The United States is going through a huge economic revolution! It is a lucrative market with tons of opportunities for businesses from all industrial sectors. This is the reason that many companies based in various parts of the world are enhancing business profits with US phone numbers.

While there is no doubt that the US market is ripe and the ideal place for businesses to diversify operations, it is also highly competitive. Your organization will need to be on the top of its game to rise above the sea of competition and make its mark amongst local US customers.

Sorting out your communication strategy is one aspect that you will really need to look into if you wish to capture the attention of local clients. Your organization will need to establish seamless transparent two-way communication channels to enhance collaboration between team members, customers, suppliers, and external business partners.

Most organizations that enter the US market generally struggle with setting up a robust communication system, and this often leads to their downfall. So, is there any holistic solution? US virtual phone numbers are the perfect answer to this question – this potent marketing tool builds up sales, increases customer service levels, and reduces all expenses related to communication.

How Will Your US Virtual Phone Number Work?

The United States of America is a booming market that is buzzing with lots of job opportunities.  Cites such as Alaska, San Francisco, Columbia, Boston, and Chicago are some prime business areas that have a lot of potentials. Easy entry policies, a cosmopolitan consumer base, and a conducive legal climate make them business hotspots for companies aspiring to break through the United States market space.

If you get a US virtual phone number, your customers can call from all over the world. All they have to do is dial the United States country code (+1) and then the local area region code of the city where you are based – it’s a sure shot way to gain credibility and forge genuine connections with your clients.

It is important to assess your exact business requirements before you go ahead and purchase a virtual phone system. If your organization deals with a high number of support calls daily, you should consider investing in a toll-free number. This will ensure that your customers can get in touch for technical assistance at any time of the day, and will not have to pay a single penny when they make a call. It opens multiple channels of communication for your valued customers, engages them in a positive manner, and improves the overall customer experience.

How Can A Business Phone Help Your US-Based Operations?

If you have decided to expand your business operations to the United States of America, you probably have enough to worry about, rather than thinking about changing your entire phone system. Well, once you realize the benefits and immense advantages that your company will accrue, you might just change your mind about US phone numbers.How-To-Get-The-Best-VoIP-Call-Quality-In-The-USA-middle

So, what is it about VoIP phone solutions that are making all major industries adopt them and ditch the traditional wired phone lines? Here are some instant benefits of business phone systems that will motivate you to get a US phone number immediately:

Locate Your Customers:

It is extremely tough to move into an unknown market and look out for new clientele. Most local customers prefer to endorse established brands that they are familiar with, and do not even bother to try out a new brand. A US phone number will make it super easy for your organization to locate and target new customers. If you have a US Virtual phone number, you can easily forward a call to your head office, mobile device, or any specific contact call center. The best part about it is that your customers will view it as local even though your organization may have its business headquarters across the ocean or continent!

Engage Your Clients Better:

With the advent of a super-competitive business market, there is nothing that customers want more than a super comfortable calling experience. They want the flexibility of calling customer service at any time of the day and receive excellent service. 

If you invest in a US phone number, the community members of local regions in the US will be easily able to call you as there will be multiple lines of transparent communication. Clients will not have to wait for long periods of time and get frustrated due to poor customer service – all they need to do is dial the US virtual phone number or toll-free number and get connected to a customer support representative!

Personalize The Experience:

If you want to connect with your clients, it is imperative to personalize the calling experience. Virtual phone systems have great features that can be customized to ensure that your customers feel special. You can play pre-recorded messages to your customers to strike a genuine connection with them and even wish them on birthdays and other special occasions. 

Another useful facility of VoIP phone service is that users can play music or company messages for customers while they are waiting for a company agent to attend their call. This helps them develop a better rapport with your organization and rank them high on the satisfaction scale.

Enjoy Novel Business Features:

The number one function of any office phone system is to provide apex voice quality along with a host of ancillary features. US phone numbers have a diverse array of innovative top-of-the-line features that improve interdepartmental communication. You will be able to divert calls on any other phone line if your support representatives are unavailable at a particular time. 

VoIP call recorder will make it possible to go through any conversation, even at a later time, so as to improve performance and enhance training sessions. Some other advanced features include call barging, call queuing, planner, interactive voice response, and voicemail. Many companies also integrate their CRM with the virtual phone system for flexible functionality and to have a unified information database.

Build Up Accessibility:

Remote work, globalization, and internet-based calling applications have made it necessary for organizations to invest in an agile and accessible communication system. No company would want to miss out on precious calls and lose out on vital business opportunities due to a lack of communication. So, if you have expanded operations to the US markets or need to make calls to the US from other Countries, ensure to get a US VoIP phone number – it is the best way to stay connected in real-time. 

Your employees will not need to remain constricted to any particular physical office location, rather they can attend business calls on the move. Remote workers can provide customer support and receive calls from any corner of the globe and ensure business goes on smoothly, even if they are working from home.

Seamless Scalability:

When your organization kickstarts operations in the United States, you can be certain that it will proceed on a fast growth trajectory. In such a scenario, you will definitely want to make sure that your communication system is scalable. Getting a US phone number is a holistic solution as you will be able to purchase additional phone lines or business modules as per your requirement. This will help you reduce initial investment and lead to exponential end revenues.

