Businesses, whether they are SMEs or giants, thrive alike in Canada. The Canadian economy is stable, and there is easy access to Latin America, a large pool of qualified people, and low taxes  — all of which are good reasons for starting a business there. 

Regardless of your physical location, you can manage your business through a Canadian business number. 

By opting for a virtual business number in Canada, you can contact and maintain potential clients — without setting up an office in the region. If you’re wondering how this article will help guide you through it. 

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

A (Canadian) virtual phone number is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology hosted on the cloud. It is neither connected to a physical phone line nor a sim card — it functions completely on the internet. 

Through this facility, all of your calls, including inbound and outbound, will be routed over the internet. To conduct calls you may use any internet-connected device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop.

Customers calling your Canadian phone number will have the same experience as if dialing a regular local number. When you make calls using your virtual Canadian phone number, they will see a local number in the caller ID, which increases the chances of the call getting answered. 

Different Types of Canadian Business Number

Canadian Business Number

Free virtual phone numbers in Canada are a great way to keep your company expenses low compared to traditional PBX systems. In addition, it offers consolidated platforms for all calls. 

Furthermore, when a client dials this virtual number, the call is routed to the appropriate agent based on the caller’s needs.

There are two types of numbers in Canada that you can own, as per your need. To elucidate — 

1. Local Numbers

These phone numbers generally start with the city code and are associated with a certain region. For example, if you acquire a business phone number in Canada’s Toronto city, the prefix of the number will be its area code, i.e. 647. Similarly, a virtual number in Montreal will begin with 438. These codes serve as business identification numbers.

2. Toll-free Numbers

With the benefits of toll-free phone numbers in Canada, callers can make free phone calls as long as they are within the country. For any calls received, the owner of the phone number pays an additional per minute cost. Toll-free numbers typically begin with 800, 888, 855, or something similar.

Local virtual phone numbers help build a robust presence in specific areas of the country and improve connections with local customers. Toll-free numbers, on the other hand,  encourage customers to reach you (which is great for acquisition and retention) and enhance business credibility. 

How Does a Canada Virtual Phone Number Benefit Your Business? 

Canada Virtual Phone Numbers

A Canada VoIP number allows you to handle your business calls from anywhere. Excellent VoIP features such as a virtual attendant, customer caller ID, call route, voicemail transcription, live call monitoring, call recording, and more, are available with Canadian business numbers

Additionally, there are many tangible benefits that you can gain from such numbers. 

1. Increase Accessibility to International Clientele 

Your Canadian customers can reach you at local call rates on your virtual business number in Canada even if your business is based outside. Such a number allows foreign clients to call your firm and establishes your presence in the Canadian market.

This makes you more accessible, hence lending credibility and a good brand image for your business. You can truly be 24/7 available through the facilities of this number. 

2. Get Uninterrupted Business Communication

Set up call forwarding to receive all incoming calls and inquiries at the number you specify. Even more, you can record contacts promptly and easily maintain call histories and records.

It is also possible to add multiple extensions for teams working remotely, which will help ensure that all inquiries are addressed as soon as possible.

A virtual number can also be routed to multiple phone numbers within a single system. 

3. Expand Your Business Reach  

With free virtual phone numbers in Canada, your business’s portability is enhanced. This allows agents to manage calls without geographical or time barriers. 

The necessity to be at an office is also entirely eliminated with such numbers. It also facilitates greater agent coordination.

If you have a business pitch, you can take it anywhere with a virtual business number. 

How Much Does Canadian Business Number Cost at CallHippo? 

Canadian Virtual Phone Number

A Candian virtual phone number at CallHippo can be obtained at the following prices:

  • Monthly Cost: Starts from $15 per month. Includes features such as one free number, call forwarding, SMS, voicemail, shared inbox, skill-based call routing, and more. 
  • Calls and Forwarding: Outbound calls start from $0.02 per minute. Inbound calls (for toll-free numbers) start from $0.033 per minute. 
  • Optional Add-On Services: Call scribe ($10/month), call tracking insights ($25/month), custom caller ID ($12/month), number masking ($1.99/month), and voicemail transcription ($1.5/month). 

Why Choose CallHippo for Canada Virtual Phone Number?

CallHippo is amongst the most recognized virtual phone number providers in Canada. Our affordable rates and superior customer service, makes our quality stand out. By collaborating with us, you can set up a virtual call center in less than five minutes. 

We also offer features such as custom hold music or IVR for each business number of Canada that you own. Our super-efficient power dialer allows you to automate the dialing process, thereby freeing your agents from tedious tasks (and allowing them to focus on converting the customer). 

Wrapping Up

Equipping your business with a local Canada Virtual Phone Number will enhance your regional customer interaction efforts. Moreover, you can get rid of heavy-duty toll charges when people within that area code inquire with you. 

All in all, you can make your business phone number available in more cities by being just a call away. Happy calling, with CallHippo! 

Updated : July 27, 2021


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