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How to Get a Canadian Phone Number from Abroad?

Simplify your phone communication with a cost-effective, secure and reliable virtual phone solution

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Naim Vakil

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: October 11, 2023

Establishing seamless communication with customers remains a primitive goal for any business. Yet, whether you’re a startup or an established business, telephony remains the first choice of global customers. Many companies try to get a Canadian phone number in the modern and competitive industry with stiff margins and an array of niche competitors.

The reasons are simple and impressive as the Canadian market is one of the world’s top ten economies. However, its link with the US economy makes it a tough market to crack, and businesses are always searching for outstanding solutions to enter the Canadian markets.

So, we have an emerging market- Canada and its increasing telephony requirements. Statistics reveal that the digital population of Canada is 35.63 million as of January 2021. So, let us give you a detailed insight into the best way to establish your hold in the Canadian economy while keeping your operational costs low. 

We’ve bifurcated the entire process for businesses to get a Canadian phone number – starting from understanding the local numbers, VoIP providers, the quick method to find the service provider, top reasons to go for it, and the overall costs.

Why Do You Need Canada Virtual Phone Number For Business? 

Why Need Canada Virtual Phone Number

It is often not about the competitive edge but about the right decision at the right time that can make or break the business. The contribution of small companies in virtual telephony is set to increase by 15% by the end of 2025. There can be many reasons for wanting a Canadian phone number, like expanding business in Canada, opening a new business venture in Canada, or providing a number to your customers in Canada so they can reach you. Let’s have a look at the reasons in detail.

A ) Increases Trustworthiness

Suppose you are planning to expand your business to Canada. In that case, getting a virtual Canadian phone number will be the most viable option to lay a strong foundation for your business, as people should be able to trust the brand. Also, nowadays, customers prefer everything online as a result, so customers prefer trustworthy businesses. Having toll-free or local phone numbers makes the business more reliable.

B ) Better Customer Experience

Serving customers in the best possible way is the end solution for all technological investments, and the Canada virtual phone numbers offer the same.

First of all, the customers can contact the business at any time, and there is no delay for customers to get their voices heard. Furthermore, virtual telephony never compromises the customer experience because of its high uptime.

C ) No Location Constraints

VoIP is all about offering services through internet connectivity. Further, the requirements of hardware and telephone lines like the traditional PBX systems are eliminated. Hence, using the Canada VoIP number makes it possible to eliminate the infrastructure requirements and associated risks.

The challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic have further laid stress on remote working, and virtual telephony is the ideal option. There is no looking back for the businesses that use cloud-based virtual phone services in Canada. The teams can access customer calls from any corner of the world and at any time without increasing the risks of customer attrition due to poor communication.

D ) Reduces Dropped Calls

Call dropping can be hampered effectively as this system operates completely on internet connections, and VoIP providers ensure 100% uptime as opposed to conventional telephony systems. With such advanced operability, the reliability factor of the business is enhanced and improves the customer experience and retention rate.

Which Are The Types Of Canada Phone Numbers?

As a business organization planning to conduct business operations in Canada, you might be interested in two things, i.e., providing customer services and a number from which you can reach potential customers in Canada. So, for example, if you are headquartered in India and want to conduct calls in Canada, it will be extremely costly to call Canada from your number in India.

The best alternative for you is to get a Canadian number with which connecting with existing and potential customers is easy, and you can seamlessly conduct business operations. There are two types of phone numbers that you require. They are:

1. Toll-free numbers

For companies whose focus is to provide customer support to their customers and want to offer an easy way in which customers can reach them free of cost. Then such companies must get a toll-free number.

2. Virtual phone numbers

Those brands or enterprises who want to expand their clientele can opt for virtual phone numbers from VoIP to reach potential customers.

Hence, these are the cost-effective type of phone numbers that you can get in Canada to enhance the effectiveness of your business operations cost-effectively.

How To Get a Canadian Phone Number From Abroad?

Get a Canadian Phone Number from abroad

The best way to get a Canadian phone number is through a VoIP provider, as it is the most cost-effective method whether you are a small or a large business. VoIP providers like CallHippo can be the best for your business as they offer advanced functionalities, excellent uptime, seamless connectivity, etc. Apart from that, it is extremely easy to get a phone number from these providers. For example, you can get a phone number from CallHippo in just three simple steps. They are as follows:

Step 1: The first and foremost step is to sign up for CallHippo.

Step 2: Choose the country you want the phone number for.

Step 3: Select the phone number and make the payment.

Hence, this is the perfect answer on how to get a Canadian phone number for your organization and start processing in no time.

How Much Does A Canada Phone Number Cost?

callhippo pricing

There are many VoIP providers in Canada, and all of them offer virtual phone numbers and services at different prices. But let’s have a look at CallHippo’s plans and prices as a detailed example.

Why Choose Callhippo For A Virtual Canadian Phone Number?

CallHippo is the market leader in virtual telephony and has a vast range of advanced features that lead to increased bottom-line results. In addition, there are other reasons why you should choose CallHippo. Let’s look at those:

1. Advanced Features

From the basic plan, CallHippo offers advanced features that will streamline your calling processes and enhance efficiency.

2. Easy Setup

The onboarding process is extremely easy, and you can start making and receiving calls in no time.

3. Simple Integration

CallHippo can be easily integrated with the third-party applications that you utilize in your organization.

4. Security

The framework is extremely secure, the data management gets easy, and you can have complete control over giving access to the data to the team members you want.

5. Quick ROI

CallHippo is highly scalable, and the streamlined processes will lead you to gain the desired ROI quickly.

So there are the main reasons why you should prefer CallHippo, and apart from that, it is trusted by global brands that are included in Fortune 500 companies.

Wrapping Up

After having a detailed look at the need to get a Canadian phone number, it is imperative for businesses to take the plunge and invest in the best virtual phone number. 

There are many reasons for businesses to invest in Canadian virtual phone numbers. With leading service providers like CallHippo, you can be guaranteed affordable and accessible service. So do not delay any further, get a Canadian phone number to increase operational efficiency and surge ahead of the competition.


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