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green tickDate: February 3, 2023

Establishing seamless communication with customers remains a primitive goal for any business. Yet, whether you’re a startup or an established business, telephony remains the first choice of global customers. Many companies try to get a Canadian phone number in the modern and competitive industry with stiff margins and an array of niche competitors.

The reasons are simple and impressive as the Canadian market is one of the world’s top ten economies. However, its link with the US economy makes it a tough market to crack, and businesses are always searching for outstanding solutions to enter the Canadian markets.

So, we have an emerging market- Canada and its increasing telephony requirements. Statistics reveal that the digital population of Canada is 35.63 million as of January 2021. So, let us give you a detailed insight into the best way to establish your hold in the Canadian economy while keeping your operational costs low. 

We’ve bifurcated the entire process for businesses to get a Canadian phone number – starting from understanding the local numbers, VoIP providers, the quick method to find the service provider, top reasons to go for it, and the overall costs.

What Is A Canadian Phone Number? 

Canadian phone number with (+1) code

A Canadian phone number is a number that serves as a local Canadian number but enables you to make or receive calls from anywhere in the world.

What is the Canada Phone Number Prefix and Format?

The format of Canadian phone numbers is the Bell System Format. All Canadian phone numbers have 11 digits and include a one-digit country code, i.e., +1.

This is followed by a three-digit area code and a three-digit central office code or exchange code. Finally, the last four digits of the 11 digits are the station code. Therefore, it is easy to understand the Canada phone number format.

It is all about the different area codes in Canadian phone numbers that spread to 40 currently. There are several main area codes, including 204, 306, 403, 416, 418, 514, 604, 613, 902, etc. 

Recently, area code 367 was added. These area codes are specific to the regions and help establish the business phone number’s authenticity and actual location. A Canadian phone number example will help you understand the concept of area codes quickly.

To reach customers located in the Vancouver area of Canada, your business number should have area code 236, area code 365 is for Hamilton, and area code 249 is for the Sudbury region. 

What are the Types of Canada Phone Numbers?

There are two types of Canada Phone numbers –

Local numbers

These numbers are ideal for making Canada’s location the business identification point. These numbers start with the city code. For example, the local numbers for Montreal will contain the Montreal phone code as a prefix, i.e., 438, and Toronto’s local number will have 647 prefixes. 

These numbers come with many benefits, including quick regional association, easy identification, and helping businesses generate revenue from the local association.

Toll-Free numbers

These are the second-most used options in Canadian phone numbers. These numbers may start with 800, 855, or 888. These are free for the customers while the businesses have to pay an additional per minute cost. 

If any business is looking to establish phone services in Canada, toll-free numbers are the best option as these numbers encourage the customers to contact the company. It also makes the business interactive and helps them pitch the latest deals and offers to Canadian customers.

What is Canada Phone Number Example?

Canada Phone numbers are written as XXX-XXX-XXXX, for example, 303 333 0200. This is not a real number and a fictional number. This number could also be written in the format (303) 333-0200, 303-333-0200, 303-3330200, or 303/333-0200.

How to Choose the Best Canada Phone Number Generator?

Get Canada Phone Number from CallHippo in 3 minutes

Once the business decide to get the Canada VoIP number, the actual efficacy of this mode of telephony is dependent on the Canada phone number provider. Therefore, selecting the right provider is essential to have a Canadian phone number outside Canada. 

The first-timers or the startups may feel overwhelmed by this crucial selection. Below are the quick steps to ensure the proper selection out of all the service providers available in the market:

1 ) Understand Business Requirements

It is not necessary that a VoIP provider ideal for one company may suit the needs of the other. The best way is to list the mandatory telephony requirements and go for the ideal service provider to match these requirements.

2 ) Examine Various Services

Once the list of telephony requirements is ready, the next step is to start looking for the call quality and the uptime statistics of the service provider. The call quality is necessary for smooth interaction while the uptime ensures seamless connectivity around the clock.

3 ) Check The Type of Support

Businesses looking to get a Canadian phone number for the first time require dedicated support if there are any technical or non-technical issues. A service provider that offers omnichannel support is ideal for these businesses. In addition, omnichannel support further improves the customer experience.

4 ) Ensure Cloud-based Services

Cloud technology can improve the effectiveness of any VoIP provider. Thus, it is advisable to choose telephony services that support cloud telephony. Furthermore, it is essential to leverage the optimized benefits of all features, including those used in remote working. 

In addition, the storage and subscription services of the cloud make it easy for multiple businesses to offer high-end services to global customers.

5 ) Read Online Reviews

Many times, the existing users of any service provider can offer the best suggestions about their services. It is due to the first-hand experience of these users. Therefore, before finalizing any VoIP provider, it is crucial to go through different online platforms containing reviews and testimonials for the existing customers.

