What is ‘Virtual Office’? 

Virtual Office an amazing service which provides you all the benefits of an office without being tied down to a traditional office space. Virtual Office is a cyberspace work environment where a business is mainly done through web-based communication and computing technologies. Basically, company owners and employees work from remote locations, use personal devices laptops, computers, and mobiles and stay connected through the internet.

Benefits of Setting up a Virtual Office:

  • Save Commute Time
  • Increase Your Employee Productivity
  • Work with Global Talent
  • Save money on technology
  • Work from anywhere
  • Easy expansion
  • Focus on Business Growth and Development rather than office maintenance

Things Required to Set up a Virtual Office in the USA

1. Virtual Address:

What is a Virtual Address?

A virtual address is an address that you own in a particular country to make a business presence to serve and gain the trust of your local customers of that particular country.

A Virtual Address enables telecommuters, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to take their businesses to the next level without the need for dedicated office space. It gives ease to make a business presence to potential business partners or customers in a particular country.

How does it work?

If you do a simple Google search with “340 S LEMON AVE, WALNUT, CA” you will find multiple companies listed under the same address. All these companies are sharing the same virtual address. The PO box number will, however, be different from each other. Here is what the search looks like in this case:

There are many portals available online like virtualpostmail and regus which offer virtual addresses in the USA and other countries.

What do they offer?

Whenever you get a snail mail in your PO Box, such services will scan the envelope, and send it to your Email address. You can choose to get the scan of the inside document over email or get the hard copy via courier. There might be additional charges for any of the above two actions.

These companies also provide other services like:

  • A receptionist to handle your calls
  • Access to offices, meeting rooms and workspace when you need a face to face time with your clients or partners depending upon your package

2. Virtual Phone Number:

How to get Virtual Phone Number?

To stay connected with your customers around the world you need Phone Numbers which can give you conversation efficiency. A Cloud Telephony System like Aircall, CallHippo, and TalkDesk can provide you virtual phone numbers. You can get the phone number of multiple countries from such a platform.

For example- Sitting in your own country, you can buy a US/UK/Any other country phone number. You can make calls through this number via web/ mobile app of Aircall/ CallHippo/ Talkdesk. The person you are making the calls to will see the number you have purchased and can receive it on his mobile or landline ( i.e. US/UK/Any other country)

Other benefits of a Cloud Telephony System are:

  • Real-time Call Recordings and Analysis
  • Web Browser Call facility
  • Efficient Working Hours
  • Team Collaboration
  • Call Forwarding, Tracking, and Queuing
  • Voice Mail Greetings
  • IVRS
  • Virtual Contact List 

3. Taxation:

Taxation rules vary with each and every country so, before setting up a Virtual Office you need to make sure you are clear with the rules and regulations of the country. However, rules to set up a business in the USA is comparatively liberal compared to other countries.

There are ample websites like Rocketlawyer and UpCounsel which will provide you each and every legal advice to set up a Virtual Office in the USA.

4. A Bank Account In USA:

Opening a Bank Account in the USA might be difficult as you don’t have your physical presence there. There are many roadblocks to open up an account in the USA but that’s where Stripe Atlas comes to your rescue. Stripe is a payment gateway that helps you open Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Account without physical presence. Atlas helps you get your Tax ID from IRS and your Delaware C Corp. Incorporation Certificate. This account can be used for all your international transactions through the Stripe gateway.  


Virtual Office has become a well-adopted concept all across the globe now. With Virtual Office you can grow your business to the countries like the USA where your potential customers reside. With a Virtual Address and Virtual Phone Number, you can gain the trust of the customers in the USA and with a bank account in the USA, you can make transactions across the globe.

The process of establishing a Virtual Office in the USA may seem little difficult but, with helping hands like CallHippo to get you a virtual phone number and Strip Atlas to own a USA bank account you can grow your business and expand it in the USA with ease.

If you have any queries, put it as a comment and we will try our best to solve it.  

Updated : September 10, 2021


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