Japan Virtual Phone Number

Expand your reach in Japan through virtual phone numbers.

  • A Japan virtual number is a phone number that is not tied to any device or location. Unlike traditional mobile numbers that use cell towers, it uses the internet to route calls. You can get a Japan virtual phone number anywhere to build rapport with local customers. Virtual numbers come with advanced features, such as a power dialer, auto attendant, ring groups, voicemail to email, call barging, and call analytics.

  • CallHippo has four plans for Japan virtual phone numbers, each designed for businesses of different sizes and budgets.

    • A. Basic: $0/user/month
    • B. Bronze: $16/user/month
    • C. Silver: $24/user/month
    • D. Platinum: $40/user/month
  • Every Japanese virtual number from CallHippo comes with features that can make the customer experience memorable, including

    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
    • Call Cascading
    • Power Dialer
    • Feedback for Calls
    • Advanced, Real-time Analytics
    • Gamification

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Mark Your Presence in Japan

Mark Your Presence in Japan With a +81 Phone Number

Establish credibility in Japan using a local number. Japan virtual numbers transcend borders, enabling remote access while fostering trust, efficient communication, and cost-effective operations.

  • Forge instant trust with a recognizable Japanese area code
  • Gain insights into the Japanese market using call analytics
  • Capture leads and customers with dedicated Japan numbers
  • Integrate with third-party tools to create automated workflows

Why Do You Need a Japan Virtual Number?

When you get a Japanese phone number, you can expand your customer base in the country, advertise products locally, assist your customers 24/7, and reduce your phone bills. Here are some more reasons to invest in a Japan VoIP number.

  • Get started instantly without the hassle of physical infrastructure
  • Tap into Japan’s vast market and connect with customers effortlessly
  • Present a professional image that resonates with Japanese clientele
  • Offer round-the-clock support and service to customers in Japan
  • Tailor your approach to Japanese clientele needs
  • Craft targeted campaigns by understanding Japanese customer preferences
  • Appear in Japan’s phone directories to get discovered locally
Why Do You Need a Japan Virtual Number

Benefits of CallHippo Japan Phone Number

The four primary benefits of the CallHippo Japan phone number are seamless setup, brand localization, professional image (via advanced features), and easy scalability. Let’s explore these benefits in detail.

Agile Setup

Agile Setup

Establish a local identity, resonate with customers, and tailor your strategies for impactful, culture-specific marketing. Set up swiftly and efficiently, ensuring swift engagement with the Japanese market.

Brand Localization

Brand Localization

Leverage familiar area codes to create an immediate rapport, fostering trust and reinforcing your commitment to the Japanese market. Craft experiences that feel authentic and relatable, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

Professional Image

Professional Image

Impress with a dedicated local number, showcasing your commitment to quality service and creating a lasting impression of reliability and excellence. Enhance customer experience by utilizing features like interactive voice response to welcome them in local languages.

Scale Flexibly

Scale Flexibly

Get more virtual numbers as your business grows in Japan. You can get local, toll-free, or vanity numbers at nominal costs. You can even add more users and extensions for each number or buy temporary Japan virtual numbers for marketing.

How to Get a Japan Phone Number?

How to Get a Japan Phone Number
  • First, sign up with CallHippo.
  • Select Japan as the country, along with the preferred region.
  • Next, choose your preferred Japan virtual phone number type.
  • Select a plan that suits your needs and make the payment.
  • Configure the system, import contacts, and make calls.

Features of a Japan Virtual Phone Number

CallHippo Feature - Power Dialer
Power Dialer

Boost agent efficiency with CallHippo's automated dynamic dialer, which initiates calls from contact lists, enhancing focused conversations.

CallHippo Feature - Call Routing
Call Routing

Reduce wait times and enhance first-call issue resolution by intelligently directing calls to the appropriate agents based on predefined criteria.

CallHippo Feature - Call Monitoring
Call Monitoring

Ensure adherence to best practices. Monitor live calls, provide discreet guidance to agents, or intervene directly to enhance customer support.

CallHippo Feature - Call Barging
Call Barging

Enable your supervisors to monitor calls discreetly and offer assistance when necessary with the help of the Call Barging feature.

CallHippo Feature - Call Conference
Call Conference

Easily conduct multi-party conference calls with CallHippo's convenient conferencing feature, facilitating collaboration.

CallHippo Feature - Automatic Call Distribution
Automatic Call Distribution

Route each incoming call to the optimal available agent, balancing loads, reducing wait times, and delivering excellent customer experiences.

CallHippo Feature - Voicemail

Allow customers to leave messages in your absence, with recordings promptly delivered to your email for immediate retrieval.

CallHippo Feature - Call Analytics
Call Analytics

Uncover trends and patterns through CallHippo’s robust analytics, providing insights for each call and facilitating a deeper understanding of your customer base.

Japan Toll-Free Numbers

Enhance customer engagement with toll-free numbers in Japan. Encourage inquiries and feedback across the country, building a strong rapport that reflects your commitment to their needs.
Japan Toll-Free Numbers

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, you can get a Japan virtual number for WhatsApp from CallHippo. Our text messaging capabilities allow you to verify your account seamlessly.

  • A Japanese phone number from CallHippo starts at $0. Its features include click-to-dial, SMS, global connect, voicemail, and smart switch. However, the premium plan (starting from $16) offers advanced features, such as skill-based call routing, campaign management, call cascading, and more.

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