Voicemail – When you can’t accept a call, under any conditions, voice message prompts the client to state something in your nonattendance that you can tune in to later.

Voicemail Service in VoIP has two main functions – the first is to answer phone calls and the other is sending a message to a user’s mailbox rather than calling him up first. The voicemail feature in a virtual number stores voice messages electronically and is seen as the upgraded version of an answering machine that a voicemail service provider offers the user. A VoIP voicemail number can, therefore, retrieve such messages with a PC or system phone, or deliver the messages as an e-mail. By adopting the VoIP phone system, businesses have begun to save substantial amounts of money as they are now able to obtain call analytics and tracking in their virtual phone number.  

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Use of Voicemail Service in VoIP to make business operations smooth

This advanced telephony is ideal for small business although it is widely used by big corporations for the obvious cost benefits. When a user sets up a voicemail feature in a virtual number for his team he can invite the members of his team and assign virtual phone number in order to ensure 24 x 7 connectivity with customers. There is no need to invest a lot in the installation of equipment or align that with contracting the services of specialized engineers. All that the user needs is a computer and a headset with an internet connection.

There are many advantages for businesses using a VoIP voicemail number. To begin with, they will get call analytics and tracking in the virtual phone number that will allow them to access call recordings directly from their dashboard and get updates on their call status with real-time reports. The voicemail service provider also allows them to add new numbers for which they can make country-wise selections by picking up new numbers for different countries. It also helps businesses if they are able to use unique numbers for the different departments in their organizations.  

Why you need to use voicemail feature in a virtual number 

By far, the strongest reason for businesses to adopt Voicemail Service in VoIP services is the amazing cost-benefit it offers a user but that is not all because a virtual phone number also comes with advanced features that allow communicating seamlessly with its market not just within a country across the world. For businesses with global operations, it is crucial to set working hours for which they have to adjust to time zones and set their operations in line with the availability of their staff without allowing barriers in communication with clients.

With a VoIP voicemail number, businesses can ensure such seamless operations at costs that were unimaginable earlier. The voicemail service provider ensures that none of their calls are lost because of unavailability at any point of time by directing all calls to their voicemail. The call analytics and tracking feature in a virtual phone number ensure that the management is able to seamlessly work with their respective teams as they can afford to assign a number to each team head which would have been very expensive with conventional telephony.

How Voicemail Service in VoIP works

The voicemail feature in a virtual number is essentially an advanced answering machine that allows the user to save their voice messages in a computer or virtual phone number and then retrieve them in the form of e-mail messages. Voicemail is also referred to as a unified messaging solution that allows users access to personalized answering machines, which help them receive voice messages along with fax and e-mail through their computers. A user can access voicemail service from the customized phone system created for the purpose, a VoIP server or with a version of the telephone system itself although it depends on how it is implemented.

With a VoIP voicemail number inward phone calls that are directed to the individual mailboxes generate pre-recorded guidance by allowing the caller the option of leaving a message. The voicemail service provider enables this message to be saved as an audio file in the computer or system phone, which the user can access very easily. The user can also receive the message via an email to his mailbox. The call analytics and tracking feature in a virtual phone number allow users to access such messages anywhere and at any time. Such voicemail systems help businesses communicate much more efficiently with their markets.

Benefits of Voicemail Service in VoIP

With voicemail feature in a virtual number, a user won’t have to depend on an extension terminal because the virtual phone number turns his computer into a phone. All that a user requires to make and receive calls from his office phone number is an Internet connection and the special software provided by the voicemail service provider. He can use the VoIP voicemail number to make and receive calls from his smartphone, tablet or laptop at any location and at any time. Moreover, the call analytics and tracking feature in his virtual phone number allow him to keep a close watch on not just his usage but also his interaction with his market that helps him get deeper insights for better business operations. Get more information about VoIP terminologies.

How to Setup Voicemail in CallHippo

CallHippo is a Voicemail Service in VoIP service provider that allows businesses to use virtual phone number services from more than 50 countries worldwide. As a voicemail service provider, CallHippo promises customers a setup timeframe of just three minutes, implying the strength of their user-friendly interface and advanced backend architecture. The CallHippo voicemail feature in a virtual number is a telephony solution based on cloud computing and all that their customer needs is an internet connection to be able to use the VoIP voicemail number. Customers can experience the 3-minute setup of CallHippo after they sign up which itself is a lot easier since they don’t insist on credit card details. The call analytics and tracking feature in a virtual phone number allow a CallHippo customer to avoid the complexity of setting up a support service center.

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Updated : May 28, 2021


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