Work from home as a freelancer for setting up one’s own business is the new trend of the modern business world, especially for the Americans. There is a meteoric increase in the number of people telecommuting in the U.S.A and a 2017 report by the State of Telecommuting in the U.S employee workforce suggests this number is going to increase in the future.

According to this report, the number of telecommuting professionals in the USA was almost 4 million in 2017. More than expected I am sure. These telecommuters are mostly aged around 46 years or older have a graduate degree and earn a higher salary than an in-office worker. There is some more coming, according to the data these telecommuters earn about $4000 more than the non-telecommuters, which is damn good..!!

So are you one of those who wants to be a part of this rich and happy community? I am sure you want to be because to set up and increase your business all you need is a Virtual address in the US and a unique virtual mobile Number.

In today’s world, “Virtuality is a New Reality”. It is a major contributor to establishing a bond between a business and smart technology. With US virtual Phone numbers and Virtual Addresses in the US, you can spend less and accomplish more. You are always in touch with your customers, business partners, incoming emails and a lot more.

What is a virtual office?

It is a wide spectrum of services delivered by third-party companies that enable businesses to create and maintain a professional image without a physical office space. A virtual office gives businesses the freedom to choose their desired location and work with clients from different countries.

By selecting their preferred packages, businesses can gain access to

  • virtual address
  • assistants
  • other outsourced solutions

These options enable a hassle-free remote working environment.

A Virtual Address in US

It is likely that some clients might drive away from a business that doesn’t provide any Physical address-some clients may worry that the business might just disappear without leaving any trace. Thus providing your clients with a Physical address to connect with you can help your business gain both trust and credibility.

Always remember one golden rule of Business “  Give your business a Wall Street prestige image, doesn’t matter if you are working from your bedroom”. This is where a virtual address can resort to you.

A business is never small to have a Virtual Office. In fact, it is a smart solution to flourish your business and establish an international Presence. You can bring more productivity to your work as you are not burdened with fixed office timings. No wasting of time commuting to the office and getting stuck in traffic during peak hours, or filling timesheets, or attending useless and boring meetings.

A Virtual address means a real office, an additional benefit to establish a prestigious image and credibility for your growing business.

A Virtual Office in the US is indeed an affordable solution if you dream to operate your business like a major corporation. All you need to do is spend a few hundred dollars and you have all the serious business components like a mailing address, a live assistant to address an inbound telephone call, fax line, etc.

US Virtual Phone Numbers

A Virtual PBX system will eliminate all the extra cost that is otherwise wasted on the expensive maintenance and hardware provisions associated with the traditional telephone lines. The most exciting part about using a virtual number is that free calling attracts customers, while at the same time giving them an impression that you have your offices spread across boundaries.

A US Phone number can make your working from home experience a seamless process. These US phone numbers will allow telecommuters to empower themselves with all the capabilities of a corporate phone system while sitting in their homes and even when traveling. A Virtual Number will get a lot of additional benefits besides just making and receiving calls. Some of these exciting features are Call Recording, Call Forwarding, Call Planning, Automatic Call Distribution and a lot more and will give you a feeling of how a normal day looks like in an MNC.

A virtual US Phone Number can be extremely useful for a business that is dealing with a large number of telecommuters. This will enable your remote employees to use their personal devices as VOIP handsets with a full-fledged Phone system functionality. It can be a softphone solution for placing and receiving high-quality calls irrespective of what your location is. The entire set up needs only one thing that is high-speed Wi-fi. If you have this thing done right that it’s a perfect solution for cutting down the roaming costs while you are traveling abroad.

Working away from the office is no more a hassle and you will never feel like you are disconnected from your team or business clients -even if you are thousands of miles away!

Better be late than never..!! Get yourself a virtual address and a US number as soon as possible and see your business reaching great height without breaking your bank.

Updated : February 23, 2021


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