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How To Call Ireland From UK? Area Code, Tips & Best Time To Call

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Supriya Bajaj

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: June 21, 2023

Calling someone in Ireland from the UK may seem daunting if you are unsure what steps to take. This guide will provide you with detailed instructions and resources to make a call to Ireland quickly and easily.

From determining your international phone code and finding the right customer service provider, to updating your mobile device’s software and understanding the charges that accompany the call, this step-by-step guide covers it all.

Let’s learn how to connect with whoever there is in Ireland you want to reach – no matter where you are located in the UK.

How to Call Ireland From the United Kingdom?

Calling Ireland from the UK is a breeze – but you need to know the right dialing code, international format, and access numbers. Depending on the type of call you’re making, there are different prefixes and codes.

Step 1 – Use the international dialing format to call Ireland: 00 + 353 + Local Number. For example, if your local number is 01 234 5678, you should dial 00 353 1 234 5678.

Step 2 – When making landline calls in Ireland from the UK, use the prefix 00353 before the local number. For example, if your local landline number is 01 234 5678, dial 00353 1 234 5678.

Step 3 – When making mobile calls in Ireland from the UK, use the prefix +353 before the local number. For example, if your local mobile number is 08 123 4567, you should dial +353 8 123 4567

Step 4 – Use the appropriate access number when making the call. For landlines, dial 0843 014 0044, and use a 10-digit number for mobiles.

What Is Ireland’s ISD Code?

The Ireland ISD code is also called a ‘Country Code.’ It is 353. It is an international dialing code used when making calls to Ireland from the United Kingdom (UK). The code must be dialed in front of the full telephone number to connect the call.

The Ireland country code is different from the area and international codes. For example, the area code for Dublin is 01. Therefore, when calling Dublin, one must dial 01 followed by the local phone number. However, when making an international call to Dublin, one must dial 353 and the local phone number.

It is important to note that when dialing an Ireland phone number from outside the country, the 0 at the start of the number must be omitted. For example, when calling a Dublin number from the UK, one must dial the international call prefix 00353 1 and the local phone number.

List of Ireland Area Codes

Ireland has a whopping 27 area codes used to call landlines and mobiles in the country. Each three-digit number identifies a specific region.

List of Ireland Area Codes

To dial a landline from the UK, you’ll need to start with 00353 followed by the area code and then seven digits of the phone number. For example: calling a Cork number would be 00353 21 plus seven digits.

When calling mobile phones in Ireland from Britain, begin with international code 00353 followed by eight digits of the phone number (including 353 as part of it). So if you’re trying to reach someone’s mobile in Cork, simply dial 00353 85 plus eight digits.

Remember: When calling from Britain to Ireland, always use the international code first!

How to Call Ireland Mobile Phone?

A unique three-digit code identifies mobile phone numbers in Ireland for each network. Vodafone, Three, and Eir Mobile have their own codes – 089, 083, and 085, respectively.

Calling an Irish mobile phone number from the UK requires dialing the full international telephone number – that’s 353 followed by the specific mobile code and then the 7-digit phone number. For example, if you’re calling someone on Three’s network, it would be 00 353 83 plus their 7-digit phone number.

how to call Ireland from UK

Alternatively, you can call an Irish mobile using a toll-free number, but this is expensive, so only use it when necessary. To do this, just dial 00 800 followed by the 7-digit phone number of your recipient.

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Rules For Calling Irish Mobile From UK

  • To call an Irish mobile number from the UK, dial +353 followed by the mobile number without the leading ‘0’. For example, if the Irish mobile number is 08X XXX XXXX, dial +353 8X XXX XXXX.
  • Make sure you have enough credit on your phone or an international calling plan to avoid unexpected charges.
  • If you’re unsure whether the number you’re dialing is a mobile number, you can check it online or by using a phonebook or directory service.
  • Be aware that international calls to mobile numbers can be more expensive than calls to landlines, so consider using a calling card or VoIP service to save money.
  • Check with your mobile service provider for any applicable roaming charges or international calling plans to help reduce costs.
  • If you’re having trouble connecting to an Irish mobile number from the UK, try adding or removing the leading ‘0’ or dialing the full international format, including the + sign and country code.

Finally, if you want to save some money, why not try using a VoIP system such as CallHippo? All you need is any device with an internet connection, and voila! You can make calls at a fraction of what they’d cost otherwise!

How To Call Ireland on a Landline?

Landline use in Ireland is a piece of cake; there are two types of landlines – fixed-line phones and mobile phones. Fixed-line phones are connected to a physical line, while mobiles use SIM cards. Ireland has an extensive network of fixed-line phones, with almost every corner of the country having a reliable connection. These are mainly used for domestic calls.

  1. Dial 00353 on your phone.
  2. Follow it with the eight-digit local phone number of the person or business you’re calling.
  3. For example, if you’re calling a landline in Dublin, dial 00353 1 and then the remaining six digits of the phone number (e.g., 00353 1 xxx xxxx).
  4. If you’re connecting to an external line from a switchboard, check with the operator what number should be dialed first. It could be ‘0’, ‘9’, or something else entirely.

It’s worth noting that mobile phones can’t make fixed-line calls in Ireland nor international ones either – so if you’re in Ireland and want to call someone abroad, your only option is using a fixed-line phone or an international calling card.

Best Time For Calling Northern Ireland From UK

best time to call ireland from UK

If you’re calling Northern Ireland from the UK, you might wonder when the best time to call is.

  • Peak hours, such as weekday evenings and weekends, tend to have higher call volumes and busier lines.
  • To increase your chances of getting through quickly, try calling during off-peak hours, such as weekday mornings or afternoons.
  • The best time for calling will ultimately depend on your schedule and the availability of the person or business you’re trying to reach.
  • It’s always a good idea to check their availability before making the call to ensure you can reach them promptly.

Tips To Save Money While Phoning Ireland From the UK

Want a cost-effective way to call Ireland from the UK? Follow these below tips to connect better with your prospects and customers.

1. Consider using a calling card

Use a calling card to purchase minutes upfront at a lower rate than your regular phone plan. Some cards offer discounts for calls to specific countries or during certain times of day. Be sure to read the fine print and look out for additional fees or expiration dates.

2. Look for roaming charges

Check for any applicable roaming charges with your UK mobile phone provider before calling Ireland. Roaming fees can add up quickly, and some providers offer international calling plans or packages that can help lower these costs.

3. Use a VoIP service to save money 

Use a VoIP service like CallHippo to make affordable international calls if you have a reliable internet connection. Both parties need to have the same app installed, and a good internet connection is essential for good call quality. Some VoIP services allow free or low-cost calls to Ireland from the UK.

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Wrapping Up

We hope that this comprehensive blog provided sufficient information for calling Ireland from UK. Based on your company’s requirements, you can select the method that works best and helps you connect with your Ireland customers in a seamless way.

So, start making calls and enhance your brand presence across the globe!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I call Ireland for free from the UK?

It depends on the method you use to make the call. Some apps or services may offer free calling to Ireland from the UK if both parties have the same app or service. However, traditional phone calls through a provider usually incur charges.

2) How do you dial Southern Ireland from the UK?

To dial Southern Ireland from the UK, you would first dial the international access code (00), then the country code for Ireland (353), followed by the area code (excluding the initial 0) and the phone number.

3) How much does it cost to call Ireland?

The cost of calling Ireland can vary depending on the provider and the method used to make the call. It’s best to check with your provider for specific rates.

4) Is Ireland to the UK an international call?

Yes, calling from Ireland to the UK is considered an international call as it involves calling a different country with a different country code.

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