Subject- Productivity & Onboarding with CallHippo #Step 1 (of 5) 


I am Tanvi, an Onboarding Specialist at CallHippo. My role is to ensure that our customers at CallHippo get the maximum return from it. 

Over the next few days, I will be taking you through our onboarding journey with 5 emails. These emails will help you adopt CallHippo faster by explaining our most important productivity features in really simple words.

At any point in time during this journey, if you –

  • Need additional help with using CallHippo, you can reply to this email 
  • Want to stop receiving these emails, you can unsubscribe from the link at the bottom 

Here are today’s 3 productivity features for you- 

1. Add users and set their working hours– This helps you get your whole team on CallHippo. Set customized working hours for each Agent so that they receive calls only during their working hours. Calls outside of working hours can be diverted to other agents or go to voicemail. 

2. Install mobile app & always stay connected – Forwarding calls to your personal phone number will cost additional call forwarding. Install CallHippo Android/iOS(Add app link) app and avoid these charges.

3. IVR & Welcome message – IVR can help you, direct customers, to the right person in your team and a welcome message creates the right brand perception to your customers (of your organization).

That’s all for today.

Do write back to me if you want to know more about any of these productive features.

Customer Onboarding Manager

Subject- Productivity & Onboarding with CallHippo #Step 2 (of 5)

Hi Again, 

We have seen that customers who have read all the 5 onboarding emails we send have a much higher ROI from CallHippo than others.

Here are 3 more features that will help boost your productivity- 

1. Deep Integrations – Integrations allow you to integrate CallHippo with different tools like your CRM, Helpdesk, etc. so your organisation can have all its customer communication in one place. By installing CallHippo click-to-call chrome extension, you can directly make the call from your CRM and the call log gets automatically associated with the contact. We have 15+ integrations & Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zendesk are some of our popular integrations. 

2. Call Recording- With this, you can listen to the call recording and audit your team’s calls. Share the best call recordings with the team to train them whenever required. You can also use these call recordings for legal prevention. Refer the steps to configure. 

3. SDAP – It’s our Patent Pending Technology engineered to enhance Call Quality in real-time. SDAP will automatically adjust the configuration to deliver a better calling experience. Check out what you need to do here.

We’ll be back to you soon with more productivity features of CallHippo. Meanwhile, I’m just a click away if you want to know more! 

Customer Onboarding Manager

Subject: Productivity & Onboarding with CallHippo #Step 3 (of 5) 


Hope I am not spamming you. All our emails have been designed to ensure value for our customers & zero spam. If you still would like to unsubscribe, use the link below. Or, you can read about our next Productivity & Onboarding emails here. 

Continuing with our tradition, here are the next 3 productivity features- 

1. Call Analytics and Reporting- Analytics of CallHippo allows you to generate custom reports. This helps in measuring team performance, calculating ROI, and making better business decisions. Create and download reports like time spent on call agent-wise or country-wise, the number of calls with call status, unattended calls, and much more.

2. Call Reminder – When your customers don’t answer the call or re-schedules, set a reminder from CallHippo Dialer and our system will notify you to make the call. You can also check the history of calls scheduled in CallHippo’s Call Planner.

3. Call transfer & Call Barge – With Call Transfer, you can transfer the call to an internal teammate or any external contact. Call Barge will help you monitor live calls of your agents from the Dashboard without letting them know. Jump on the call and handle escalations by converting it into a 3-way conference call.

Customer Onboarding Manager

Subject: Productivity & Onboarding with CallHippo #Step 4 (of 5)


Here we are at the 4th email. Hope these emails have been useful. Any feedback on improving these emails will help us better assist others who, like you, are new to CallHippo. 

Here are the 3 productivity features for today- 

1. After Call Work- It is very essential for your team to perform after call activity like noting the important points from the call, sending emails to customers, or discussing the call with their team. Set the time for After Call Work and allow them to perform it before hopping on the next call.

2. Call Queue- While all your agents are busy attending live calls, place the incoming calls in a queue until the next agent is available to take up the conversation. Hence, reduce missing calls.

3. Auto Switch- It automatically chooses the number you are calling from, based on the country code you are trying to call.  Auto Switch is another productivity feature you will not find in most other phone systems. 

We’ll get back to you soon with a set of more productivity features of CallHippo!

Customer Onboarding Manager

Subject: Productivity & Onboarding with CallHippo #Step 5 (of 5) 


This is the last email you will be getting from me in the “Productivity & Onboarding” series.

To be frank, even though 5 emails are not enough for us to explain all our productivity features, we have done our best to include the most effective ones for you.

That being said, here are the final set of productivity features:

1. Activity feed- You can get real-time updates on your team’s activity. This will help you access the overall hygiene of your team.

2. IP Blocking: It is a security feature, where agents will only be able to log in from IP addresses specified by you.

3. App Blocking: CallHippo can be accessed through many channels like web app, mobile app, etc. You can define which channels will be available to your team.

4. Teams and Cascading Order: You can assign agents to separate teams and create specific rules for them based on their function.

To keep the emails short, I have tried explaining other productivity features in a line or two. If you want to learn more about them, reply to the email. You can also contact for any help! 

Customer Onboarding Manager

Updated : May 12, 2021


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