6 ) Go Through Pricing Plans

After having a detailed look at all the top features, it is time to look at the different pricing plans of the Canada VoIP number providers. It is easy to shortlist at least two service providers based on features and then go for the one that offers highly affordable services.

How to Evaluate a VoIP Provider for a Canadian Phone Number

Features of VoIP provider for a Canadian phone number

Evaluating a VoIP provider is the first step for getting a Canadian phone number from anywhere. More than 31% of global businesses are already using VoIP telephony services.

After knowing all about Canadian numbers, Canadian phone number examples, and area codes for calling Toronto, it comes down to selecting the Canadian business number provider.

Businesses have no base in Canada but want to have a local area number while staying outside Canada have the advantage of the Voice-over-Internet-Protocol technology. Abbreviated as VoIP, there is a strong demand for Canadian VoIP providers due to the following reasons:

1 ) Apex Call Quality

Any interruption in the business telephony directly impacts the revenue. For example, if customers cannot contact a service provider, they will quickly switch to a second service provider. 

The Canada VoIP number can offer call forwarding that helps answer every incoming call and query without missing. In addition, these calls can be recorded for contact management, and you can maintain the entire database of history and records. 

The call routing to multiple phone numbers facilitates remote working. Also, there are enormous other features in virtual telephony that make work remote or serve the Canadian markets without being physically located in the region.

2 ) Expand Business Reach

It is easy to expand the business reach as portability is achieved using the Canada VoIP numbers. Business teams can quickly answer calls without any time barriers or location barriers. 

The best part is that this business reach is achieved without investing in the physical offices at different locations in Canada. Hence, virtual telephony saves operational costs for various businesses with internet connectivity.

3 ) Improve Accessibility

If any business wants to reach international clients, it is impossible without VoIP numbers. It makes it easy for customers from Canada to call the company and establish a dedicated customer base on foreign soil. 

Going through virtual telephony is the perfect option for global customers if any business wants to be available around the clock. The Canada VoIP number improves the accessibility to businesses irrespective of the location and type of the company.

How to Get a Canadian Phone Number After Selecting a Provider? 

get a Canadian phone number from CallHippo

After selecting the service provider, businesses have to follow a quick process to get a Canadian phone number. The different service providers have other techniques for sanctioning Canadian phone numbers.

However, selecting an effective and affordable service provider like CallHippo has only a six-step process for getting a Canadian phone number. The quick steps for the process are:

    1. First, sign up with the CallHippo platform.
    2. You will then be able to access the dashboard of CallHippo services by entering your username and password.
    3. Finally, go to the “Add Number” option and go for the country selection as Canada. 
    4. Based on their preferences, any business can choose from various numbers.
    5. Finally, complete the payment to get the Canada VoIP number.
    6. Once the centralized virtual phone number is established, adding the different team members is easy. 

Lastly, you need to link the personal number to the virtual number. Then, it is easy to start using your Canada VoIP number.

Why Do You Need Canada Virtual Phone Number For Business? 

Reasons why you need a Canadian phone number for business

It is often not about the competitive edge but about the right decision at the right time that can make or break the business. The contribution of small companies in virtual telephony is set to increase by 15% by the end of 2025. It is wise to understand the main reasons behind the popularity of Canada’s virtual phone numbers. First, businesses prefer Canada VoIP numbers due to the following reasons:

A ) Team Collaboration

If any startup or small business wants to offer high-end tools and technology to their teams, that can ultimately empower them to work on high efficiencies. The power of a virtual number is unbeatable as the team members can access these services from their current location only. 

The powerful features like call recording, call diverting, etc., help the team manage internal communication while the omnichannel support ensures that the customers are never alone. 

Further, businesses invested in Canada’s VoIP number have witnessed improved team efficiency even in the remote working model compared to traditional lines.

B ) Better Customer Experience

Serving customers in the best possible way is the end solution for all technological investments, and the Canada virtual phone numbers offer the same. 

First of all, the customers can contact the business at any time, and there is no delay for customers to get their voices heard. Furthermore, virtual telephony never compromises the customer experience because of its high uptime. 

The customers calling the businesses on their Canada VoIP number never know about it due to improved connectivity and the least downtime issues. 

C ) No Location Constraints

VoIP is all about offering services through internet connectivity. Further, the requirements of hardware and telephone lines like the traditional PBX systems are eliminated. Hence, using the Canada VoIP number makes it possible to eliminate the infrastructure requirements and associated risks.

The challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic have further laid stress on remote working, and virtual telephony is the ideal option. There is no looking back for the businesses that use cloud-based virtual phone services in Canada

The teams can access customer calls from any corner of the world and at any time without increasing the risks of customer attrition due to poor communication.

