Even though still in the category of developing countries, Brazil ranks in 10th position in the world economic rankings. It is almost the size of the USA when landmass is concerned. It has numerous opportunities for foreign investors and has a stable process for privatization and deregulation.

It’s that era of Brazil where the consumer class is making enough money, building appetite and buying, buying and buying. It is also the most advanced industrial sector for Americans. Another interesting thing about starting a business in Brazil is they have more phones than people which means the communication system is already in place and it is very easy to reach out to customers and know what they are looking for.

The only problem is people often get confused while calling in Brazil or trying to look up for a Brazilian telephone number.

So, let us first understand some basics about Telephone System in Brazil and then the calling party:


In Brazil, all regions have a specific geographical prefix.

Brazil regions_CallHippo


The Brazilian phone number has the format xxxx-xxxx. In Brazil usually, landlines start from 2 to 5 and mobile numbers usually start from 6 to 9.


Why VOIP for International calling?

VOIP virtual phone numbers are an extremely affordable solution when compared to a fixed telephone line. These numbers on a large scale are used by people who have business spread out internationally or want to power up business have their loved ones living abroad who they want to connect every now and then. They work similarly to the landline numbers. The entire process is the same the only difference is that calling through virtual phone number is cheaper as the call is routed through the internet instead of copper connected lines.

How to call Brazil from the USA?

Placing a call in Brazil can be extremely simple if you have some basic idea about the International Calling system. Before placing a call in Brazil there are some pre-requisite to consider as the current time in Brazil, US international prefix, Brazil’s country code, geographic code, and local phone number. While toll-free phone calls are ordinarily free, you might be charged a customary worldwide rate or much higher when calling from abroad. Take a stab at calling the customary number.

1)      Obtain the US country exit code

The exit code will enable you to dial out of the country. They are also referred to as “International access code” or (International Direct Dialing) IDD code.  Each country has its own country code. You can easily get yours using “Google”.

For the US and Canada, it’s 011.  For the UK, and many other countries like Argentina and New Zealand the exit code is “00”.


2)      Get the Brazil country code

A country code is like an entry gate to the country you want to call. For calling Brazil you will need its country code. They are usually of 2 digits and are mandatory to be dialed after entering the country exit code. For Brazil its “55”.

So, if you are calling from US or Canada your dialing pad should look something like this


3)   Choose a particular geographic area you want to call.

Area codes are usually 1-3 digits long. They are necessary to narrow down the calls geographically in the country you want to call. Brazil has a 2-digit area code.

So, if you are calling someone in Sao Paulo from your US Virtual Phone number your dialing pad should have


Where 11 is the geographic code for Sao-Paulo.

Ared code_CallHippo

4)      Last and final enter the mobile or landline number you want to call

Brazil uses an 8-digit local telephone number. Check the number you want to reach and just get it dialed on the keyboard.


Sometimes you might also want to call within Brazil so this one to give an insight into it.

How to call from a Brazilian phone number?

Calling a telephone number within the same geographic area in Brazil is very simple. Simply dial the 8-digit phone number.

But making a long-distance call to some different geographic area you will have to dial

        0+ carrier prefix+ geographic prefix+ phone number

And suppose if you want to call a US phone number then using a Brazilian Virtual phone number will be the best option. Using the Virtual Phone System will remove all the hassles of paying thrifty phone bills that are generated when making calls using fixed telephone lines.

Wrapping up!

If you have a complete understanding of the International phone system and a virtual phone number on hand the world will be a much smaller place for you. Stay connected to your family, friends, business partners, clients, investors through this powerful yet simple concept in the most affordable way possible.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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