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15 Best Virtual Phone Number Providers in Canada [2024]

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Paras Kela

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: March 7, 2024

The global marketplace, talented workforce, and diverse business prospects are just a few of the reasons why Canada is quickly becoming a global hub for Fortune 500 companies and other multinational corporations.

So, if you are one of them and planning to establish or expand your business in Canada, you are on the right track and well ahead of your competitors. However, starting a firm without a solid customer service operation in place is equivalent to walking in the dark while wearing a blindfold.

Top Canadian VoIP providers in 202

For this reason, when expanding or establishing a business in Canada, we recommend that you partner with the Canadian VoIP providers or the best toll-free number provider in Canada. But what exactly is a Canada VoIP number, and who are the top 15 VoIP providers in Canada? Let’s find out.

In the first segment of this blog, we will look at the fundamentals of Canada VoIP numbers and virtual PBX in Canada, and in the second section, we will evaluate the top 10 VoIP phone services in Canada by comparing their features, USPs, pricing plans, system support, and other factors.

Let’s start with what a Canada Virtual Number is.

What Is Canada VoIP Number?

Simply defined, a Canada toll-free number is a business phone number that includes seven digits after 1800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833. It allows customers in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean region to connect a Canada-based business for free.

In addition, you can call Canada from the US, from Greenland, and many other countries. Also, when a client dials a toll-free number, businesses, not customers, are charged for the service.

Benefits of Canadian Hosted PBX phone system

However, given the industry’s promising future, many Canadian VoIP providers are out there in the market to reap the benefits. For this reason, picking the best Canada toll-free number provider is usually a more difficult task than you think. But fret not! To help you in this scenario, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Canadian VoIP providers listed below.

15 Best Canada VoIP Number Providers – Virtual Numbers Providers

The following are the top top 10 toll-free number providers in Canada in 2023. Let’s take a closer look at their features, pricing and plans, free trial period, platform support, and other information.

1.  CallHippo Virtual Phone System

CallHippo is a high-end VoIP phone solution designed to improve business productivity and user experience by streamlining customer support operations. This VoIP phone system is highly flexible and can accommodate any business type or workflow. It also features enterprise-level security and privacy, guaranteeing that consumer data is always secure.

You can get over 50+ country virtual phone number from callhippo including Norway virtual phone number, virtual phone number Cyprus, Portugal phone number

Callhippo Dashboard

Moreover, CallHippo– one of the leading Canadian VoIP providers, allows organizations to integrate their preferred tools and apps to expedite every operation and, as a result, improve efficiency. The user-friendly interference is another crucial benefit of CallHippo, allowing even inexperienced personnel to operate the system with ease.

Features of CallHippo:

  • Smart call forwarding
  • Business tools integration
  • Power Dialer
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Smart switch
  • On Hold Music
  • Call reports and analytics


  1. Extremely affordable
  2. Excellent customer service
  3. User-friendly


  1. Call drops
  2. Connectivity issue
  3. Metered Calling
  4. Some features are difficult to set up

Free Trial Period: 14 Days

Pricing & Plans: CallHippo provides three business phone system plans, which are as follows:

  1. Bronze Plan: $16/User/Month 
  2. Silver Plan: $24/User/Month 
  3. Platinum Plan: $40/User/Month

Furthermore, the platform offers enterprise-customized plans that are tailored to client’s specific needs.

2.  AVOXI Business Phone System

AVOXI is another well-known and considered as the best Singapore and Estonia virtual number in 2023. It is a virtual business phone number provider that provides toll-free vanity numbers, local numbers, and Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) in over 175 countries.

AVOXI Canadian virtual phone number

The platform has several powerful features that make Avoxi one of the leading service provider of 

Canada for medium to large-scale businesses. Moreover, the system is simple to set up, has a vast coverage area, an appealing UI, and specialized call logging tools.