D ) Gain A Competitive Advantage

While virtual phone numbers offer all the above-listed benefits, the Canada VoIP number adds another feather to the cap of the businesses. The Canadian economy is the dream of every business, and it is not easy to enter a highly competitive market.

The best and easiest way is to control the costs and start reaching the local customers by winning the confidence of the localities. 

It allows the businesses to leverage the benefits of the Canadian economy over the competitors that underestimate the value of the local business phone numbers. The results increase the monthly and quarterly revenues while the businesses get established in the robust Canadian economy.

How Much Does a Canada Phone Number Cost? 

CallHippo Pricing for Canada Phone Number

While it is all about the revenue game and keeping the operational costs at a minimum, it is essential to know the overall costs involved to get a Canadian phone number.

First, virtual phone numbers are more affordable than PBX or traditional landline services to businesses. 

Businesses looking for Canadian phone numbers from outside Canada can go for these numbers to eliminate the roaming charges of around 1700 USD. 

Additionally, the Canada phone numbers can reduce operational costs by 30-50%, making them highly affordable and profitable.

According to the average cost, inbound rates are between 0.09 USD and 0.04 USD per minute for local Canada phone numbers and toll-free numbers. 

The toll-free numbers start from as low as 15 USD, while the local Canada phone numbers start from 4 USD only. 

Not only this, different VoIP providers offer decent call rates and a monthly subscription that makes the entire process highly affordable for small businesses and startups.

The leading Canada VoIP number service providers like CallHippo offer different components of pricing to match the business requirements. 

A quick look at CallHippo’s pricing plan for a Canadian phone number is as follows:

    • Monthly costs: The monthly costs of the Canada VoIP number from CallHippo includes one free number, skill-based call routing, shared inbox, voicemail, SMS, call forwarding, etc. It starts as low as 15 USD per month.
    • Outbound and inbound calls: The cost of outbound calls start from 0.02 USD per minute, and the inbound calls start from 0.033 USD per minute.
    • Add-on services: Businesses looking for more from their Canada VoIP number can opt for optional add-on services to improve their telephony services. 

These add-ons include voicemail transcription at 1.5 USD per month, number masking at 1.99 USD per month, custom caller ID at 12 USD per month, call tracking insights at 25 USD per month, and call scribe at 10 USD per month.

Why Choose CallHippo for Canada Virtual Phone Number?

While the pricing plans of CallHippo are highly affordable for any business looking to get a Canadian phone number, there are multiple reasons that CallHippo is the perfect choice for all businesses.

Some of the top reasons for the same include:

1 ) A Plethora of Features

The Canada VoIP services offered by CallHippo are powered by multiple unique and powerful features, including a power dialer, smart switch, global connection, etc. These features are ideal for the teams to communicate customer queries quickly. 

Further, call features like call recording, call transfer, call barging, call forwarding, call queuing, etc., ensure that the team is never alone while handling customer calls. In addition, the voicemail, on-hold music, and dedicated call analytics make it easy for businesses to track their reports.

2 ) Comprehensive Options in Canada VoIP numbers

Whether any business is looking for a toll-free number or Canada’s local area number, CallHippo is the perfect option. There are multiple options in the local area numbers and toll-free numbers to choose from, calling Toronto or Montreal phone codes. Hence, businesses get a choice to select any number according to their requirements.

3 ) Quick Setup

There is no need to wait to use the phone services in Canada as CallHippo services take a couple of minutes to set up. Further, it is easy for first-timers to set up these services without issues. And besides, the market for VoIP is only set to rise in 2023 with the given Statista report of stagnant growth of $157 million for 2021.

4 ) Multiple Integrations

While taking the Canada VoIP number from CallHippo, businesses are never left alone as it supports more than 85 integrations. Some of the popular integrations used by the existing users of CallHippo include Zendesk, Zoho books, Zapier, Intercom, Help Scout, Copper, Re: amaze, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Pipedrive, Slack, Shopify, etc.

5 ) High-security Standards

All the services from CallHippo are HIPAA compliance and PCI-compliant. Furthermore, the GDPR compliance adherence of the CallHippo ensures that there is no breach of data security or business details. Thus, any modern business looking for high-security technology can’t miss CallHippo VoIP services.

6 ) Trusted by Global Brands

There is no need to look at the positive reviews of CallHippo as more than 5000 international brands trust the company. In addition, the Canada VoIP number services of CallHippo are used by multiple fortune 500 companies.

Wrapping Up

After having a detailed look at the need to get a Canadian phone number, it is imperative for businesses to take the plunge and invest in the best virtual phone number. 

There are many reasons for businesses to invest in Canadian virtual phone numbers. With leading service providers like CallHippo, you can be guaranteed affordable and accessible service. So do not delay any further, get a Canadian phone number to increase operational efficiency and surge ahead of the competition.


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