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Guide To International Phone Numbers With List Of Calling Codes

With CallHippo you can buy an International phone number in less than 3 minutes from anywhere in the world. When you make outgoing calls your International telephone number will be displayed to your customers. You can receive incoming calls by forwarding your phone number or through our app.

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Cloud-based International Phone Numbers

Why Use Cloud-based International Phone Numbers?

To operate your business successfully globally, you need to establish a reliable, secure, yet cost-effective telephone system. In a global economy, you need a solution that enables you to place direct calls to various regions, from anywhere in the world. However, standard long-distance carrier fares can burn a massive hole in your pocket.

Fortunately, we now have VoIP-based Global phone numbers that allow you to make international calls within a fraction of typical long-distance call tariffs. Unlike traditional phone systems, cloud-based international telephone numbers use digital signals to route calls over the internet. They are not tied to physical phone lines.

CallHippo is a leading VoIP service provider. Virtual international phone numbers from CallHippo allow you to connect with your customers and stakeholders worldwide, on-the-go, no matter where you are in the world.

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Expand You Business Globally with International Phone Number

Since businesses have gone global, they need to compete with local and worldwide companies. The competition is growing fierce, and thus, it has become imperative for companies to make use of all the possible resources to survive. One such support is a robust business phone system with an international phone number.

Virtual phone number with international phone plans enhance the way companies enter foreign markets. As they look exactly like an ordinary local phone number, virtual phone numbers with international phone codes don’t let the customers get to know if the call is being answered from another country.

Expand into Global Markets with Local Caller IDs

Having a virtual phone number with international country code frees your customers from the concerns of mobile international calling rates. This, in turn, eliminates the need for setting up any separate phone system for handling your global business.

Appear Local to Your Customers

You can display an international phone number as your caller ID so that your clients feel as if they are talking to someone local. Moreover, you do not require setting up an office in another country. You can handle each of your businesses from a single phone system. Hence, it enables you to create a local presence in any country with the respective international phone code.

Get International Phone Number For Over 50+ Countries:

You may be aware that each country has its own unique International calling code that allows you to connect to the correct international telephone circuit when making an international call. These country codes are typically dialed before the national phone number.

However, some countries also have a separate international calling code for VoIP service. This means that if you call from a VoIP system, you will have to dial a different country code than the one that you dial from a landline phone or a mobile phone. The following is a list of countries, along with their dialing codes/country codes.

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Why Your Business Needs An International Phone Number?

Create a Local Market Identity with CallHippo International Number

It is vital to create a local market identity for your brand to improve its connection with the local customers and find more acceptance among them. This is where a global phone number can help.

When you call your customers using a virtual international phone number from CallHippo, all they see is a local phone number on their phones. In other words, it helps you appear ‘local.’

CallHippo offers virtual international telephone numbers for over 50 countries across the world. Let’s take a look at how a global phone number from CallHippo can be beneficial for your business:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

With a virtual phone number from CallHippo, you will not have to go through the hassle of setting up a physical office space in the country. International VoIP phone numbers from CallHippo are incredibly affordable. They will cost you much less than traditional methods of international calling.

2. Flexibility

When you use a virtual international phone number, you can manage your operations and customer relations in a particular country without having to be physically present in that country. You can expand your business to a new country and create a local presence for your brand, from any part of the world. You can get calls routed to your mobile phone no matter where you are.

3. Operational Efficiency

CallHippo also provides a range of advanced, user-friendly features such as auto-dialing, call forwarding, call recording, reporting, and analytics, etc. along with its virtual phone numbers. You can choose the features you need and customize a solution for your business.

4. Privacy and Security

When you use CallHippo’s virtual international phone numbers, you can be assured of the utmost privacy. Your customers can connect with you when they dial your DID virtual phone number without any security risks posed to your personal phone number.

5. Specific Area Codes

Customers are more likely to accept your calls if they see a phone number from a familiar area code, or better yet, their own area code. When you buy virtual phone numbers for Croatia from CallHippo, you can choose area codes for your phone number based on your location of your targeted customers.

Frequently Asked Question

What is an international phone number?
International phone numbers help make voice calls over the internet without needing a physical phone or a SIM card. Businesses often use Internet phone numbers to create a global presence and support their overseas clientele. This allows companies to serve their international customers from anywhere in the world without having to use any specialized hardware. Thus, international phone numbers from VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers allow firms to expand their user-base, market-share, and services inexpensively and with greater convenience.
Why use an international country code?

When your business depends on connecting to global clients, having a phone number with international country code is helpful. Here’s why:

  • Having a number with international calling code lets people identify your location. The calling codes or country codes specific where your business is based.
  • The international country code helps you create a local presence. Let’s say; if people in El Salvador see that your business is based in El Salvador, they will likely purchase from you.
  • The callers won’t hesitate in calling you when they will find your number with international phone code, i.e., for them it would be a local number.
How do I get an international phone number?
You can get an international telephone number in just three steps at CallHippo. Firstly, sign up and create your business account. Secondly, select the country that you want and choose your number. Lastly, check out and pay securely to start using the number.
How many digits are in an international phone number?
CallHippo offers you more than 50+ international country phone numbers, the phone number digits may vary from country to country. It can be anything from 6 to 10 excluding the country code.
Can I choose an international phone code outside of my country?
Yes, you can choose an international code for over 50 countries with CallHippo and create a local presence in the global market. You do not need to have a physical presence in a specific country to obtain a number for that region.
Can I obtain multiple phone numbers from CallHippo?
You can absolutely have multiple virtual phone numbers from CallHippo. However, additional costs will be applicable for hosting more than one number from your CallHippo account. Please view our international phone plans for more information.

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