Features of AVOXI:

  • Unlimited storage
  • ACD & IVR
  • Automated call forwarding
  • Music on Hold
  • Business tools integration
  • Call logging and tracking
  • Voicemail to email


  1. 24/7 support
  2. Intuitive User Interface
  3. Great call quality


  1. The cost of using the desktop phone app is extra
  2. No message or video capabilities
  3. Software compatibility issues
  4. Doesn’t provide customizable dashboards

Free Trial Period: 30 Days

AVXOI Pricing & Plans: Avoxi offers four plans, as listed below:

  1. Connect: $16.99/Month, offers 762 minutes
  2. Standard: $25.99/Month, offers 1332 minutes
  3. Advanced: $43.99/Month, offers 2361 minutes
  4. Premium: $70.99/ Month, offers 4213 minutes

3.  RingCentral Cloud-Based Phone System

RingCentral is among the best toll-free number providers in Canada. It is a cloud-based business phone system provider that offers multiple functions and is appropriate for all types of enterprises, including small, medium, and large.

Ringcentral Dashboard

In addition, the platform allows users to add toll-free numbers, local numbers, and vanity numbers from over 200 area codes. Also, RingCentral– one of the leading best virtual phone numbers in canada, offers a variety of prices and plans that are sufficient to fulfill the varying business requirements of the customers at a reasonable cost.

Features of RingCentral:

  • Call screening & delegation
  • Video conferencing
  • Business SMS and MMS
  • Performance reports
  • Live reports
  • Voicemail to email
  • Mobile app


  1. Free trial available
  2. RingCentral will offer discounts to companies with over 100 users on the system.
  3. Provides integration with a variety of CRM and productivity applications


  1. The cheapest plan includes only 100 toll-free minutes (Essential)
  2. Only businesses with fewer than 21 users can choose the Essentials plan.
  3. Call Drop
  4. Customer service is slow to respond

Free Trial Period: 15 Days

Pricing & Plans: RingCentral has four pricing plans, which are detailed below:

  1. Essentials: $24.99/User/Month
  2. Standard: $29.99/User/Month
  3. Premium: $39.99/User/Month
  4. Ultimate: $54.99/User/Month

4. Business Phone Service ranks fourth in our list of the top 10 VoIP providers and considered as one the best canada and virtual phone number greece provider in 2023. is a cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) business phone solution that offers multiple features and functionality.

It is a cutting-edge, work-from-anywhere solution that is ideal for today’s remote and agile work culture. Besides, the Canada phone numbers will also help you increase your customer base. VoIP number in Canada

In addition, the system assures optimum uptime and provides unrivaled customer assistance to help customers in need. Moreover, the business system setup process is relatively quick and comprises only three simple steps.

Features of

  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Call logs and call analytics
  • Expert Support
  • Follow Me
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Music On Hold
  • HIPAA Compliance


  1. Provide international phone numbers in 31 countries
  2. Unlimited extensions are included with all subscriptions
  3. Browser-based video conferencing
  4. All plans include one U.S. local, toll-free, or vanity number


  1. Poor user interface
  2. Inbound toll-free minutes are not included in the plans
  3. Team messaging is not available
  4. No free trial

Free Trial Period: 30 Days

Pricing & Plans: offers three plans as listed below:

  1. Basic Users: $12.99/User/Month
  2. Plus Users: $19.99/User/Month
  3. Pro Users: $29.99/User/Month

5.  GoToConnect VoIP System

GoToConnect has made a place on our list of the Best Canadian VoIP providers for all the right reasons. It is feature-rich, has excellent customer support, offers affordable plans, is suitable for small, medium, and large businesses, and is simple to use.

goto-contact Dashboard

Besides, it is a next-generation business phone system that enables businesses to interact with their consumers and give exceptional customer service on time. The platform also provides various business phone numbers for Canada, including vanity numbers, local numbers, and toll-free numbers. Not to mention that the entire setup process will take less than 3 minutes!

