The United States of America is experiencing a real economic boom! There are plenty of great opportunities along with challenges in this business hotspot, however, one thing is for sure – it is the ideal market to diversify your small business or new venture.

Communication is the one aspect that can make a world of difference to your organization in an overseas market. Considering that virtual phone systems have taken over all the major industries currently, it is definitely worth your while to invest in an online number. Getting the perfect virtual mobile number for your business will help it carve a niche identity in the United States, and overtake rivals in a similar field.

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There are many types of virtual mobile numbers that you can get for your organization to make a splash in the United States markets. Your organization may choose to get a virtual US phone number so that customers can directly dial from all over the world by just adding the US country code(+1) and then the area region code. Here are some of the area codes of the most popular commercial business destinations of the United States:

  • 650- South San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley (California)
  • 202- District of Columbia
  • 907- Alaska
  • 310- Los Angeles (California)
  • 917 and 718- New York City (New York)
  • 512- Austin (Texas)
  • 312- Chicago (Illinois)
  • 415- San Francisco (California)
  • 617- Boston (Massachusetts)
  • 305- Miami and the Florida Keys (Florida)

It is important to assess your business requirements before deciding on the virtual phone system. That is precisely the reason many companies also go for USA toll-free numbers – it is the quickest way to open multiple lines of communication and provide an exceptional calling experience to clients. Toll-free phone numbers are absolutely free for customers, so they do not hesitate in communicating with your staff representatives round the clock, and also realize that your company values their precious patronage!

Benefits of A Business Phone Number For USA Based Operations:

You may be wondering why you need to make the shift from a traditional phone system to a virtual phone system. Well, it is no rocket science – research has shown that virtual phone number is used by over 36% of businesses in the United States today, and the pace of its adoption is rapidly increasing.

An online phone number can bring some transformational benefits to the modern work environment. If your organization deals in heavy volumes of call traffic, do not even think twice before giving the green signal for a virtual mobile number. Here are some compelling reasons to purchase a business phone number for your organization’s US-based operations:

Engage Local Customers:

If your business has expanded in the US markets, you will surely need to gain credibility amongst the local audience. Virtual phone numbers lend a touch of authenticity to your venture and motivate the local customers to engage with your organization. It helps to build trust with US communities, and they openly endorse your business offerings as the lines of communication are transparent. Business phone numbers are definitely a big asset for your organization in US markets and will escalate your profitability instantly.

Personalize The Calling Experience:

In today’s competitive corporate arena, if you do not personalize the calling experience for clients, you will surely get left behind! Virtual mobile numbers have a number of customization options, so you can actually play pre-recorded greeting messages for your customers to strike a rapport with them. Another amazing feature of a virtual phone number is that it allows users to play music or brand messages/information to callers while they are waiting to get connected to available team members. It is indeed the perfect tool to reinforce your organization’s positive image in the minds of customers!

Enjoy Advanced Features:

Most virtual mobile phone numbers have a host of useful features that make them a popular choice for organizations that have reached the US business arena. Call forwarding makes sure that customer calls can be easily diverted to any other landline or mobile number ( office or home) so that you do not miss essential communication. Recording conversations are also possible through business phone numbers, and this novel feature is very helpful in training support staff in solving customer problems effectively. Interactive voice response is also a time and energy-saving feature as it eliminates the need for a full-time receptionist as clients can direct themselves through an automated voice menu.

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Boost Accessibility:

It is the era of the cloud and virtual mobile numbers are the smartest way to boost your organization’s accessibility levels in the United States. Your local customers will not want to wait endlessly to get connected to your support staff, so make sure to invest in a virtual phone system. Irrespective of geographic region, it will allow your employees to receive client calls and solve their queries or issues immediately. Online phone numbers can bring about a dramatic revolution, and can definitely go a long way in enhancing mobility!

Better Scalability:

There is no fixed plan in businesses – it is seen sometimes that organizations scale up in a massively fast and exponential way. In such cases, it is very important that your communication system scales up to match your corporate requirements. Business phone numbers are highly scalable, just make sure to invest in a reputed vendor that will provide you additional modules or upgrades whenever required. Virtual phone systems are super easy to install and need no complicated hardware or technical training. It is indeed an intelligent idea to invest in the best virtual phone numbers for your company to enhance its brand reputation in the United States playing field.

If your organization has expanded or has any plans to diversify operations in the United States, do not delay in getting the best and most suitable business phone number. It will magnify your local presence and help you capture a large target audience – a sure shot key to success!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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