No business would want to lose out on customers due to a bad phone system. While companies are now using multiple multi-media channels to remain in touch with customers, there is no denying that a reliable phone system is vital for effective business communication.

While you may feel that telephones have lost their utility in the digital age, many customers still prefer to talk on the phone to receive good customer service. In a recent survey, it was revealed that over 57% of respondents prefer to talk to support representatives through a phone call as they want to get a quick answer or talk to a human being instead of an automated machine.

Since most organizations have realized the importance of establishing structured call centers for better contact and support, the million-dollar question that arises is what medium should be used for communication? The answer is simple – investing in an enterprise phone system is a holistic solution that can help organizations communicate with their partners, vendors, suppliers, clients, and stakeholders.

Virtual telephony has taken the business world by storm. Organizations across the globe are harnessing the power of office phone systems that are powered by VoIP technology. One major aspect that motivates companies to adopt VoIP phone systems is that they lead to a huge cost saving. In fact, VoIP phone services could lead to over 90% of cost savings for international calls – a real boon for small businesses as it will increase revenues exponentially!

Getting a local phone number can help organizations capture prime commercial markets in any corner of the globe. If your organization is planning to expand to any buzzing international market, getting an internet phone service for business communication will surely facilitate better customer service and develop a credible reputation for your brand.

5 Pointers To Choosing The Best Enterprise Phone System:

While the immense value of a structured voice communication network is clear, the path to actually getting the most suitable VoIP platform is not always so easy. Many times, it is difficult to obtain buy-in from the top management as they may not be in favor of switching to VoIP technology from traditional phone lines.

Another aspect that often challenges managers is the sheer number of available options. It is extremely confusing and tough to conduct detailed research, weigh the pros and cons, and finally choose an apt VoIP service provider. While there is no conclusive algorithm that can help you buy the best virtual phone system, you will certainly benefit if you follow these useful pointers:

Decide on Hosted Vs. On-Premise IP Phones:

One of the first and most basic decisions that you will have to make is defining the kind of VoIP solution that your company would require. An on-premise deployment will mean that all the PBX equipment will be owned, maintained, and operated by your organization. It requires a heavy upfront investment and is a reliable medium for business calls.

The Best Phone System

On the other hand, most organizations are nowadays opting for hosted private branch exchange (PBX) systems. With these kinds of VoIP phone lines, all the data can be stored on the cloud, making it a highly secure platform. The service provider manages the entire installation and upgradation, thereby making it highly flexible and convenient.

Only once you decide whether you need a hosted enterprise phone system or a cloud-based VoIP solution, can you find out the available offerings in the market? You will need to compare the advantages of both to come to a logical decision that will work out best for your business model.

Security Measures:

Your phone system is going to contain tons of sensitive information about your clients. You would certainly want to take measures to protect this data so that it does not get into the wrong hands. Most VoIP service providers ensure advanced encryption software, customized firewalls, and anti-virus solutions to craft a secure communication network.

Managers can also put in passwords at various levels so that only authorized personnel can access customer data. It will prevent any tampering and ensure that your phone system is not vulnerable to data theft or hacking. To have a streamlined business communication solution, it is vital to maintain some basic minimum levels of privacy and security. Investing in VoIP phone service will ensure a safe structure with defined member privileges, and user controls access.

Handle User Equipment and Installation:

One aspect that gets new users worried about is the installation process. Most people are under the impression that enterprise phone systems require a long-complicated installation procedure that includes complex hardware and software requirements. However, this is far from the truth. VoIP phone solutions are extremely intuitive and user-friendly. Your entire employee staff will easily be able to use them with ease as they are navigable and minimalistic.

Installation is also a very simple process. Most modern VoIP service providers can install a phone system within a few hours so that you can start making or receiving calls instantly. Using an office phone system with less equipment makes it a hassle-free deal, and ensures that you do not have to waste huge amounts of time or money in maintenance.

Ensure Scalability of The System:

One of the most important aspects to check out which choosing your business phone system is scalability. Your phone platform should have the ability to increase in size and be able to expand to accommodate any business growth. Hence, users should be able to add or remove phone lines with little effort and not much additional cost.

Any reliable VoIP phone service provider will ensure that you get a scalable solution. In fact, most of the time, the vendor customizes the virtual phone system so that it suits your organizational requirements. A customized package ensures that you only pay for the business modules that you require, while you can purchase additional modules at a later stage.

Decide on Functional Features:

An office phone system needs to score high on functionality. Advanced VoIP platforms have an array of impressive business communication features – you need to decide what critical features you require for your day-to-day business operations. Call forwarding ensures that any call from a customer is forwarded to any landline or mobile phone number so that it can be attended by an available support representative. Recording of customer calls is another important facility that gives deeper insight into staff-client interaction and improves the quality of service.

If you deal with a large volume of support calls daily, you should ensure that your office phone system has an interactive voice response menu. It will reduce the dependency on staff members, and empower clients to self-direct themselves to the required department or extension number for timely service. Many other facilities are present in VoIP phone systems that streamline data sharing, increase productivity, and smoothen task flow management, so make sure to opt for all such advanced features. Voicemail, three-way conferencing, call cascading, planners, and analytics are a necessity, so include them for better operational efficiency.

It is important to take your time in choosing an enterprise phone system. You do not want to make mistakes in haste, as it is a long-term decision that will surely have a lasting impact on your bottom-line results.

With the level of interaction that businesses need to cater to their valued customers, it is imperative that you must not get a sub-standard or faulty phone system. An internet phone service for business would be a comprehensive solution. It will lead to higher performance in all critical fields. Your organization will gain a strong competitive advantage, increase customer satisfaction, and benefit through a happily engaged workforce.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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