Features of GoToConnect:

  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Auto-attendant
  • Unlimited call queue
  • Wait time announcement
  • Call routing & forwarding
  • Voicemail to email
  • Virtual faxing


  1. Hundreds of different features
  2. Free calls to over 50 countries
  3. Easy to use drag-and-drop call flow editor


  1. There is a limit of 25 HD video streams per conference
  2. Expensive
  3. Issues with call connectivity and notification
  4. No cloud data storage

Free Trial Period: 14 Days

Pricing & Plans: GoToConnect offers three primary plans outlined below:

  1. Basic: $24/User/Month
  2. Standard: $29/User/Month
  3. Premium: $39/User/Month

6. Sonetel Canadian VoIP Provider

The sixth guest on our list of Canadian VoIP providers is Sonetel. Sonetel provides a virtual phone system to enterprises, allowing them to transform their business communications. Sonetel– one of the leading hosted PBX providers in Canada, offers a variety of phone numbers as well as a range of advanced and basic VoIP features that simplify, streamline, and assist business operations.

Sonetel hosted PBX in Canada

The system also employs artificial intelligence to automate repetitive tasks and improve performance. Most of Sonetel’s functions are available for free forever. Along with features, the company provides decent customer assistance to ensure that their clients’ queries and concerns are addressed on time. The following are some of Sonetel’s key features.

Features of Sonetel:

  • Global call forwarding
  • Voice response
  • Free call recording
  • Mobile apps
  • Free conference calls
  • Group chat


  1. Free phone numbers
  2. Text-to-speech for voice app
  3. More data storage


  1. Lacks 24/7 support
  2. Confusing user interface
  3. Quite expensive
  4. Only desktop app supports free calls

Free Trial Period: 30 Days

Pricing & Plans: Sonetel offers three different pricing plans, each with its own set of features, as detailed below:

  1. Standard plan: Free and comes with basic features.
  2. Business Package: Starts at $4.99 per month per number.
  3. Premium plan: It starts at $13.95 per month per user and includes VIP customer handling and customer services.

7. Vonage For Home VoIP System

Vonage for Home comes in two variants: business and residential. Both of these products are intended to make and receive phone calls through the internet connection. Its mobile apps enable you to receive calls no matter where you are.

In addition, the system has advanced features such as Vonage extension, Boomerang, selective call blocking, voicemail plus, and others.

Vonage Dashboard

The boomerang features enable users to communicate with friends and family all across the world more quickly and easily. On the other hand, the Vonage extension allows you to use your cell phone to take your Vonage number with you wherever you go.

Overall, if you own a small business and need a business phone system, Vonage for Home is one of the best Canadian VoIP providers to work with. The following are some of Vonage’s important features and VoIP services.

Vonage For Home Features:

  • Vonage extensions
  • Selective call block
  • Vonage voicemail plus
  • Enhanced call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Do not disturb


  1. Unlimited calling and messages
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Superior voice quality
  4. 99.999% uptime guarantee


  1. Bad customer service quality
  2. Feature add-ons are expensive
  3. Limited video call features
  4. Small meeting gatherings for audio/video conferences

Free Trial Period: 14 Days

Pricing & Plans: Vonage for Home has several plans for different countries or regions. The four primary Vonage for home plans are as follows:

  1. Vonage North America: This 6-month package costs $9.99 per month. After 6 months, the price will be $26.99 + taxes and fees.
  2. Vonage World Prime: This 6-month package costs $9.99 each month. It will cost $29.99 after 6 months, plus taxes and fees.
  3. Vonage US & Canada 400: This 6-month package costs $9.99 per month. After 6 months, the price will be $14.99 plus taxes and fees.
  4. Vonage World Prime: This 6-month package costs $9.99 each month. After 6 months, the price will be $16.99 + taxes and fees.