Tips To Get The Best VoIP Call Quality in the USA

Try out these tips to improve poor VoIP call quality and enjoy a seamless calling experience with your US phone number. 

1. Cut the Jitter 

In order to fix the issue, you can upgrade your Ethernet cord to a Category 6 (CAT6) cable. For example, your provider might have given you a previous-generation Category 5 (CAT5) cable that only supports about 125 MHz. At the same time, CAT6 cables can easily transmit data at around 250 MHz. To address minor VoIP call quality issues, this can be a solution. If the new cable doesn’t solve the jitter issue, you can try implementing a jitter buffer. Your VoIP provider can help you configure a buffer that can store your data packets in the sequence, and then they will be delivered in evenly spaced intervals. This will help you get the best VoIP call quality with your US phone number.  

2. Purchase a New Headset

Tell us something. Will you expect your favorite recording artist to use a cheap set of headphones? The thought is enough for you to roll your eyes. So, when it comes to your business, why are you managing with an old headset? VoIP headsets are available in the range of $(1-400). You can choose to invest in noise-canceling headphones to get the best VoIP call quality. Corded and USB headsets can deliver more stable sound as compared to Bluetooth headsets.

3. Make Sure Your Router Prioritizes Your VoIP

Routing VoIP calls via a traditional home or small business router is not a great idea. If you are a solo operator working from home or an IT professional, make sure you have as many of your wireless routers. They can prioritize VoIP traffic over other traffic. These routers can be as inexpensive as $200 for small businesses and as expensive as $3,000 for more heavy-duty use. 

4. Reduce Your Bandwidth

This tip holds true for all new home network users that have been using a VoIP service for some time now. Whether you are using a residential VoIP account or extending your service to remote employees, these networks come with their fair share of problems. But, what is the reason behind this? Loads of traffic on the same network not only take up space but also causes packet collisions and other network hiccups that impact your call quality. One way to achieve good VoIP call quality is to reduce the bandwidth used by other apps during your VoIP sessions. This is an ideal situation for people who live alone. However, people living with friends and family will need more coordination. If you face issues regarding your router, you can contact your IT person and get your settings changed. In this manner, you will be able to set a separate network inside your physical network and dedicate it to only VoIP use. 

5. Monitor Your Network Traffic

The amount of bandwidth used on your network directly impacts your call audio. If jitter buffers are not solving your problem, you can protect your VoIP traffic stream with a QoS(Quality of Service) featureThe latter is a network standard that tends to work the same way across any hardware that supports it. Luckily, there are several ways of achieving a similar effect. You can use any network monitoring tool to identify which packet streams on their networks and carries the VoIP data. This will also allow you to tag that traffic and protect it in a number of ways. Once you establish a QoS, some portion will always be there for your voice traffic no matter what others do on your network.

6. Interference Clearance

Did you know that phones with higher GHz frequencies tend to produce interference? Your traditional VoIP phone runs at 2.4 GHz. However, there are also 5.8-GHz phones in the market and a variety of 5-GHz devices, including VoIP equipment. The 2.4-GHz band will give you a more extended range, but its data throughput will be slower. At the same time, the 5-GHz band will provide less coverage, but the data will flow faster. When using your US phone number with your home or small business router, you can carry out the VoIP call quality test and see which works best. Besides, you can contact your VoIP provider’s service technicians and get a plan customized for you. 

7. Standardize Your Mobile VoIP

If you are someone who wants their smartphone to ring when their desk phone is dialed, you can contact your VoIP provider for a softphone for call forwarding options. A softphone is an attractive option as you can easily configure it using an app. Moreover, you can use it to conduct conversations, meetings and complete collaborative tasks using your desktop, notebook, and smartphone. Besides, using the softphone built by your VoIP provider offers full compatibility, and their service technicians will be able to identify and solve your problems easily.

8. Hire A VoIP Expert

No doubt, DIY(Do It Yourself) is a part of the modern VoIP. Most VoIP providers claim that their systems are easy to set and operate. But, once you hit a performance snag, where your calls are not clear or even get dropped sometimes, it is time to consider other options. Luckily for you, the modern VoIP consultants can do a lot more than install and maintain a VoIP phone system. They can help you optimize your Wi-Fi network and make your VoIP system top-notch. Besides, they can take your communication to the next level and help you in implementing advanced features. These include securing your call data and transmissions, designing a full-functioning auto-attendant, scheduling and automating shared meetings. 

Wait, there is more! 

You can even choose to add custom integrations with your back-end software, set up call analytics and dashboards for your marketing and sales teams as well. Well, we agree that it will cost you money, but it is all worth it when it comes to achieving excellent VoIP call quality with your US phone number.

Wrapping Up

Improving VoIP call quality will be a breeze if you follow these tips. In addition, having a virtual US phone number will help you expand your customer base and serve existing clients in a better manner. If your organization has plans in the near future to diversify and enter the US markets with a big bang, make sure to have a game plan in place! Take your time, scan the available options, and get the best US virtual phone number. Not only will it reduce all calling costs, but it will also give your business the speed, flexibility, and local advantage required to compete with bigger firms. It will give you a competitive advantage in the United States and increase bottom-line results exponentially!

Updated : September 6, 2021


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