Virtual phone systems are the latest business trend and every business organization seems to be moving towards virtual telephony. The telecommunications industry is not the same – voice-over-internet-protocol has revolutionized the way business organizations communicate with their stakeholders, clients, and vendors.

You may question and wonder what is the big deal about business phone numbers? Why have they gained popularity all over the world? Well, there are a number of reasons. Not only are virtual phone platforms highly functional, but they are also a great way to save money as they provide affordable pricing plans. In fact, a business that employs VoIP technology can expect to witness a mammoth 50-75% reduction in communication expenses. The numbers are overwhelming, and make one realize the absolute necessity of getting onboard by adopting this radical technology.

We all know that the advent of globalization has brought about some major changes in the business arena. Organizations are not restricted to conduct business operations only within their borders; rather the entire globe has become a level playing field.  This is great news for small businesses and start-ups as it gives them the opportunity to expand beyond their limited scope and capture unexplored international markets.

If there is one market that is currently a real commercial hotspot, it has to be Canada. It is the ideal place for any commercial venture as the country has favorable regulations, a positive business climate, and an expanding customer base. Cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, and Victoria are ripe and conducive markets for any expanding business firm.

Now, if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, or even part of a huge multi-national corporation that has decided to enter the market, the one nagging question in your mind may be about your communication network. How will you manage to capture local audiences, and forge a distinctive identity for your organization? The answer is obvious – invest in a Canada virtual number to build a local presence and enhance your business reputation.

Get a Canadian phone number to compete effectively with local businesses in the region. If you have a virtual phone number, local Canadian customers will be able to directly call your business and connect with support representatives. They will need to use the prefix (+1) to get connected, and will not even know whether your support representatives are in Canada or any other corner of the world!

If your business receives a high volume of customer calls, your organization may opt to get a Canadian toll-free number. This will make it possible for valued clients to get in touch with call agents to gain speedy assistance to all their problems. The best part about toll-free numbers is that your customers will not be charged even a single penny for the calls, and hence they will not hesitate to call due to the fear of hefty phone bills. 

There is no doubt that Canada is the place to be for any budding business venture. It is a wide-open market with endless possibilities for business organizations from any industrial domain. However, the only aspect that your business will need to handle will be communication. There is no point blocking tons of money in a traditional phone setup, and maintaining all the equipment will also add pressure in a foreign country. Canadian phone numbers are a holistic solution that can help businesses enjoy seamless dialogue and keep open multiple channels of communication for local clients. Here are some benefits that your business can gain by investing in a Canada virtual number:


Better Accessibility:

Investing in a Canada virtual phone number gives your call agents a high level of accessibility as they can communicate on the move. Business organizations will not have to open and maintain physical office space in Canada; rather they can invest in a virtual phone system and encourage remote work. Hence, your team members can be located in any geographical location; even your head office or business headquarters, yet conduct all kinds of official communication easily. All that is required is a high-speed internet connection with heavy bandwidth – employees can log on to the system and communicate on the move! 

Your customers will not need to wait for office hours to get in touch with your support team. Customers will have round the clock access to your team members, hence feel more valued and remain invested in your business organization.  Your employees will be able to share data and collaborate effectively too, making sure that they remain engaged in the workplace.

Reduced Costs:

If your business is expanding to the Canadian market, it is imperative that you tighten extra spending and save all the extra pennies! Get a Canadian phone number to enjoy dramatic cost savings – after all, most service providers compete with each other to give customers the most economical calling plans. There are all kinds of pricing plans, so users can choose whether they want to purchase an inbound calling plan, outbound calling package or opt for a blended approach. Any business will need to make a large number of calls if they enter a new market – cold calling may prove to be more cost-effective if you have Canada’s phone number and will definitely help your organization build up revenues.

Holistic Customer Experience:

It is the age of competition, and you need to take the extra step to keep your customers happy. With the advent of digitalism, customers do not want to keep waiting for extended periods in telephone queues. They expect a quick and agile service experience. You can make sure that your Canadian local customers enjoy a delightful experience, as they will be able to be connected to a call agent instantly. This will ensure a fast rate of query resolution and reduce average call waiting time so that your customers do not get frustrated. Your brand will gain credibility, and slowly build a loyal tribe of life-long followers – a sure shot positive sign in an overseas market!

Wide Range of Novel Features:

Any business organization needs to invest in a state-of-the-art communication system to gain a competitive edge. This becomes even more important if you are operating in a new market – you will need sophisticated tools with advanced functionality to automate routine tasks and reduce manual dependency. Getting a Canadian phone number can give your team members access to a diverse range of features. Call queuing, voicemail, call barging, voicemail, forwarding, and interactive voice response are some essential features that are all part of most modern VoIP phone solutions.

In addition to these features, another added advantage of a Canada phone number would be to access to call analytics. You will be able to track call volume, average time per call, waiting time, and monitor agent performance closely. This business information will aid in strategic decision-making and enhance performance parameters to the highest possible level.

Easy Maintenance and Scalability:

If your company is operating in an overseas market, the last thing that you need is a high-maintenance communication system. Getting a Canadian phone number is the best solution as it can be installed in just a couple of minutes, and will give your call agents apex audio quality. It is completely hassle-free, with no complex hardware or software requirements. Another thing that you do not need to worry about is user-friendliness. Your employees will easily be able to use the system as it is highly navigable and intuitive – this means that there is no requirement for any kind of time-consuming technical training after installation.


Breaking through the ice and forging a genuine connection with your Canadian clients is surely a tough task. However, if you have a Canada virtual phone number, your staff members will be able to personalize many features. You could play a personalized greeting for customers, and play on-hold music to engage them while they are waiting for a call. Since virtual phone systems can be integrated with pre-existing CRM solutions, your call agents will have access to personal client data such as their purchase history, buying habits, and preferences. This will enable team members to add a personal touch to the support experience and exceed client expectations through superior service.

The Canadian market is witnessing a huge boom. It is a highly lucrative market for any kind of business organization. A Canadian virtual phone number is a must-have tool to capture local audiences and boost your brand reputation. So jump aboard, and invest in the best Canada phone number for your expanding business firm – it will propel your bottom line results exponentially!

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