8. TollFreeForwarding Cloud Phone Solution

TollFreeForwarding– one of the best hosted PBX providers in Canada, offers a variety of features that allow businesses to connect with customers all over the world quickly. TollFreeForwarding Canada VoIP numbers and virtual phone systems are fully cloud-based, which means they are quick and simple to set up. 

The company offers no-obligation, pay-as-you-go plans, cancel at any time policy and flexible plans that keep you in control.

TollFreeForwarding cloud phone system in Canada

Also, the system is simple to set up, with only three steps. First, choose the best type of VoIP number in Canada from the inventory– local, national, or toll-free. Then, contact the support team to activate your phone number. 

Finally, start receiving calls and gain access to TollFreeForwarding’s other features and VoIP services. The following are some of the key features of TollFreeForwarding– one of the best Canadian VoIP providers.

Features of TollFreeForwarding:

  • Quick setup
  • Global call forwarding
  • 24/7 customer assistance
  • 100% cloud-based platform
  • No setup fees
  • Exceptional call quality


  1. No setup fees
  2. Unlimited extensions
  3. Flexible plans


  1. Unsuitable downtime
  2. Poor call quality 
  3. The rates seem higher than those of other providers
  4. No mobile app

Free Trial Period: 30 Days

TollFreeForwarding Pricing Plans: TollFreeForwarding offers four different pricing plans, namely:

  1. Starter Plan: It starts at $9 per month and goes up to $11 per month.
  2. Medium Plan: It starts at $19 per month and goes up to $23 per month.
  3. Large Plan: It starts at $49 per month and increases to $63 per month.
  4. High Volume Plan: Offers customized priced VoIP solutions for high volume clients.

9. Ooma Business VoIP Solution

Ooma is one of the best virtual phone number providers in Canada or the virtual PBX in Canada that is ideal for all sizes of businesses, whether small, medium, or large. The solution is suitable for both commercial and residential use. Ooma’s small business VoIP phone system includes over 35 features, including a virtual receptionist, mobile apps, and video conferencing.

While the enterprise phone system consists of a variety of other features such as API integration, team messaging, audio and video conferencing, and more.

Ooma dashboard

Ooma also provides varieties of VoIP numbers in Canada, making it easier for enterprises to function in crowded countries such as Canada. All Ooma virtual numbers are supported by high-end mobile applications that make it simple to make and receive calls. Some of Ooma’s important features and VoIP services are listed below.

Features of Ooma:

  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Video conferencing
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Enhanced call blocking
  • Call Recording
  • Multi ring


  1. Affordable
  2. User friendly
  3. Specifically tailored features for small businesses that work remotely or in the office


  1. A Premier account is required for most standard features
  2. No softphone
  3. Toll-free service costs extra
  4. $29.95 activation fee

Free Trial Period: 30 Days

Ooma Pricing Plans: Ooma has two plans– Ooma office and Ooma office pro.

  1. Ooma Office: The Ooma office package costs $19.95/month per line plus taxes and fees and comes with features such as conference bridge, ring groups, virtual receptionist, and free number porting in the United States and Canada.
  2. Ooma Office Pro: Ooma office pro plan costs $24.95/month per line + taxes and fees. It includes features such as Unlimited meetings up to 25 people (maximum of two hours per session), Call recording, Enhanced call blocking, and Voicemail transcriptions.

10. Fonvirtual Business VoIP Service Provider

Fonvirtual is a cloud-based business communications service that assists firms in managing customer communication. The comprehensive range of features enables organizations to monitor all aspects of the call center in real-time and communicate with agents from any location and device. 

Moreover, this best toll-free number provider in Canada allows the organization or manager to supervise each employee in real-time.

Fonvirtual dashboard

One of the primary benefits of using Fonvirtual call center software is that it provides applications for mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. This– one of the top Canadian VoIP providers, also enables management to record and analyze every phone call. 

Overall, the wide collection of Fonvirtual features considerably enhances the organization’s performance. Also, the system is simple to set up and operate. Some of Fonvirtual’s key features are given below.

