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green tickDate: November 15, 2022

Grasshopper shutting business in the UK

Grasshopper UK embarked on a journey and provided small businesses with a professional phone system. It was the best recommended virtual UK mobile number provided in the UK all these years. However, from this year they will not be accepting any new sign-ups since they are leaving the UK. But, they have promised that they will help their existing customers port UK virtual phone numbers or UK toll free number to another carrier before they officially shut down the service.

What is a Virtual phone number?

If you are yet to understand the whole process, then let’s proceed step by step. First of all, let’s know what a virtual phone number is?

A virtual phone number is one that can forward incoming calls to your personal phone or internet-aided device.  The virtual phone number will make an outgoing call look like they were originated from your phone number.

Grasshopper, till now was one of the best virtual phone number providers in the UK for small businesses and it provided its services for low cost plus included all the possible features that you could need for a small business. However, now that Grasshopper is going out of business in the UK, you will need alternate porting options for the business phone number UK.

What do you think is the best alternative option? Well, the deadline is inching towards you, and it is just two months away now. Customers are left with the only choice that is to port the UK number to another carrier. The best alternative virtual phone number provided in the UK is CallHippo.

CallHippo: The Best Cloud Communications Company in the UK after Grasshopper

All this while, Grasshopper was doing quite well without any signs of weakness. They are a large and successful cloud-based telephony service in the UK. It was quite easy for them to handle business from another place as well. However, since they have decided to move on it is high time customers look for other cloud communications companies.

It is suggested that the sooner you port the UK number, the more flexibility you will have. As already mentioned CallHippo is the best Grasshopper, RingCentral alternative in the UK. CallHippo has always been ahead of the competitors for Grasshopper. Moreover, now that Grasshopper is officially shutting down, it is the best time for CallHippo cloud communications company to offer as much as possible and be on top of the league.

How to port your UK Virtual Phone Number to CallHippo?

Porting option for a virtual phone number in the UK is not too many, and if you are looking for the best Cloud-Based Telephony Services in the UK, you might have even fewer options for porting. Hence it is high-time for CallHippo to be the best cloud communications company and the reign in the market.

When you Port UK virtual phone number to CallHippo, the Grasshopper, RingCentral alternative in the UK, there are the following simple steps:

  1. The first thing they ask for the ownership of the numbers that you want to port.
  2. They require specific documents including a signed copy of the letter of authorization and your most recent phone bill.
  3. All you need to make sure is to send the account information of the numbers and digital copies of the related documents to the support team.
  4. Although the duration may change according to your current cloud-based telephony services in the UK. Once the documents are received, the whole porting procedure takes only 3-4 weeks.
  5. The cost involved in porting from Grasshopper, Ring central Alternative in the UK is not too much. It only takes a one-time charge.

Benefits of CallHippo as Grasshopper, Ring central Alternative in the UK:

Why should you choose CallHippo over other virtual phone number providers in the UK? Below we are stating some of the benefits of choosing CallHippo for your business:

A quick porting process

CallHippo takes only 3-4 weeks for completing the whole process after receiving the documents. This fast process helps you in a smooth business without any halt, if you submit your document today and port your virtual number from Grasshopper to Callhippo.

Immediate voice-related services

The best porting option for a virtual phone number in the UK and Virtual Phone Number Providers in the UK is CallHippo because they offer instant voice-associated services after number portability is completed. So your business can run smoothly, without any wait for the voice services and you can easily grow your business with Virtual Phone Number in UK.

Retain your original plan and choose from the wide range of service options

Grasshopper Alternative in the UK is best provided by CallHippo. Since CallHippo lets you run your original plan and add the new features to your plan, it becomes the best porting option for a virtual phone number in the UK. It reduces the hassle of going through different plans and adds new features to your company’s cloud communication.

Keep a check on the missed voicemails and calls

This Virtual Phone Number Provider in the UK delivers all call recordings and missed voicemails in audio format to the admin’s mailbox. You can always keep a check on the missed voicemails and calls. It makes the whole process easier during company audits and other important events.

Competitive and affordable charges

The CallHippo cloud communications company offers an easy process with competitive rates. By providing low monthly rental costs and a team of experts, they officially take the crown of best Virtual Phone service provider in the UK.  So once your business Port UK Virtual Number to CallHippo, you have a professional virtual phone system for a low monthly expense.

Quick setup and user-friendly interface

The CallHippo porting option for a virtual phone number in the UK allows any business to set up their phone system in less than 3 minutes that is immediately after the porting process completion.

Another thing that makes the CallHippo the best Grasshopper, RingCentral Alternative in the UK for your business is their superior technical architecture. It is easy to use, robust and compatible with every operating system that your client or employer is using.  

Offering worldwide service for every type of business

CallHippo not only provides porting option for a virtual phone number in the UK but also in more than 50 other countries around the globe. So if you are a large and global enterprise, then CallHippo is the best cloud communications company for your business.  CallHippo the Grasshopper, Ring Central Alternative in the UK is not only for small businesses but can be used for large enterprises and medium businesses as well.


Once you evaluate the unique features of UK virtual phone number from CallHippo, the best Grasshopper, RingCentral alternative in the UK, you will be able to determine that the organization is best for your business and it can support your business immediately after you port UK virtual number.

Grasshopper was here yesterday and they will be gone tomorrow but CallHippo, the Grasshopper, RingCentral alternative in the UK, promises to take care of your business and ensure that there are no hurdles with phone numbers and services.


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