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How to Call Japan From the US?

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Supriya Bajaj

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: February 23, 2023

Over 34 billion minutes of international calls are made from inside the US every year. A lot of Americans have been calling Japanese numbers as well- both on mobile and landline numbers.

This short blog will show you how to do that. Not only that, it’ll show you how to make calls at the lowest rates possible.

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How to Call Japan from the US?

How to dial Japan from the US? Making an international call to a Japanese landline number takes a bit different process than calling a cell phone number. So, we have two situations on our hands. Let’s explain each of these scenarios separately:

How to Call a Japanese Mobile Number from the United States?

Just follow the four simple steps mentioned below to call a Japanese number from the US.

step#1: Dial the US Exit code

The exit code for the US is 011. So, if you’re calling a number outside of the US, this code tells the carriers you’re trying to make an international code. Or, you can just type the (+) symbol if you’re calling from a mobile or VoIP system.

This is a standard procedure you need to follow for every international call from inside the US.

Step#2: Country code

The International Telecommunication Union is an international body that assigns unique codes to countries worldwide.

These codes help to guide international incoming calls. Japan country code is 081. You need to add this after the 011 or (+) symbol for making international calls to Japan from the US.

Step#3: Add Area Code

Just like every country, Japan has been split into many regions and separate area codes have been designated for them. Japan area codes may be 1 to 5 digits long. Add your area code after the country code.

Check out for a complete list of area codes for calling Japan or for any country you’re looking for.

Step#4: Add the mobile number

Finally, you’ll have to add the mobile number after the area code. Japan’s mobile number typically consists of more than 10 digits.

To recap, here is how you dial Japan from the US:

  • Type US exit code 011 or just type (+) if you’re using mobile or VoIP,
  • Add Japan’s country code which is 081,
  • Add area code (1 to 5 digits),
  • Add mobile number (10+ digits).

The complete dialing code will look something like this;

+81 44 45189 108153

This is the complete code for how you dial a Japanese mobile phone number from the US.

How to Call a Japanese landline Number from the US?

Calling a landline number in Japan is pretty much similar to calling a mobile number. The difference? Landline numbers in Japan are typically 4 to 8 digits long, while mobile numbers are generally 10+ digits in length.

Let’s see the complete process:

Step#1: Dial the exit code for the US

Dial (+) if you’re making an international call from your mobile phone or a VoIP phone. Dial 011 if you’re using a landline phone.

Step#2: Add country code for Japan

Add the country code for Japan, which is 081. You need to add just 81 (skip the 0) when dialing.

Step#3: Add city/area code

Find the city or area code of your desired destination from Japan area codes available at, and add that area code to the dialing number sequence.

Step#4: Add a landline number

Finally, add a Japanese landline number at the end of the dialing number sequence. It may be from 4 to 8 digits long.

To recap, here is how you dial a Japanese landline number from the US:

  • Type US exit code 011 or type (+) if you’re using mobile or VoIP,
  • Add Japan’s country code which is 081,
  • Add area code (1 to 5 digits),
  • Add a landline number (4 to 8 digits).

The complete dialing code will look something like this;

+81 66 123 456



When to Dial Japan from the US?

Japan has a single timezone, named Japan Standard Time (JST). There is a difference of about 13+ hours between Japan and the US time zones. So, it’s a wise thing to consider the real-time

Here are different US time zones compared to Japan Standard Time;

Eastern Standard Time: It’s 13 hours behind JST.

Central Standard Time: It’s 14 hours behind JST,

Mountain Standard Time: It’s 15 hours behind JST,

Pacific Standard Time: It’s 16 hours behind JST,

Alaska Standard Time: It’s 17 hours behind JST,

Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time: It’s 19 hours behind JST.

Dial Japan from the US at Lower Calling Costs With CallHippo.

calling japan mobile number

CallHippo offers the best japan virtual phone number with one of the best calling rates without hidden fees if you’re looking to dial Japan from the US.

You will be charged from $ 0.121 per minute (basic package) to $ 0.081 per minute (platinum package) for a Japan-bound call from the US.

You can check out their other packages as well and choose the one that best suits your requirements.


Why Use VoIP for Calling Japan Phone Number? 

VoIP calling offers a very cheap alternative to traditional ways of calling (mobile phone, landline, etc.).

It can save you a considerable amount of money especially if you make frequent international calls to Japan – you can cut your bills by a massive 50%.

You just have to make sure your internet connection is working fine to avoid any interruptions in the calls.

How to Call US from Japan?

Here is how to call US from Japan;

  • Dial Japan’s exit code which is 010 or dial (+) if calling from a mobile or a VoIP phone,
  • Add US country code which is +1,
  • Add area code,
  • Add the mobile number.



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