Features of Fonvirtual:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system
  • Cloud-based ACD
  • Call recording
  • Call transcript
  • Filter by origin
  • Call transferring
  • Voicemail Greetings


  1. Excellent video and audio quality
  2. Real-time monitoring
  3. Fast customer support


  1. Complex set-up
  2. High charges for calling abroad
  3. Limited integration options
  4. No 24/7 support

Free Trial Period: 7 Days

Fonvirtual Pricing Plans: Fonvirtual offers tailored pricing. Businesses can contact their sales team using the given contact details, discuss their requirements, and get the best plan designed specifically for them.

11. 8×8

Through a flexible and mobile solution, 8×8, the best Canadian VoIP provider, helps businesses from various industries provide better customer service through a cloud-hosted communications platform, such as insurance, healthcare, finance, and transportation. It is also ideal for organizations with offices in multiple locations. 

Besides offering hosted VoIP business phone service, it also provides cloud-hosted call center solutions that enable unified communication that is more advanced but costs less than most traditional solutions.

8X8 Dashboard

This best virtual phone number provider in Canada has many features, including call forwarding, recording, hosted PBX, extension dialing, directory assistance, ring groups, and more. In addition, 8×8 is compatible with a wide range of business applications and systems.


  1. 3-Way Calling
  2. Call Center Management
  3. Auto-Dialer
  4. Multi-Channel Communication
  5. Real-Time Reporting


  1. There are cheaper price plans available for larger businesses
  2. With the cheapest plan, you can call 14 countries for free
  3. Works great on mobile and desktop


  1. Missing productive features
  2. The analytics reports are not configurable
  3. Voice delay
  4. You won’t be able to call countries, including Japan, Italy, Poland, etc


  • Express – $15 per user/month
  • X2 – $24 per user/month
  • X4 – $44 per user/month

12. Mighty Call

MightyCall, one of the leading Canadian VoIP providers, offers essential features and integrations that distinguish MightyCall from its competitors, Grasshopper and Google Voice. 

Additionally, for small businesses looking to ditch the restrictions of traditional landline systems, MightyCall is a very budget-friendly phone system starting at just $12 per user per month. It also offers  VoIP phone numbers in Canada. 

mightycall dashboard

Although MightyCall doesn’t have as many features as larger voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) providers or unified communications, its customer service is praised by its reviews. 

As a result, it is an ideal choice if your business needs inexpensive calling with essential features such as call recording, CRM integration, etc.


  1. Multi-level IVR
  2. Call Routing
  3. Music on hold
  4. Custom greetings


  1. MightyCall offers dial-by-name directory with all plans
  2. Voicemail transcription
  3. In addition, to call recording, MightyCall offers unlimited storage, an uncommon feature in the industry.


  1. Few unified communications features
  2. Free trial is only 7 days
  3. The IP phone is only supported above the base tier
  4. MightyCall auto-attendant doesn’t offer self-service or voice support


  • Small Team: $15 per month/user
  • Business: $20 per month/user
  • Enterprise: $200 per month

13. Dialpad

If you’re looking for a platform with an intuitive design combined with affordable pricing, Dialpad is the best Canadian VoIP provider. It provides businesses with a straightforward and effective communication tool.

Dialpad dashboard

With this fully automated communication system, you won’t miss any details or spend a fortune on more information. With Voice Intelligence (Vi) technology, Dialpad stands out because it analyzes and transcribes live calls, among other things. 

As a result of live transcription, notes can be created, which you can consult for follow-up with customers and teammates.


  1. Voice Intelligence (Vi)
  2. Web Conferencing
  3. Interactive Voice Response
  4. Power Dialer


  1. Excellent customer support
  2. AI-based voice intelligence is available on every plan
  3. Offers a wide variety of features


  1. Scalability is difficult
  2. Not available worldwide
  3. Platforms eligible for integration are limited
  4. No 24/7 support on the basic plan


  • Standard – $15.00 per user/per month
  • Pro – $25.00 per user/per month
  • Enterprise – Custom plans

14. Intermedia Unite

Intermedia Unite is a cloud-based solution to improve business communication and customer experience for small and medium businesses and offers VoIP Canada numbers.

