by getting a Canada virtual phone number and get the following advantages:

  • Work remotely from anywhere that increases productivity.
  • Keep your personal and business calls separate to show professionalism.
  • Ensures seamless communication that is flexible, scalable, and robust with VoIP.
  • Save on pockets as it is highly cost-effective, and you can cut the extra cost of communication for Canadian clients.
  • Provide ease and foster the feeling of trust and credibility among customers of Canada
  • The Internet-enabled communication technology to communicate from any device

In Parting Notes

Whatever the business size, a virtual phone number is suitable for every business type and industry. All you need to do is to find the best VoIP service provider that serves their optimum and robust services, which suits your budget as well as your requirement. 

Avail the services of CallHippo, who is one of the top VoIP service providers that has transformed the way businesses communicate today. It provides the most cost-effective time-saving benefits that you want for your businesses. 

Make unlimited business call Canada from the US free with CallHippo. Just apply for a virtual phone number and get your Canadian virtual phone number in less than 3 minutes.

Updated : July 30, 2021


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