Intermedia Unite dashboard

Through the company’s technology, you can communicate with your customers by phone, chat, and video from your laptop and fully integrate your communications. 

The Unite Mobile App allows you to take your work and communications with you wherever you go by switching your workspace to any smartphone. 

Additionally, the team chats feature will enable you to communicate with colleagues in a group or individual chat, and file sharing and collaboration features allow you to share files with colleagues easily.


  1. Video and audio conferencing
  2. Auto attendant
  3. Voicemail transcription
  4. Call monitoring
  5. Call transfer, hold, & three-way calling
  6. On-hold music


  1. Ample features for video conferencing
  2. Multiple software integration options
  3. Many helpful VoIP features


  1. Limited call monitoring features
  2. Quite expensive than its competitors
  3. Frequent call drops
  4. You have to pay extra for additional services, like toll-free numbers

15. Cloud Talk

Due to its multi-level menu and intuitive call flow builder, CloudTalk provides businesses and call centers with the best interactive voice (IVR) system. In addition, subscriptions include advanced features that CloudTalk rivals typically charge more for, such as call recording and skills-based routing. 

cloudtalk dashboard

CloudTalk, a top-rated VoIP provider in Canada, offers a variety of integrations that make it an excellent choice for companies looking to connect their CRM, help desk, or other third-party software to their business phone system. 

Furthermore, CloudTalk’s contact center features support inbound and outbound call teams and provide monitoring and recording capabilities.


  1. Customized IVR menu greetings
  2. On-hold music
  3. Power dialer 
  4. Click-to-call function
  5. Skills-based routing


  1. Free trial available
  2. Provide virtual phone numbers in more than 140 countries
  3. Provides integration with 2,500+ software programs, including CRMs, e-commerce, and help desks


  1. Multimedia messaging isn’t available
  2. Audio conferencing is limited to three people
  3. Call drops
  4. Some vital features like analytics are only available in advanced plan


  • Starter – $30 /User/Month
  • Essential – $40 /User/Month
  • Expert – $60 /User/Month
  • Custom – Available on Request


How to Get a Canada VoIP Number? Step-by-Step Guide

Getting a virtual number for Canada is a simple and quick 5-step process. Furthermore, if followed correctly, the process will take no more than 3 minutes to complete! This means you can call your first Canada customer within three minutes of starting the process!

So, without further ado, let’s get down to business. Simply follow the five steps listed below to get a Canada business phone number!

  • Sign up with CallHippo.
  • Log in with the username and password. This will take you to the CallHippo dashboard.
  • Click on ‘Add Number’, select Canada as the country. Following that, you can filter the numbers as per your requirements and select a number from the number pool.
  • Make payment.
  • After you’ve established a centralized virtual phone number for your business, you’ll need to add the rest of your team members.
  • Following that, you have to link your personal phone number to the virtual number. This allows them to make and receive calls from the Canada.

That’s it! However, it is crucial to note that the users who will be answering the calls must be entered into the system first.

This brings us to the end of our list of the top 15 Canadian VoIP providers in 2023. As we have seen, each of these 15 VoIP providers in Canada has a unique set of features, pros and cons, pricing plans, security systems, and so on. So choose the one that best meets your needs and help you level-up your business game!

The Bottom Line: Finding the best Canadian VoIP providers isn’t rocket science, but it’s not that easy as well. You must consider several elements such as pricing, features, customer support, software update frequency, additional cost, installation process, data security, and so on. For this reason, it is recommended that you spend enough time evaluating each of the products before making a final decision. This will not only save you from choosing the wrong product, but it will also ensure the growth of your business.

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